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What’s your favorite hot sauce? For me, it’s either Valentina Extra Hot or Crystal

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Ah, the Walmart starter pack. So original.

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someone post the pic of that fat, middle aged gamer guy saying "wanna see my hot sauce collection" or whatever.....just get it over with so we can have a good thread.

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Who gets through enough hotsauce to have a favourite? Even if you douse every meal with it you're never going to run out of new ones to try.

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Make your own nigga, blend up some habs, jalaps, garlic, vinegar, salt and lots of rosemary. Takes five mins and easily btfos all that watery shit in your pic.

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'vark or go home

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this is the shit right here dog

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Wife got me this for xmas. Current favorite.

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you basic bitch

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It's hot sauce, not perfume, faglord.

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I like Tabasco on my eggs. Tapatio is good on any Tex-Mex or Mexican. For Cajun/Creole food, Crystal -- this shit is everywhere in NOLA. For Asian/Indian (the designated kind) style stuff, I guess just boring ol' cock sauce. It's got good heat, kind of garlicky, slightly sweet, dissolves well into broth. For the price:quality ratio, Tapatio is hard to beat. You'd expect something watered down for $1 for a huge bottle, but nope.

All that said, if I could only have one hot sauce for the rest of my life, it would have to be Tabasco. I like vinegar/acid/citrus on my food and this shit is ubiquitous and classic. I carry one of those little 1/8 fl. oz. bottles with me in my backpack. Goes great on eggs including huevos rancheros so we're moving into Mexican territory a bit which shows some versatility. Splash this shit on pizza, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken including chicken strips, catfish, collard greens, fried potatoes, boiled cabbage, etc. Also pretty good in chicken/tuna/whatever salad as the source of heat and acid.

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>Valentina Extra Hot or Crystal

Only good on corndogs tier

Franks is the best.

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So many plebs in thread
Ghost has the best flavor profile, bar none. It's almost difficult to make a bad sauce out of ghost peppers and vinegar

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Wow, listen to this guy. He sure knows his stuff! Thanks goodness the expert has a rived!.

My good sir, I applaude yiu,

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Same answer to this boring question as always it depends on purpose and taste.

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Tobasco and cholula

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where my /yucateco/ gang at?

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They sleepy, ese

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>literally just the same sauce in each bottle but with food coloring

>fr*ck off bean boy

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oops I added an extra >

still bad sauce

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this is honestly one of the best hot sauces that I've ever had. I always keep it in stock.

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It depends if i'm looking for a hot sauce for Mexican food i go with either Cholula or Bufalo. If i want something for Cajun Creole i tend to go with Tabasco or Louisiana brands. If it's more an Asian dish i use one of the Huy Fong pastes.

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the Mayan sauce is the best sauce you can buy with relative frequency (as in, it's at Walmart often).

Haha, nah

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I love the regular red sauce. Others are good, but I almost always go for reliable red. It's usually a good sign when a taco joint has teca, particularly if more than one.

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What are you joking? Nobody in their right minds are doing relitive frequencies on hot sauces. Just buy what you want and what you can afford. Fuck your equations.

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The morons that come up with relitive frequencies on hot sauses are the same ones that went down and into shit degrees like marketing and advertising, basicially useless cunts.

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That's not Green

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green hot sauces are the best. They have this vegetable snap to their flavor.

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>noooooooooooo you can't just make sauce that tastes good!

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The green is obviously food coloring.

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melindas is criminally underrated

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I checked the food labels. Tabasco jalapeno, Cholula green pepper, Los Calientes, Marie Sharp's green habanero, Queen Majesty Jalapeno all have no added coloring.

El Yucateco does have added coloring, but I've never tried it before.

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Texas Pete, Louisiana, Sriracha, green El Yucateca, jally Tabasco. (basic bitch ass bitch here)

I like to make a spicy mayo with sriracha and Louisiana. It's great on hot dogs.

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Imagine the smell of your vinegary shits the next morning.

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Who.. cares?

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This guy is actually growing on me. But I still like cholulas, sambal and valentinas best.

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old but gold

just 3 ingredients but beats the rest

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>beats the rest.
Not sure about that. I love the aged chilli taste and the heat, but it's still a bit to vinegary for me.

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>old but gold

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Melinda's and I love it too, I use to buy out shelves it when I could find it apparently gets shit here because claim it was copied from some other hot sauce. I've seen no evidence of that, that said this is /ck so lack of evidence or a link to a dodgy website has never stopped anyone here.

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XXXTRA and green habanero are my favorites

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Well it's true, look up the story behind Marie Sharp's brand if you care to know. But my thing is, both are really good so who gives a fuck if Melindas started as a knockoff. It's just immaterial at this point

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That poor kid. Libs are the worst.

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Imagine thinking that rosemary would somehow compliment a hot sauce and getting whiny about it when someone calls you out for your “13 year old experimenting in mommy’s kitchen” palate and skill level. I remember when I used to throw everything together in a pan, cover it in spice blends and burn it to shit but brag about how good it was because I made it myself. That’s you right now.

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Patrician taste, OP. Just got some crystal on bogo

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fuck off you melanin-affluent faggot

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>tfw your wife’s bf brings you a new hot sauce

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Dirty dick's tastes pretty good

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Pure capsaicin is the greatest of all pleb filters

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>Hot sauce
mmmmmmmph mmmph oh anon your vinegar sharts are delicious numnumnum
*PFFFFFFFT BRAAAAAAAAP* mmmmm yes so spicy and yummy please never stop

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spicelet detected

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How is it though

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You've never had them. Quit larping.

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I didn't know Melinda's was big enough to be in a pic like this, I got it at some cheese shop. I just ran out of the XXXX reserve, it was fucking good

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Mexican - El Yucateco Aztec
Asian - Cap Ibu Jari Sambel Asli
US - Louisiana

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the holy trinity of sauce types
smokey: richer, spices like cumin, features dried chilis
vinegary: classic LA style thin sauce, adds tang and kick to anything that's a little bland and works as a subtle secret ingredient in many stews and sauces
fruity: mango, pineapple, lime, variable heat. for stuff that really needs some brightness to cut through greasy dishes

also Sriracha

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>the holy trinity of sauce types

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I prefer Louisianna to Crystal, but this blows both out of the water

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>hentai hot sauce
Doesn't mean shit if it can't double as lube.

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based and aardvarkpilled

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XXX Reserve is my shit. Had it by chance once and went crazy trying to find it again

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Sriracha is literal shit compared to Cap Ibu Sambal.

Linghams is better than it too.

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>lots of rosemary

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The Mayan is probably one of my favorite hot sauces. It's pretty damn tasty.
How's the Caribbean? I've wanted to try it, but can never find the stuff when I'm buying sauces.

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Texas pete is the best. I slather my tendies with them.

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