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2020 I am forgotten

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2020... i am...... forgotten..... what happened, broeys.........

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No, the oil preserves your memory

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I will never forget you, Marie. Your sauce is dogshit but I power-jacked so hard watching you make it that my vision is blurry...

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For the uninitiated:

>I'm confident in the sodium content.

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Impossible to forget such incredible technique ;)

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And.... wa la!

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I just ja/ck/ed off to this

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Dont forget her meatballs video which is arguably even worse.


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>store bought tomato sauce
>boil onions in oil, strain them then add the oil to the sauce
>let's make a cooking video about this recipe for internet
daily reminder that these people drive and vote

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This has nothing on Kay's meatballs

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>I make her meatballs and sauce every week.

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joey is fucking repulsive

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wheres the filipino carbonara one

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can’t wait til tax scum dies of heart disease

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>that horrible blunt knife

reminds me of my own mom

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sometimes you can't help but wonder what humanity really means

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>throws away meat because it touched the counter

This woman HAS to have a personality disorder.

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A challenger appear

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This is not even half as bad ad this fucking crazy "italian-american" Mary or whatever her name is. That woman belongs in an asylum.

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in a cook-off between
Who would survive?

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ham and onion scrambled egg yolks with processed cheese food over spaghetti

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Avoiding the obvious answer that Sara could simply eat the rest of them, Jack may win if he could transfer his male strength advantage into his remaining functioning arm.

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it was deleted and no one saved it

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What? Everybody knows who Sigourney Weaver is.

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I'll give you something to ja/ck/ it to

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You leafs need to get rid of this cancerous faggot

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You fuckers scared off that Cooking Along girl pretty damn quick. Are you proud of yourselves?

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It's not that impressive. Even /lit/ managed to scare some poor lady away. She could've just disabled the comments on her videos.

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Nerd girl autismo who had a Youtube channel about cooking for yourself. /ck/ found it and started harassing her. She deleted her entire channel immediately.

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Based, I hate women

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Katie is back to reviewing books, actually.

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