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What's your favourite smoke?
Mine's eu marlboro

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not ck gtfo


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I smoke American Spirit turquoise currently. So if we start talking about packs a day, and lung cancer, are we getting rid of this too? al/ck/ was a part of this board culture. Lots of cooks have alcohol problems that we kept to the thread. Now we have Claire threads. I hope you faggot jannies enjoy it. You're killing this website more than the newfags.

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Marlboro Red Label, formerly Marlboro Medium.

Smooth and pleasant. I have dabbled over the years but have always come back to these.

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although I don't smoke anymore, for me it was: Marlboro Southern Cut

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>imagine buying premade cigs instead of making your own with the finest tobaccos for 10% of the price

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Newport shorts, the definition of pleasure

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I've actually used a machine like this, absolute garbage. Learn to roll, tailors do not have the same mix as rollies and it will feel like smoking half a dozen ciggies at once.

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In Berlin everybody rolls their cigs anyway

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I can roll a cig ina few seconds by hand I like having a filter and uniformity and people give you weird looks in public smoking hand rolls

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He posted one of the crap cigarette makers. I have a Premier roller that actually packs shit worth a damn unlike that dollar store trash.

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Can rollies really be as tasty as premade ones?

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yes go to the tobacco shop and buy a few OZ of a bunch of different tobaccos and find one you like the best. Not having to buy a new pack everyday feels like being freed from slavery

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>All these Maccy's line cooks with fried tastebud on this board
No wonder it's so shit.

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I did this when I was a poorfag back in the day and just started doing it again because the cost of ryo is still the same while packaged cigs keep skyrocketing because of taxes.

It makes zero sense not to at this point unless you're a legit millionaire. if you smoke a pack a day it's basically 5 minutes of your time a day with that basic bitch roller to save $5-$10 depending where you live

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rollies are tastier than premade

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Same here. Gotta love cowboy killers.

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Feels good being a millionaire

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fuck you sage stop showing up in my threads

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Not food. Fuck off. If you disagree, go eat a cigarette. Tell me how it feels.

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tobacco is an ingredient in food you can use it to flavor desserts and savory dishes

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cherry pie marijuana, when i used to smoke a lot my guy gave me a free baggy to upkeep our relationship. he was nice.

cherry pie had me super happy, creative, focused and energized. helped with pain. 10/10 would recommend.

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djarums :)

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All day

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Unfortunately camel crush's are forbidden in all european nanny states

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Fuck that's lame. sorry for your loss.

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Smoked cigs for 15 years and then vaped for 5 after that. Currently on the SNUS pill and it be the lesser of the evil jewbaccos. Only 1 major chain sells it here though (QT) which is a pain in the ass.

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fuck smoking

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Bruh, we see this shit on packages of cigarettes and tobacco everyday where I live. Grossout strategies might have worked on you in elementary school, but that doesn't mean they work now.

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Nobody cares about that shit
Smoking is just too much fun
I mean it won't be me who dies of that, right?

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I usually smoke nat shermans, they're about the same as marlboro 100s and they come in a cool box. plus they burn as long as american spirits with a nice filter. used to smoke filterless lucky strikes but softpacks kept leaking tobacco into my pockets

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As long as you quit before you hit 35, you’ll statistically cheat death.

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That's what I like to tell myself

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Does anyone have any archived videos of the "Marlboro Red" guy (pic related)? He was a smoking fetishist that deleted his channel after being stalked and harassed at his work. Videos were unironically great.

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Marlboro Red, other cigs were either bland or too "weak" compared to it. Of course Tobacco are another thing but yeah Red.

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It went away with radiation and chemo and it's pretty much normal now.

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For me, it's the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500. Also known as the Bridgestone Potenza RE003 outside the US. Nice and sticky, but can still make a decent amount of smoke.

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Damn man I miss al/ck/.

i'd love a smoke right now but I'm gonna go home and drink instead. trying to keep cigs at 1/week and i broke on monday when i saw some coworkers having a smoke.

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How many sticks/packs do you smoke every day?
>3 sticks per day

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camel royal red is my go to.

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no one cheats death dude, but the rothschilds and rockefellers really are the only exception to that rule

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Djarum Special (prior to the US clove ban)
Then American Spirit black (perique blend) ryo
I quit smoking years ago to evade the cancer/cardio risks.

