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How true is this?

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wtf bros?

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Mayonnaise on fries is based, fuck Massachussetts.

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That's true for Texas. I do agree with NY and absolutely despise cooked ranch in pizza

They hate CFA because "muh gays"

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>data from a dating app

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>they hate CFA because "muh gays"
Honestly this, califags will take literally every opportunity they get to virtue signal.

I hate Californians so much it's unreal

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>Massachusetts hates mayo on fires
Mass anon here, this is true.

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>hating dim sum
>hating pesto
>hating licorice
>hating hummus
>hating tofu
>hating shellfish
>hating balsamic vinegar
>hating chili peppers
>hating charcuterie
>hating beans
>hating tapas
>hating expensive cheese
Flyover states should be MIRVed

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Actually, this map makes me laugh since Chick-fil-a, is always full more so than Five Guys which is always half empty.

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>florida is a flyover state now
Where the fuck would you be going to, Brazil?

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>hating lunchables
Wtf Wisco Bros?

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Probably not true at all because it's using a dating app

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From AL. It's true everyone hates Chipotle. The restaurant not the seasoning.

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I've flown over florida to get to south america and panama, yeah. Just because a state has a coastline does not make it not a flyover state. Flyover land is defined in terms of what it is not: the northeast corridor, the San Francisco bay area, portland, and seattle. You may think it is some kind of error that Los A*geles and San Diego are not mentioned. It is not an error.

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WTF, I thought they loved based Trump

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Gas stations don't have wine in NJ, so it's prolly inaccurate.

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I'm from Michigan and the cold pizza thing is something I never encountered personally.

Hell, growing up , cold leftover pizza was breakfast at most sleepovers and parties

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>Hating LaCroix
Fuck off Nevada

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>trusting shellfish in Kansas

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It's delicious you stupid massholes

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I doubt more than 30 people in the entire state of Indiana has even heard of the word "charcuterie." Everyone in this shithole is dumb as fuck (including myself) and old people call bell peppers "mangoes" because they don't know what a mango is and the use of a bell pepper in anything is considered exotic and daring. Only the tiniest pinch of salt will do for these tastelets. Even black pepper is considered too spicy.

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>trusting anything in Kansas
That's the state where they kill abortion doctors and spend their legislative time freaking out about sharia law when the state is literally under sharia law but with jesus instead of the koran

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it's propaganda ignore it. In Texas steak preferences vary wildly.

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NJ gas station wine...wut?
You can only get alcohol from stores setup to specially sell it here.
No pharmacy, grocery, 7-11s, gas station, pizza places, whatsoever sell take out alcohol.
You need a liquor license (or 100+ room hotel) for a bar (even beer)and they havent created a new one since the 70s so that shit is well over a million to buy it from a preestablished place.

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Is all the added sugar to kombucha necessary or would it just taste horrible without extra?

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If they had gas station wine in Jersey, who would buy it?

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This makes Kansas sound way more metal than it is.

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We love him to pieces, but we don’t love EVERYTHING about him.

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Most of New Jersey is freeways and jughandles, so there aren't enough raving vagrants to sustain a gas station wine industry.

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>Hates corner pieces of brownie

That is so damn true it’s not even funny

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>New Jersey
>Gas station wine
lol, I've never met anyone from Jersey that wasn't trashy enough to indulge in gas station wine.

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And yet none is available in New York's armpit.

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well licorice is dogshit

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the sugar gets eatened by the bacteria so whatever is left is for taste

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Nobody talks negatively about cottage cheese, did you pull that out of your ass?

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Get a load of this guy

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Hard to swallow pill, eh?

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There's lots of Mexican girls in Colorado. How would we hate flamin hot Cheetos?

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Californian Chick-Fil-A's are extremely busy though. The one in Roseville has never not had the line be out the front door and the drive-thru so full there's employees taking orders early by going up to people's windows. You could build a second Chick-Fil-A right next to it and they'd both still be full.

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>Chai lattes

I am Indian but fuck chai t b h

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The only Chik fil A 'in' (it's in a suburb close to) San Francisco is next to Levi's Stadium, where the 49ers play. They play football on Sunday but Chik fil A is closed on Sunday; nobody eats there. This is the power of corporate intellect.

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You have to go back

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I don't understand why Nevada hates La Croix. Is there some local brand they prefer?

