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What is the deal with Chef Wang Gang? Is he /ck/ approved?

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He looks like a femin

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is that some bat i see?

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That's a man?!

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he's pretty cool, but 90% of his stuff is just the same shit with a different main ingredient

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well I definitely know how to cook szechuan food now so that's good, but yes a lot of it is repetitive. The best videos now are grilling or butchery videos with uncle. I don't watch qi er wa's channel, but she's nice flavor to wang gang's videos. watching wang gang also got me into https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSQlRUEzr6im89Flg_-oA-w and to a much lesser extent, Huanong Brothers

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is that his sister? how is she so cute and he's so ugly?

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Given the dimension of that bulge, either a man or a rather promiscuous woman.

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s-she has a ch-channel?

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it just started a month or 2 ago, she was in a few of wang gang's videos and was encouraged into making her own channel, probably just using the same crew as wang gang. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMN3emFs3IySLihAR7NH4Mg

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He'll be getting the kung flu soon. Enjoy your e celeb while you can

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I would destroy this pussy.

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>click on a video
>starting scaling a live carp with her fingers

No thanks

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that's graphite on the roof

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