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>1 cig a week
might as well just quit

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Camels filter. Grab a carton every time I fly somewhere through USA. I’m Canadian. I don’t even smoke anymore except for when I go on holiday. I don’t really crave them when I’m home either because I’m not drunk all the time.

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I swear I’m not a nigger, I just lived in certain places when I started smoking and it stuck

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Camels for chill
Marlboro for all your nihilist intentions
Lucky Strike for ball hair growth
>full flavor or go home
>if you can't handle the product in its original form, you don't deserve it at all
>same for lite beer drinkers

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Are sites like duty-free Depot a total scam? Sick of paying 10 bucks a pack.

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Nah, but I loved those videos too. We used to mute them and play Judas Priest songs in the background. Really funny, miss him.

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what brand are you using?

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not in poland
problem is nobody wants to go there so whatever

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im a bit of a cliche
normally i smoke like 3 or 4 cigs a day but when im trying to be creative or out partying i can go up to 3/4 of a large pack

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so pathetic

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I just smoke whatever so I'll die sooner. I like menthols, I hear they're worse for you.

This isn't even me being shitty to smokers, I'm serious.

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Djarum blacks

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how the FUCK is this "FOOD" OR "COOKING"

fuck the shitty jannies on this board, holy shit

I'd say gas yourselves but you all already are with cigs

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America Spirit tan pack
Nat Sherman Hint of Mint
American Bison yellow when I'm on a budget

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Have sex

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>uhhh... *BRAAAAAAAAP* durrr... hehehee... smoking bad for u lol

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are primetime mini cigars still around?

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Anyone else ever hunted for snipes before? Since the age was raised to 21 I've been having a hard time.

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Camel Turkish reds. The best cigarette.

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Unironically good tires

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Would this be the thread to ask about cigars? I want to get into those but don't know where to start.

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What kind of dogshit country do you live in where that is the case

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Make sure you tie the bottoms of your pants so they don't run up your leg.

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Used to be Nat Sherman. Quality earthy cigarettes.

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>haha you're actually healthier than i am hahah what a LOSER!!!!

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for me, it's the dark green american spirit

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Assos red, but on my way to quit.

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How bad is to smoke 5 filterless rollies on the weekend and vape during the week? I was also a full time smoker for 5 years smoking about 5 or 6 rollies a day with a filter.

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just get yourself an iQos. tastes and feels like a real cigarette, but it's actually even healthier than all the vapes. it's so far been the most effective that gets people off real cigarettes for good.

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None because I'm not a heathen.

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a 100% of smokers have psychological issues - inhaling smoke is literally self-harm, just like wrist cutting, piercing or tattoos

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Fuck, I wanna quit so bad, but it's so hard. I've got 3 kids that I wanna see grow up.

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america in a state where weed is legal
handroll = joint

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Not everyone needs a min-max build for success. You could quit now and still get ass cancer.

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seriously. go on the iQos. i've seen 50 year old 3 packs a day chain smokers make the switch so easily. the upside is that you'll notice your fitness coming back and breathing much better. also it leaves absolutely no smell on you.

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ive got my american spirit blacks, but i also roll my own with "the good stuff" red. i normally only smoke regular, but i just got some menthol tubes to change things up a bit.

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>>full flavor or go home
>>if you can't handle the product in its original form, you don't deserve it at all
>>same for lite beer drinkers

fucking this

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Dark Blue American Spirit. Been at it for a year now and I'm ready to quit. My car smells like shit, but I fucking love a cup of coffee and a smoke on my morning commute to work. That chemical reaction, man. It's horrible and wonderful.

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What are these like? I usually buy the light blue or dark green if I'm feeling menthols, but I've never seen the dark blue for sale around here.

>> No.13624123

tried Dunhill but its horseshit, actually any other cig other than MB Lights tastes like shit to me

>> No.13624146

Not who you're responding to, but they're the American blend. Hard to find, but they are the best out there. Generally I stick with light blue, but when I see them for sale I always buy them. They hit slightly harder than the light blues, but they're so fucking good.

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Camel unfiltered

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what board do you think best fits a smoking thread then?

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>nobody wants to go there
why? i thought poland was like the safest place in europe

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i dont smoke cigarettes. but when i do... they're atleast 75 years old

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been smoking half filter lucky strikes since the day started, the chef I work with smokes marlboro slim and he once bummed me one and gave it back halfway through, what a giant pussy

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it depends, sometimes people think i'm smoking a joint when i'm just smoking a ciggie, but who fucking cares

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They discontinued my favorite menthol. It was unlike anything else.