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the data source is incredibly insufficient to truly determine it

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nope cali folk love chik fila

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I’m okay with cold pizza, though it depends on the kind. Chicago style pizza cold is almost as good as it hot.

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I wish you fags would try and separate from the union one day so we all could collectively knock your high horse faggot dicks into the dirt. Just because you faggots live in major port cities doesnt make you better.

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Why do people go nuts over CFA? I’ve had it once and it was okay. Not really different from other fast food.

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They created a persecution narrative that appealed to inbreds and retards. People who have never experienced persecution in their lives finally got to play the "victim card" which they've been told about incessantly by the right wing media hate machine. Participating in this collective hallucination by eating a shitty sandwich gave their empty lives much-needed meaning

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>hating heterosexuals and normal functioning families
Your fag capital of the world should be glassed

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>right wing hate machine
>disagree with anything the left has to say
>you are now a racist homophobe, and if you own a business in any major liberal city you better have insurance
>you now need to find a new job, because people you’ve never met are bombing your works phones to get you fired
>right wing hate machine

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Every single piece of Jersey trash ever. They would have the most booming gas station wine economy in America.

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>disagree with anything the right has to say
>get sanctioned by israel

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Nogs and spics can't pronounce it and it's not Topo Chico or Jarritos, so they just automatically dismiss it.

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Except the fact that La Croix tastes like fruit piss and tv static

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>not allowing baby murder in your state is the barbaric thing
>baby murder is totally cool and not deserving of execution

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It's the worst soda water brand

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I'm from Illinois and I don't know a single person who gives a fuck about anyone biting string cheese

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Usually 8 oz of kombucha is less than 30 calories or maybe the whole bottle? I didn't think there was much added sugar.

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They are well aware they'd make a lot of money by opening on Sunday and they choose not to. Are we now complaining about large corporations retaining any decency?

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It's as non-sensical as the rest of the map. La Croix is one of the major brands you'll find in normal grocery stores there. You won't find it in specifically Mexican stores though.

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This is really stupid since liberals/leftists love Chik-Fil-A just as much as anyone else. The intensity with which people rave about CFA perplexed me for a while, but I think it's that most people only eat fast food, at chain restaurants, or processed shit at home and have baby palates, so a decent fast food sandwich in a clean restaurant with friendly English speaking workers blows their minds.

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Maybe, though I would assume Jersey trash would rather drink beer and bad vodka over wine.

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Foetuses are babies the same way that apple seeds are trees IE they're not. Sorry if facts upset you. I'll get an extra abortion just for you.

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Think of the females. Every college girl, drink by noon mom, and over 30 and single (and fAbUlOUs!) woman would chug the hell out of gas station wine.

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Jersey trash is descended from the mobbed up greaseball wops that fled NYC between 1960 and 1999. They love wine and consider themselves experts on it even though they have shit taste and never venture outside mass market eye-talian trash

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>Tossing out an apple seed is the same as killing a human life
This is the mind of a liberal. Truly fascinating. I bet you would vehemently protest dog abortions in one breath and seethe about pro-lifers in the next.

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Despite having attended uni in New Jersey, I don't know any greaseball wops so perhaps my assessment of NJ drinking habits are coloured mostly by US college culture.

As for the women, possibly, yeah. That makes sense, I guess, though I would still think that trash, like Jersey Shore type trash, would still prefer vodka, even as they approach middle age.

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>shoot people
>bomb people
>plow a gas guzzler through people

>> No.13666743

Well if you're talking about what do these people drink at night clubs, yeah it's probably going to be mixed drinks not wine. But you can't be inside a dance club 24/7, everyone has a "normal" life even guido trash people.

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All women love to get drunk off wine, since, in their heads, it's classier and does't make you look like an alcohol to chug down 3 large glasses of wine at lunch. Bottles of Skinny Girl TM Margaritas are common too. After the 3rd glass of wine or shitty pre-bottled skinny girl shit they start pounding the vodka sodas.

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>protecting the unborn
>waging war on those who murder the unborn
If you kill your enemies they win, am I right?

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Well, I looked it up and NJ is in the top 5 of wine drinking states in the US. NY is #1, which surprises me. I thought it'd be California.

