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what did it taste like?

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Fat German children

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Remember when he almost snapped that little girl’s neck?

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if you can't take the heat then stay out of the kitchen

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Who can take a great thread?
Sprinkle it with shit?
Ruin everyone's time and take all the fun from it?
The Faggot man.
The Faggot man can.

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Why is this never mentioned in /ck/ movie threads? This is the most well known and hilarious food movie of all time. Did anybody else want to hate fuck Veruca Salt as a kid? I can't be the only one.

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>as a kid?

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Obviously. But nice try, fbi.

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Oh man! I LOLd, complete with guffaw and wheeze. Thanks anon :-)

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>hate fuck

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>as a kid
Err, yes. Yes, as a kid only. Eh heh.

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A refreshing spoonful of strawberry milk after you down daddy's hot load.

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He gave a bunch of candy on tab to the rich kids and made sure Charlie paid up front. So based.

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I was always more interested in the gobstoppers. They are such a fun shape and so colorful, even if it's impossible for them to last forever.

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Gamer girl colon logs with a reduced glaze of gamer girl piss

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I always imagined it had turkish delight and salted nougat inside.

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lmao you must be an absolute treat at parties.

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I prefer the Burton flick

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what a horrible comment

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She sang that song about wanting a potty

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that's fucking stupid

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fuck you cunt

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Real working sets, genuine reactions from the actors, whimsical originality
dooood trippy CGI

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Does anybody else have a blueberry inflation fetish because of this movie?

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Willie Wonka's logs

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Didnt most of these candies actually exist? Legit thought there was candy with the name Wonka on em.

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Most of the candy in the store has a real work equivalent. Wonka bars do exist, they are chocolate with gram cracker pieces.Same with the Srumdiddleumptious bar, but I think they were created after the movie.

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I know nerds and nerd ropes were made after the fact, didnt know about the wonka bars, any good or is it just kinda like eating any other chocolate bar?

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They tasted like Nestle Crunch

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All the girls ever used in either of the films were mad fuckable.

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The Scrumdiddlyumptious bar made by Nestle contained "scrumptious toffee, crispy cookie, and crunchy peanuts."
Sounds kinda good.

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Baby zoom zoom doesn’t understand how merchandising works and thinks that Willy Wonka was a real person and the movie was a historical flick about the transfer of his factories ownership to Charlie Bucket. Why are zoomers so brainless?

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Charlie was imagining the children and shopkeep singing, because in his mind they were all rich kids who basically walk into the shop and get anything they wanted. The children are all normal and not looting the shop when Charlie goes in after peering through the window.

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They taste scrumdiddlyumptious.


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Wood. They were props.

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nothing because it didn't exist at the time the movie was made.

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The "Wonka" branded stuff didn't exist for sale until after the movie.
It was really shitty chocolate (I think it was made by Cadbury) and didn't even look like what had been in the movie.

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I remember those purple popping candy wonka bars being cool, but I was quite young. I also remember there being a range released following the remake, and the whipplescrumptious fudgemallow delight was preddy nice

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Objectively shitty tastes

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Both films are good, but for totally different reasons. I feel like the new one is more creative and interesting, plus Burton's style can't be beat. The old one is kind of a horror movie honestly. It's weird and surreal, but the tone feels off for a movie about candy and magic. Gene Wilder does a better performance than Depp imo, but they're both great. Both movies are good, it's really up to personal preference.

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The burton one was awful

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Why don't you like it? I can understand disliking it, but I can't understand calling it awful.

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Only thing I remember was everlasting gobstoppers, which were basically small jawbreakers that changed color as you sucked on them.

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Nah famalamadingdong, it was awful. They took a role that was absolutely perfected by Wilder and gave it to a gay pirate that literally let his wife beat him.

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The new one is absolutely terrible.

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Nu Wonka was actually faithful to the Dahl book.

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The gum chewing girl was very fuckable, well at least before she transformed

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Anyone else realize that Willy Wonka was a racist? He didn’t send a single golden ticket to nonwhite countries.

Both movies even showed nonwhites clamoring for tickets in their country but they all got scammed

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good, he new what would become of the company if they had won

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no it wasn't you haven't even read the book

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There was already enough chocolate in that factory

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Sorta like a tootsie roll.

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a man of taste

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the real karate chopping took place in the editing room

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Should have said the janny man but otherwise pretty good

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Was he a pedophile? He gave away free sweets to all those kids and made Charlie pay up front. Could it be that he was using the sweets to lure the kids to the backroom but he didn't think Charlie was attractive enough so he just made him pay up with real money instead of boipussy.

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this. Not that there is exactly anything wrong with CGI but you can't just remake an already perfect movie with CGI and expect it to be better.

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Nope, the oompa loompa songs were better in the original film.

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>Candy Bars don't actually exist, that's just the secret pedophile codeword for Child Buttsex
Drop those Q crumbs on us, my man.

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Wait until the zoomers have children and those children find their way onto the chans

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is it just me or does he look like reviewbrah?

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i didnt even know they chocolate, ive only ever come across the nerds and taffy

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>shop owner giving out free sweets
>Charlie standing outside feeling sorry for himself
like mate just go in

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>Anyone else realize that Willy Wonka was a racist?
remember when Willy Wonka went to Loompaland to find
cheap (free) labor, tricked the tribal chieftain and then brought back jungle-dwelling savages on his ship so they can work in his factory, getting paid only in candy and spend most of their time singing the oompa-loompa equivalent of negro spirituals?

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I hope gookmoot pulls the plug by that point so 4chan can have a swift, honorable death and be remembered as it was, but seeing how were chugging along into 2020 with a stronger retard presence than ever I don’t think it’s ever gonna see a happy ending.

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Willy Wonka is a jew and brought the little savages over here to work for him.
The movie is basically a confession.

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>tricked the tribal chieftain
Fuck off, retard. Oompa loompas came to work in the factory (and be paid in chocolate) of their own free will.

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