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>had a blast hand rolling my own cigs and feeling like a boss with my churchill cigar collection
>orange man passes a bill
>now they can send me to die for my country but i can’t buy a fucking cigarette
this is the plight of a nineteen year old in the USA bros. i feel like a child.

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Yeah because it s made for fucking 13 year old girls.
Legit best tasting smoke is Lucky Strike. That toasty flavor they have is awesome. Fuck I kinda wanna pack now.

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>now they can send me to die for my country but i can’t buy a fucking cigarette
>this is the plight of a nineteen year old in the USA bros. i feel like a child.
Yeah, same here. That's why I stocked up beforehand. Some of it is shit tobacco, but hey, it gives me my fix. I had plenty to begin with, but once my state passed a law that I was only barely grandfathered into, I saw the writing on the wall.
Now I have enough to last me for quite some time, and a little extra to pair with it ;)
also if I run out I'll have someone buy it for me

Damn straight, I have 4 left rn. I'm gonna have one right now

Also a general disclaimer >>>/out/1667459 is a pipe thread for anyone who's into that

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Shit savor those anon.

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black n milds

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Snipe hunting is what unironically kept me from smoking. When I used to party with my friends and we’d go outside, I used to chew sunflower seeds instead of smoking. It was extra cringe because I was a city boy, no wonder I never got laid back then...

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I used to use my dining dollars to buy cigarettes when I was in college. I'd resell the cigarettes to other cigarettes for cash so I could buy alcohol and drugs

>> No.13625126

resell the cigarettes to other students whoops

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Smokers are disgusting

>> No.13625227

I dont get why americans like spirits, it tastes like shit, lasts too long (bad for lungs).

I used to smoke marb red > gold > NXT but now i barely smoke

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i always smoke perique fifteen dollars a pack in manhattan : (

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How does the pod mod compare to the Novo or Nord? used to have a Novo and it broke on me. Might get myself a Novo 2 as I've heard they don't leak as much.

>> No.13625702

I used to love these and Marb 27s before they switched to the fire safe bullshit, now they're just not the same.

>> No.13625752

Artuero Fuentes, My Father's, CAO. Go to your local lounge/store and get something in the $6+ range. If taxes are super high or super low adjust accordingly. The brands I listed should be around that price depending on size and line. If you don't smoke already, start with something that has a light brown exterior and is described as light/mild or medium. Don't inhale unless you want to puke, just pull it into your mouth. If you have trouble getting that separation, give it a heavy "kiss" instead of sucking in.

>> No.13625755

Small dried shavings of san pedro cactus on a bed of kief and bud

>> No.13625763

420chan /tobacco

Dude fucking get out go to bluelight or dmt nexus or something. I have COPD im trying to quit smoking, quit posting stupid shit on here, tobacco isnt food and it will negatively effect your palate

>> No.13625800

natty spirits black. been rolling my own with some perique blend pipe tobacco i got online, partially because i roll spliffs anyway and partially for the cost. just picked up my first pack in months a few days ago and it's so much better, something about the feeling of having a pack and smoking a factory rolled cigarette feels so right. but i know i can't keep it up. i have an acid trip planned with my friend for this weekend and i'm going to try to have my last cigarette that day, wish me luck boys

>> No.13625837

its not unsafe by any means
problem is there are barely any worthwhile cities except for prague
most western people i know who visit it either visit family, want cheap food or want the attention from polish chicks looking to find a guy to marry and take them out of the country

>> No.13625901

I have a nord OG and it leaked every time I used the thing. or I was drinking juice. the battery sucked. this rpm40 hasn't leaked yet and the wattage control is sweet. its still kept me off cigarettes so it must work fine. battery has a much longer life

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dude lmao with snus is ascended tier
t. britbong in swindon

>> No.13626583

A quick Google search tells me it's just a tobacco vaporizer. I doubt it's healther than vaping since its still using real tobacco.

>> No.13626584

cool blog bro

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yea i said it
its all the same slog over there

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>What's your favourite smoke?

Used to smoke Newport Lights but switched to Pall Mall menthol lights as they’re $6-$8 cheeper per carton.