>> No.13666773

i doubt enough people in idaho even know what dim-sum is for that to be the "most hated" thing there

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>NY is #1, which surprises me.
It shouldn't. Upstate produces high quality wine for people who like the taste of wine. Totally different from California which produces low quality wine for people who like the idea of wine.
>I thought it'd be California.
Taste a California wine some time and ask yourself if that's a taste that someone who really loves wine would put in a bottle with their name on it. Despite allegedly being a heavy hitter in the global wine culture, they've still got a chip on their shoulder about not being Bordeaux. Literally everything in California is about chasing a cold war era Californian's idea of what French people would like.

>> No.13666795

>hurr durr drumpf likes burnt steak
Four more years, libcuck

>> No.13666809

Honestly, I've never had an American wine despite my time in the US. Wait. Not true. I had one from... Pennsylvania, I think. It wasn't bad, but I'm no expert on what good wine is.

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>abandon your existing values
>turn kids into trannies
>allow the newer generations to be mass murdered
>get anyone who disagrees fired from their jobs
B-bbut at least the people who created the term pro-life in the first place can't get mad, right?

>> No.13666820

>kill people

>> No.13666821

I hate getting fired for screaming at niggers while on the clock.

>> No.13666842

Bro, the term 'pro-life' was coined by anti-abortionists. And lefties came up with their weak sauce 'pro-choice' because 'pro killing babies' doesn't test well with most people.

>> No.13666862

The vast majority of our wine is trash. The ones you're likely to hear about that are not trash are absurdly overpriced. There's a very small amount of it that's actually really good and can compete with foreign wines from a price to quality point of view, but it's not easy to find a wide variety of it even in the US. The reason for this disparity is that small European producers get a lot of help from the government. For example, vineyards are vastly overplanted in Europe. If one region gets hit by bad weather, the government buys up the batches that don't make the cut, and turns it into industrial ethanol. EU can therefore keep its reputation, maintain a pretty high output, all without requiring small producers to bear the kinds of risks they would without government assistance. On the other hand in America that doesn't happen, the US government only helps soybean farmers and HFCS producers. Small wine producers instead just die off. The big ones use mega purple and reverse osmosis and novelty casks and shit like that to fix the bad batches and make them into something that tastes extremely artificial. Those who don't play along go out of business unless they've been hyped up like Harlan or Screaming Eagle.

If you live in Europe I wouldn't bother with American wine. If you live in Asia then everything is stupidly expensive anyway so it probably doesn't matter.

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I'm in CA and every single CFA in my vicinity is always packed.

Why would Idaho hate dim sum?

>> No.13666878

it's all the fags in San Francisco don't blame the rest of us

>> No.13666924

Why do /pol/fags feel the need to ruin every single thread in every fucking board?

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Because they know they'd get fired/ostracized/mocked for saying this kind of shit in real life. They come to 4chan where they can spout off about how they "love traditional family values" and the worst that can happen is they have to reset their modem. And if you push back it means ur a snowflake so sensitive go back to rebbit etc.

>> No.13666942

This CFA thing was a long time ago. It was because they were funding legislation and lobbying that infringed on the rights of gays. It didn't come out if nowhere.

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It sounds like you don't understand what flyovers actually are.
They're the heartland of america, where the states are all virtually indistinguishable from one another. Just try comparing Iowa's "cuisine" with that of Arkansas, Nebraska, or Idaho. It's all the same white trash eating horrifying concoctions made of HFCS and american cheese product.
To say that states like Florida, Texas, and Louisiana all fit into this category is asinine.

>> No.13666948

Back to Facebook boomer

>> No.13666990

We’re just on a standard patrol. /ck/ is becoming too liberal and we’re going to fix that by reminding everyone who runs this place.

>> No.13667040

>Blackest state in America
>Black people are mostly lactose intolerant
>Sour cream is despised
>Go figure

>> No.13667066

>Indiana hates chocolate
Indiana has the biggest variety of brands of candy bars in grocery stores and gas stations I've ever seen.

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From Virginia and living in arizona both of those are probobly wrong. When I delivered pizza in fairfax/Arlington there were always people trying to dab the fat off the pizza. Tucson at least used to be kombucha heaven, it's been fucking everywhere.
Californians have been flooding into arizona after they made their state an unlivable hellscape, they are constantly trying to ruin shit here too, and none of them can drive.

>> No.13667197


I wasn't aware that "dabbing pizza grease with a napkin" was a food.

>> No.13667223

It says charcuterie you idiot

>> No.13667224

Brownie corners are the best part. Worst coast fags deserve the rope.

>> No.13667257

I don't hate it because of their political positions. I the it because their food sucks.

