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This is the worlds tastiest herb.
say something nice about it.

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hi... I like you with salt and salmon

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well first of all what the fuck is it?

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this aught to scare the americans away

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no seriously, what the fuck is it? dill? you can't just post one of the 200 generic looking green herbs and assume everyone knows what your self-important shitposting ass is talking about.

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If you can't recognize dill, you don't belong here. Go to /McD/

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I literally just called it dill you autist

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It's obviously dill you fuckstick

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How the fuck do you make groceries?

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american groceries stores don't sell fresh herbs, you buy that shit in a dry mix.


I only know dill from pickles

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>what the fuck is it? dill?
that's a cringe no amount of words can save you from my lad
it's best to just stop responding and reevaluate why you browse a cooking board

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>american groceries stores don't sell fresh herbs, you buy that shit in a dry mix.
>Europoors actually believe this
Congratulations, you fell for propaganda

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Even fucking Wal-Mart has fresh herbs in the produce area what are you talking about. Not surprised that a retard who doesn't know what dill looks like isn't aware of this.

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>doesn't even know what dill looks like
>u dont kno wut fresh herbs r
o i m laffin'

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thyme is the actual answer if any lurkers were wondering

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Global Oregano(especially good with fish)

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He lives in the poverty south I assume. They're lucky if every house doesn't have lead paint peeling from their doors.

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its absolutely based in potato salad

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Smells nice even when it rots
Little goes a long way

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Find a small plot to grow your own herbs, or do it in pots in the window. You'll be happy you did.

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This is a pot grown cherry tomato plant I grew on my porch. They're delicious in a salad.

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that's not cilantro

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that looks great anon

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Bros I'm totally in love with thai basil, what do y'all think?

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anything asian i will avoid for the next few years or until the coronoavirus blows over

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I'm sure you can grow outside asia anon

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Get out of your house more. Learn ya herbs boi.

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I also like it with trout.

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sorry, but you posted the wrong picture, honest mistake I’m sure

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this is the proper answer. steak, chicken, pork, veggies, you name it, is there anything she can’t do?

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Thyme is immemorial.

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why did i watch this to the end

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Cause you can't stop giggling the entire time?

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there's only 1 herb i'm about lmao ya heard me

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cilantro has to be the most polarizing herb, you either fucking love it and put it on literally anything savory or hate it with a burning passion.

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No, but our rabbits seem to like it. It's too bad that you europoors can't even afford rabbit food so idolize it.

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You are almost as tasty and universally liked as cilantro

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I think what's polarizing is that stupid euros can't differentiate between ciltantro and coriander.

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i can travel 40km and enter your country, you don't think I know what goes on there?
your damagecontrol is shameful

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We don't use you're stupid eurometers and you wouldn't get 10 feet into my nation without a sniper taking your head off. Coast Guard, you might not know who they are, but they KNOW who you are!

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there's a lot to unpack here

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Shut up, dill weed

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frogfuckers go back to your containment boards

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this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you

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>american groceries stores don't sell fresh herbs, you buy that shit in a dry mix.
The sad and strange thing is that American grocery stores sell a huge variety of inexpensive produce, all the other fresh stuff, and usually have a bakery with huge cheap french and Italian loaves, but tons of people don't buy it. You need to go to a seriously small town or exceedingly poor area not to have a good selection near you as even super walmarts sell all that stuff.

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What the fuck do I use dill for

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still have yet to see a dish that makes it taste delicious

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Is this dill?

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Oh I just scrolled down yeah it is

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Please stop trying to make us look retarded to Yuropoors. They can never tell when we're shitposting and think we're telling the truth every time.
You can buy all sorts of fresh herbs at any grocery store. Even walmart has a good selection.

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almost any salad. mix with garlic and cream for a delicious condiment. baked potatoes, chicken, fish, etc.

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>american groceries stores don't sell fresh herbs
I absolutely love the obsession.

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>buttered potatoes with dill and meatballs on the side

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Why do you dipshits post japanese anime horseshit like it means anything to anybody? It's like white noise on this board. The dumbest part of 4chan.

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>ctrl+f parsley
>no results

you guys dont kno shi.

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>Why do you dipshits post japanese anime horseshit like it means anything to anybody?
>It's like white noise on this board.
>The dumbest part of 4chan.
Once upon a time, people posted anime reaction images instead of wojacks.

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coriander is the seed, cilantro is the plant

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good taste anon

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Might be because of the language barrier rather than not knowing the difference. In german for example cilantro is called Koriander, so people thinking that coriander is the correct word makes sense.

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I want to put my pickle in you

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How do you differentiate the seed from the plant or would it Koirander [in german seed]?

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The plant would be called Koriander and the seeds would literally be called Koriandersamen (literally the name of the plant + seed). So basically that's right, except it's missing that n at the end. That being said in everyday life not many people I know cook with the seeds.

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Parsley is the best

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Need it for pickles, deviled eggs, and curing salmon, I dont use it in much else bc I find it overpowers a lot of things, it's kind of best as the dominant flavor.

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Cilantro seeds and coriander leaves umad nigger mutt

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I love stuffing handfuls of you in my toasted rindfleisch sandwiches.

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causally moggs the tastelets that can't appreciate its flavour.

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Dill is great, really adds a good flavor to things like sauces, fish, and salads.

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Have you tried basil you fucking mouth breather?

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I use dried dill like fucking salt and pepper. that shit amazing in almost everything.

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That's cilantro. I've grown it. Beside its brother, parsley.

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Tastes amazing on crayfish and toast skagen

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