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File: 80 KB, 600x550, 84441d70-2b10-4839-b89e-9bc23e4abb25.tfss-26f2a9ba-e7a8-46ad-97b1-e24dd2e178d6-TB-MARL-MEN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not smoking menthols

>> No.13626696

Menthols are for women.

>> No.13626767

r u retarded?

>> No.13626877

even tastier if you use good tobacco
premade one often have filler stuff crammed into them and can be pretty dried out

>> No.13627174

just sayin it's food

>> No.13627181

I guess being held back several years has its benefits

>> No.13627187

Whoah, based alert.

>> No.13627223

did you go to college at fifteen?

>> No.13627228 [DELETED] 
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aaaand you're reported (^:

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This at the moment. It's alright. I think the Cherokee is better in texture for injecting, and has a more cigarette-like taste so I ordered that since I'm about out.

At the rate of 5-8 cigarettes a day, this works out to around $20 for 6 months.

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Tobacco does not cause cancer and all claims that it does are based on faulty non-randomized epidemiological studies that try to prove causation from correlation.

To this very day, scientists are unable to induce cancer in animals using tobacco smoke. If it caused cancer, surely experimental studies (hard science) would show the same results as the human epidemiological ones.
See for yourself.


Not only is it harmless, it confers a number of health benefits. It has nootropic, life-extending, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects. The overwhelming majority of supercentarians (ie, those living in excess of 100 years) were smokers.
Smokers have longer telemers and smoking itself is known to upregulate KLOTHO expression which is associated with longevity.

Reminder the majority of supercentarians were smokers which directly contradicts your >>>/death/ claim.

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File: 307 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2020-02-08-02-32-23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no

>> No.13627290

>Marlboro Reds

>Peterson University Flake
>Peterson Founders Choice
>Mac Baren Navy Flake
>Dan Tobacco Choo Choo Train
>Dunhill Nightcap
>Dunhill EMP
>W.O. Larsen 1864

>Romeo y Julieta

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This isn't reddit, faggot. No one is impressed with your apprentice-janitorship. No one is going to upvote you or give you likes. Also, smoking, cigars, tobacco, and all discussion of assorted alcohols, coffees, teas, and other drinks is permitted on /ck/. There are constant tobacco threads here. It's more than just cooking. Lurk more.
Also, that.

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my pipe tobaccos

>> No.13627324


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File: 109 KB, 1175x641, 1d4918b9-ac7c-452e-9b2f-87ef08d64975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my pipes

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File: 122 KB, 796x1416, 378a17d3-83ff-4232-9d49-0f387da1db4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cig stash (marlboro reds)

>> No.13627336

See >>13627324

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File: 2.83 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20200207_114322307[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These machines are fucking amazing, it's practically like free cigarettes in comparison, my girlfriend got this one for $7 and the bag of tobacco for $10

>> No.13627340

why thank you sir

unfortunately smokers are considered subhuman in my country

>> No.13627345

Back around 2000 you could get 12 cartons of Marlboro for $40 from Ukraine via online order. They got wise and doubled their prices so I stopped because it wasn't worth the hassle and risk of an uncertified $100 international package getting lost or stolen. Those were good days, though.

>> No.13627350

I'm a 28 year old man from Sweden. My BMI is around 38. I've been smoking Camel Yellow for 12 years now. I occasionally buy a pack of John Silver or Lucky Strike.

>> No.13627360

They're considered subhuman in every country. Doesn't bother me. If someone wants to present a certain image, there's a lot you can do to not smell like smoke if you know you're going to be in close quarters with someone (date, doctor, etc) as long as you don't smoke in your house or car. Shower, clean clothes, brush teeth, you're all set.

I don't mind being considered subhuman. I work. Hard labor. And I enjoy my 5 minute smoke breaks every 2 hours in a way no office worker could imagine. At least the media and interest groups stopped pretending like everyone didn't know the risks.

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I smoke King's filtered or "yellow kings" as they are called. Pretty smooth without the coarseness of the unfiltered ones.

>> No.13627482

truth, the sad thing is due to the constant sharpening of anti tobacco laws things like smoking in cafes and cocktail bars, aswell as all nice smoking lounges in hotels etc. are a thing of the past now - its just sad

>> No.13627501

shut the fuck up faggot no one said you could reply to me

>> No.13627649

420chan have a tobacco board

>> No.13627740

i think he meant boards that are actually active.

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