>> No.13667262

Sorry, my eyeballs are not magnifying glasses. Chocolate made more sense for that size 4 white-on-yellow font.

>> No.13667304

Everyone hates those things.

>> No.13667603

I live in the SF bay area. CFA is invariably packed every single time I visit. Fags love to SAY they hate it but you're a fool if you think it doesn't end there.

>> No.13667624

wtf I love kansas now

>> No.13667651

I live in phoenix and know lots of people who drink kombucha

>> No.13667657

boomer scum

>> No.13667707

t. Muhammad al bin Smith

>> No.13667957

Except this isn’t true in the slightest. CFA wasn’t supporting anything, some of their employees were. CFA got thrown under the bus because some faggot liberal ass journo decided you headline screaming retards couldn’t be bothered with nuance so fuck it, why not blame the whole thing on CFA?

>> No.13667962

>some of their employees were

those 'employees' happened to be the people running the company

>> No.13667965

Stop trying to rewrite history. CFA has been criticized for doing the same shit for 30 years.

>> No.13667974

As a representative from Louisiana. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person that eats cookies with raisins here. I've sat across from my nigger as he ate pig knuckles and just the look of disgust he gave me as I ate a raisin cookie is hard to describe.

>> No.13667980

>the last bite of a hot dog
What the fuck?

Is there really something different about that part of the hot dog, or are they saying that they hate that there's no more of it to eat?

>> No.13667985

>my nigger
I didn't think you were allowed to own them anymore?

>> No.13667991

I was ready to accept them as rabid consumers of weenie meat.

>> No.13667994

These maps are so incredibly stupid. God Americans are fucking retarded as fuck.

>> No.13667998

>see capers in every grocery store
Yeah no.

>> No.13668005


We're honest about sharecropping round here.

>> No.13668044

hahahaha no

>> No.13668058

Rather not. He sounds as crazy as "Dr." Gu.

>> No.13668060

maybe like 1% of their customers know about the poltics behind chick-fil-a you fuckin pseud

>> No.13668066

>implying muh jesus equals decency
Christfag cuckery is unreal.

>> No.13668097

>what food
>the containers for coffee is food

>> No.13668121

Not having wagies slave on Sundays, a day in which families of all background generally gather, while still employing them with decent hours and pay sounds decent to me whether or not it's inspired by Christianity. It seems like an odd complaint when usually anger towards corporations is about ruthless profiteering and not them missing out on some profits by closing once a week.

>> No.13668132

Anyone who likes Chik-Fil-A has no fucking tastebuds.

>> No.13668139

The people who participated in the survey are most likely white though.

>> No.13668206

I'm not even aware of any dim sum places in my state, wtf.

>> No.13668236

>we’re going to fix that by reminding everyone who runs this place.
Your mom?

>> No.13668836

fag state

>> No.13668844

LMAO the US would collapse overnight, farmers are only alive because of blue city welfare. Seethe harder flyovers

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File: 51 KB, 197x241, 1577374658191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've lived in NJ my entire life and I have never seen gas station wine.

>> No.13668925

Flyover states are just places where tourists don't go, retard.
Florida is a tourist hot bed. You don't know what you're talking about and you're taking the term "fly over" literally.

>> No.13668931

>home state hates Keurig
Proud of my fellow Washington grown bros.

>> No.13668942

Pretty accurate for Oregon and Florida.
I currently live in OR and this place is mostly mom and pop restaurants. Even outside of Portland, there are a lot of just local chains. There are small clusters of fast food places of course, but most people will give you shit if they find out you go there regularly.

And I grew up in FL. Never liked licorice and never met anyone there who did.

>> No.13668953

>biting string cheese
i do not want to meet the autists in my state who use this app

>> No.13668969

>allow the newer generations to be mass murdered
You're right. Let's bring more people into this shithole of a world.

>> No.13668977

This is exactly what I was going to say. The only thing I can think of to rationalize that is because they would say Takis are superior (which is true imo.)

>> No.13668980

Nailed it.

>> No.13668982

>When I delivered pizza in fairfax/Arlington there were always people trying to dab the fat off the pizza.
Wait. You saw what happened to the pizza after you delivered it?? Why were you just hanging around after you delivered an order?

>> No.13669547

Wtf im from florida and hate licorice. How did they know this??

>> No.13669570

I know getting abused as a kid turned you gay but it shouldn’t have made you fucking stupid

>> No.13669573

Why? Dating sites are filled with cholas and queenz.

