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For me, it's Freddy's Fry Sauce. It's great on burgers, hot dogs, chicken, and of course fries.

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Never had it. What's it like? Looks ketchupy.

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Ketchup + Mayo + Ranch + Relish + Mustard mixed together. Basically burger sauce with extras.

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my new favorite sauce is of my own recipe
grab a coffee cup

microplane one one garlic clove into it
microplane one jalapeno into it
mix in enough mayo to fill it 2/3rds the way
then stir in a couple squirts of
add a dash or two of garlic powder
then top it off with half and half and stir
mix in chopped cilantro as a bonus

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Freddy's French fries suck. They're always cold before you get home.

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>I go to Starbucks with the sole purpose of being the biggest pain in the ass possible. If my 9rder doesn't have at least 10 modifiers, it's not good enough.

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you honestly consider that a complicated recipe
woo lad

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I used to buy this stuff for my dad all the time at Winco.

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Actual fry sauce that won't make you hate life.

Mayo 3:1 with ketchup and .5 mustard
10% Vinegar a few squirts, don't water it down
McCormicks Chipotle Chili Powder is the lynch pin to this sauce. Shake it in to taste.

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Based, I was always addicted to this shit. Gotta get some more sometime.

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>lynch pin
Overly-pedantic protip: 'Lynch' is hanging someone, usually outside the justice system. You want 'linch' in this case.
Yes, I know. It's not that important.

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I originally typed linch, but Firefox told me I was misspelling it. So. I'm the asshole here.

Thanks for clarifying that, I thought I was crazy.

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Smoked paprika is also acceptable.

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Yes, Chipotle is just like a roid rage version of spanish smoked paprika.

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That sounds pretty good

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When you get old enough that you stop trying to impress people you realize less is more. 5 ingredients is a good rule of thumb. Sometimes more.

Regardless, his recipe sounds like angry tartar sauce.

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thanks bro its honestly a fucking mazing
its essentially a modified baja sauce that lots of places use on fish tacos
and im legit thinking about using it on beer battered po boys as something to sell in a food cart

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the only thing it has in common with tartare suace is lemon and mayo
anon i get that youre here for the fastfood and jack threads
but please dont let your ignorance show so hard

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That's why I said "angry" like it was from fucking Burger King, you twit. Real tartar sauce is fine diced polish pickles, mayo, a hint of minced onion, lemon, 10% vinegar, dried dill and a shot of prepared or dried mustard if that's your thing. Capers are also good, sugar if you're trying to copy McPigs Filet o Fish sauce.

Don't talk to me about tartar sauce.

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what i do is mix equal parts mayo, ketchup, sour cream/greek yogurt, and a bit less than 1 pt sriracha, lots of lime zest and juice, minced pickle and onion, a clove or so of garlic, and some black pepper

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> I said "angry" like it was from fucking Burger King
the irony
also if you know tartar sauce why are you comparing it to something completely irrelevant

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Take your autism elsewhere.

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anon we get it youre here for the fastfood and jack threads

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excellent attempt at gaslighting. When you're 21 you'll be able to date rape anything.