>> No.13669576

>A whole ass paragraph of psychobabble
Or maybe white people just really like mildly-seasoned chicken sandwiches and milkshakes?

>> No.13669705

None of it is true. No one in kentucky cares a fuckall about hummus, or even knows what it is.

>> No.13669787

>going up to people's windows
that's every chick-fil-a

>> No.13669793

the same reason they go nuts for pope yes and KFC. I have no idea. it's just chicken.

>> No.13669833

>pope yes
Fucking read your post before hitting the damn post button.

>> No.13669846

Grew up in NC. I like cottage cheese. Never met someone who hates it. Good protein source.

>> No.13669854

The things they hate have to be popular in the state, or they wouldn't be hated.
This is more like a map of the most controversial, but well-known, things.

>> No.13669873
File: 991 KB, 500x340, WILLOW.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know what it is and make it regularly.

>> No.13669937

Who told you that? You can buy them in Libya for like $400. You could get on a plane right now and own a nigger within a few days.

>> No.13669943

I love in Colorado and hot cheetos are one of my favorite snacks. I never reaply noticed much hate for them, though they are more popular with kids than adults, of course.

>> No.13669953

Same. It wouldn’t even be legal to sell booze at a gas station here, what are they even talking about?

>> No.13670205

Of course KYians know what hummus is. They're northern, lefty, liberal yankees. They live for that shit, not like us in the south.

>> No.13670260

If a person comes into the world and doesn't like they're free to kill themselves. It's not your place or anyone else's to decide for them that they probably won't like the world so we should just skip to the chase and make the decision for them.

>> No.13670270

>sharia law
You mean Kansas only recognizes the testimony of a woman as worth 1/4 that of a man, punishes homosexuality and apostasy with death? You're not just making shit up and using words you don't understand are you anon?

>> No.13670293

Anything like this will skew towards foods that are actually somewhat common in the area. Nobody hates a food they've never even heard of. If you hate it you at least know what it is and probably see it around often enough that it pops into your head when the topic of food arises.

>> No.13670321

La croix isn't food.
P.S. fuck California

>> No.13670367

Ironic for tennessee because morel mushroom harvesting is a big thing there

>> No.13670554


>enjoying licorice

>> No.13670567

>go kill yourself

>> No.13670756

>they're free to kill themselves
Where I live, that isn't the case.

>> No.13670819

>t. clearly never been to Kansas
Just moved here from NJ a month ago. Nobody here is 'freaking out' or killing doctors. They just have a different opinion and worldview on the idea of killing the unborn. And this coming from someone born and raised in NJ who supports abortion. I disagree with them bit they are not crazy. People are also just generally more pleasant despite disagreement. I've gotten a lot more shit in NJ for suggesting maybe 75k should not be in the same tax bracket as 500k in NJ than I have about abortion here.
Also I don't trust the shellfish here either.

>> No.13670830

I live in CA and if the "most hated" food is Chick-fil-a, then CA is the most polarized state in the US because it is consistently packed.

>> No.13670846
File: 18 KB, 320x320, 1563914793226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the state is literally under sharia law but with jesus instead of the koran
Don't get my hopes up like that, anon.

>> No.13670847

Foraged food? I live in TN and have never heard of this shit in my life. Did they only find one person from TN for this? On the other hand, I lived in AK for a bit and can confirm I have an irrational hatred of VOSS water.

>> No.13670863

The greaseball wops mostly stay near New York, with a minority occupying separate pockets connected to South Philly instead. Most of our universities are actually removed from the areas where the wops lurk.

>> No.13670874

In the bay area, I've met two kinds of people in a few years of living here. People who love to eat at chic fil a, and people who feel a little guilty but still love to eat at chic fil a. I have never met someone who could honestly say they disliked it.

>> No.13670877

seriously? that's the best part

>> No.13671059

No, you don't.

>> No.13671785

starting to think youre an actual boomer

>> No.13671827

From New York and chicken bacon ranch pies are regularly in pizza places I actually really like them, this is bs

>> No.13671888
File: 676 KB, 1320x2560, Snapchat-1795746989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yep fuck that shit

>> No.13671896

im from illinois and i bite into string cheese, although i havent had one in years

>> No.13671904

also its shit
and im not even a nevadafag

>> No.13671907

I’m from Albany and no one by retards and faggots eat cbr pizza. Shit is fowl.

>> No.13671909


>> No.13671914

found the gay

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File: 197 KB, 462x356, 1577845733926.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah no. Thats a thing. I guess you could call it like a trope or meme or something. Smug califags leaving Cali because it's a fucking nightmare, but still shit-talk their new state and try to make it more like Cali. When the super earthquake happens and the entire west coast is jettisoned into the ocean north america will unironically ascend into a golden age.

>> No.13672215

>wanting people to eat seafood in a state hundreds of miles from the sea
Shut the fuck up, coastie.

>> No.13672489

no, that will send all californias to texas and other normal states and they'll shit them up and turn them into nu-californias

People wouldn't have a problem with Mexican immigrants if they acted like Americans, but they don't ergo Trump.

>> No.13672494


>> No.13672504

This seems made up.

>> No.13672512

It is from a dating app

>> No.13672635

>persecution narrative
Poors and their constant bickering over who has the right to bitch has never not gotten on my nerves.

>> No.13672761

>dabbing pizza grease with a napkin
What a bizarre thing to hate.

>> No.13672808

>Zonie bitching about Californian drivers

>> No.13672831

We actually are better than you. Can you afford to live where we live? We can outright buy your family lineage once we move over to your shit state.

>> No.13672838

Not them but do it already. You won't cause you're full of shit.

>> No.13672843

I won't because you live in a shit-hole, low IQ, cess-pool that is plagued with unemployment and opiate and methamphetamine induced crime.

>> No.13672960

>hates mexican appetizers

lol what?

>> No.13673000

You don't even know who you're talking to, dumb ass. I don't live in Florida.

>> No.13673003

Who the fuck hates tapas? It can be anything you like.

>> No.13673005

I hate these fucking graphs, you know they were done with like 20 people surveys and theres no way similar states are really that different in food habits or even if a state can have a "most hated food."

>> No.13673017

Jesus is in the Qur'an, retard.

>> No.13673025

not true for Florida, NC, or Illinois

>> No.13673062

No anon, I'm pro choice. Pro white choice. The less of you fucking germaniggers the better

So eager to stab people in the back you'll stab your own kids, a garbage race thankfully exterminating itself one abortion and one tranny at a time.

>> No.13673065

I just joined the app and theres loads of people on it. Some people have long lists and others don't. Tracking this kind of data isn't hard.

>> No.13673071

What the fuck is a german nigger??

>> No.13673455

Kek, you're not wrong.

>> No.13673478

>LARPing this hard

>> No.13673536

100% true for texas

>> No.13673607

Same thing as In-N-Out and any other popular franchise; it's slightly better than their competitors. So slightly better fast food.

>> No.13673621

How does a whole state hate on pesto? What the fuck?

>> No.13673624

Its just people who use the app, dummy

>> No.13673629

I live in New York and 99.9999999999% pizza places have Ranch Bacon Chicken Pizza options.

>> No.13673636

>and no one by retards and faggots eat cbr pizza.

>misspells half of the words
>has an acronym that is otherwise unused for the food they supposedly "hate"

cmon man. you niggas love chicken ranch bacon pizza.

>> No.13673750

Have you seen the one in Folsom though? It’s always busy I used to work at that one

>> No.13673917

I have no idea if this is true for other people in my state, but I had never liked the corners of a brownies.

>> No.13673964


A flyover is every state passed on a plane between New York and California. Every State. Florida has always been a flyover

>> No.13673983
File: 1.24 MB, 1000x670, califags think this is how planes fly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>every state passed on a plane between New York and California
>Florida has always been a flyover

>> No.13673997

Well at least the Califags are right about one thing, NY is the fly-into state.

>> No.13673998

passed. No one is stupid enough to call it a 'fly past' but that's what you do.

In simpler terms for your brain, a flyover is a place no tourist plans a visit to. You come to the US, it's to go to California or New York. You dont visit Florida, you just read about it on the plane

>> No.13674004


>> No.13675024

>You dont visit Florida, you just read about it on the plane
Florida has two major theme parks, one of which is Disney World.
You're saying no one actually goes there? Are you being retarded because you think it's funny or are you actually mentally handicapped?

>> No.13675272

Ignore him. Probably just a euromutt.

>> No.13675277

Weird. I feel like a lot of those go to Disney. Maybe they're too retarded to know that they were there.

>> No.13675299

It’s mostly Chinese and Japs. The euros stick to all the outlet malls so they can get goods without all that euro tax. Truth be told though, those outlet malls have a hidden tourist tax that euros and most Americans don’t know about. They’re better off going to a non-tourist state like Montana or some shit.

>> No.13675306

>It’s mostly Chinese and Japs
Depending on the time of year. I grew up in Florida and I had annual passes to Disney and Universal.

>> No.13675313

Chicagoan here. I go in the fall and winter and it’s always Chinese people. Only Europeans I encounter there are the workers. I went to Universal once in the spring and other than a group of Korean girls, it was all Americans.

>> No.13675330

its weird to me because they were huge here for a couple years till they ran news stories about how the cups were an ecological disaster then they went away. god I hate this state sometimes.

>> No.13675347

Why tho?

>> No.13675353

>flaming hot cheetos
I have a feeling they didn't ask our Mexicans.

>> No.13675355

please explain:
balsamic vinegar
cottage cheese

>> No.13675436
File: 17 KB, 480x478, stackin_bods.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wish

>> No.13675524

>not going to CFA with your boyfriend
come on cali

>> No.13675612

>Chili peppers
That's news to me, we've got a ton of spics and gooks that use chilis in everything.
Never met someone here who vehemently hates chilis.

>> No.13675626

>liking LaCroix
Fuck off zoomer, we're full.

>> No.13675686

>not drinking s.pellegrino like a human fucking being
>pronouncing nevada like the tourism board and not a local
You wouldn't understand.
t. Nevadan

>> No.13675705

>is a faggot bitch that has to resort to grammatical commentary in the age of auto correct and phones.
Where do you live? You want to talk shit how about you do it to my face you fucking faggot.

>> No.13675733

>Not realizing you can dislike specific things about people and not just see the world in black and white.
Yankees are never gonna make it.

>> No.13675753

>How true is this?
Wrong. I like chick filet

>> No.13675851

you can't even buy gas station wine in NJ because of their liquor license laws

>> No.13675967

I'm not from Alaska and have never been but I've definitely met an oddly high number of people who don't like Voss?
And the general consensus seems to be that it's gimmicky to have that kind of container.
I thought it was convenient but most people don't care for my opinion.

>> No.13675973

>Fuck off zoomer, we're full.
>Nevada is full
There's ton's of land there, stop kidding yourself.

>> No.13675989
File: 18 KB, 482x362, STEEEEEEEEEEEEEERN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So it's just a category that comes up on the app. I don't live anywhere near NJ but I also got the option to say if I hated or loved it.
I guarantee you that people just landed on the category and gave their opinion even though they live in NJ.
Just because they live there doesn't mean they don't travel to places where gas station wine is readily available.

>> No.13676010

Based Oregon

>> No.13676047
File: 54 KB, 550x412, burgie village.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So fucking based.

>> No.13676061

Just because there’s open land, doesn’t mean it’s open to fill with mutts, Pedro

>> No.13676079
File: 457 KB, 720x544, vlcsnap-2019-12-09-18h36m53s576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not hispanic. I'm just sick of everyone moving to big cities and contributing to over crowding. Time to fill up that desert, bitch.

>> No.13676385

Fetuses are not the same as babies, which aren't the same as children which aren't the same as adults.

But all of them are still alive. Why emphasize the distinction which completely misses the point?

>> No.13676623

Why do other people have to suffer because of your personal fucking beliefs?
No one is asking you to have an abortion. But other people can do whatever the fuck they want. Even if you outlaw it, women will find a way to get rid of their fetuses.
Deal with it, boomer.

>> No.13676684

What I'm in favor of abortion for Eugenic purposes?

>> No.13676946

Did you mean, what if you were, anon?
You should really get your shit together upstairs before you try to push these strong opinions on others.

>> No.13677204

Yup CFA and INnOut always packed 24/7.
T. Norcalfag

>> No.13677214

I like what ever carb water that is cheap. Just finished a 12pack of lacroix. Store near me does like 3x12pack for under 10 bucks.

>> No.13678358

>New York
>Ranch on Pizza

...but that's actually good. I've tried that.

>> No.13678540

Doesn't matter, Florida is based either way. Fuck licorice.

>> No.13679566
File: 165 KB, 1024x622, 1582128873553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13680719

B-but I like charcuterie...

>> No.13680758

>nj gas station wine
literally can't legally exist. ,
>pa chai lattes
>ny ranch on pizza
those mother fuckers invented that

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