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Burgers and dogs. Simple as

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good eye, anon
you have correctly identified meat

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White Americans are a minority

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That's gonna be first column, third from the front for me.

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got some potato salad for those burgers and dogs, anon?
You know fatboy here will eat some potato salad straight out of a bowl.

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Let me guess he’s an American

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America as a whole is done for. The states need to all secede and hopefully a few can become decent little countries

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>America as a whole is done for.

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America is a Black Country now

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The fuck is this inaccurate bullshit?

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File: 2.90 MB, 360x360, Lawsuit Burger.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Inaccurate how?

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Do Americans really do this?

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Nope. But I'd pay good money to get spanked by Aunt Jemima as depicted here >>13521801

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I hate these things when you can tell the chef is a fatty

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as what

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Onion jam on a NY dog is the offender.

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Whoppers don't come with cheese.

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Tomatoes on hotdogs. Do Americans really...

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>tailgate masters
>Yuropoors don't have their own trucks, own grills, cheap food, or have enough money to go anywhere.
Itt: yuropoor seething

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Even if "onion jam" is supposed to be Sabrett onion sauce it's still wrong because those don't get mixed with sauerkraut and mustard.
It's like they combined the Irish who load their dogs with sauerkraut and the germans who love mustard with a standard Sabrett frank.

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>Cheese on bottom

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good taste, 1st column number 7 from the front for me. Mustard, diced onion, sauerkraut, and, relish please.

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>simple as
is this short-hand for "simple as that" or simple as shit"? I can't keep up with zoomer lingo these days

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do you guys prefer all-beef hot dogs? it seems like it supposed to imply better quality, though obviously it doesnt, and ive always preferred the taste of the chicken/pork/beef. similarly, i like the lamb/pork/beef burgers, better than pure beef, that ive had in montenegro.

I also want to buy a meat processor to make my own dogs since theyre all shit, I thought i posted that ITT, but i guess i was in another dog thread

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do Americans really?

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Hebrew National or Nathan's all beef taste much meatier, but they don't beat a dirty dog if you're trying to get down with that.

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>but they don't beat a dirty dog if you're trying to get down with that
i definitely am. I think umami goes deeper than the single name for the flavor implies. the different meats add together to make so much more. though i guess i could be conflating umami with other tastes, where we would end up with a system where basil doesnt fall into any other categories vs thyme. i dont really get the 5 or 7 taste receptor theory

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Okay that's great and all, but how am I supposed to fit that in my mouth?

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>cold cheddar cheese
why do american do this?

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BBQ sauce on a NY dog is inane.

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Ok boomer.

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are vegans retarded?

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Savory. Speak English, weeb.

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Oh you

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What's the alternative to cold cheese? Room temperature cheese? Cheese sauce?

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Los Angeles is unironically just beaners illegally cooking hotdogs from a ghetto streetcart and topping it with whatever. Not yellow onions and poblano. This video looks like a fat middle aged woman used ask jeeves and then found the worst possible recipe for "classic" hotdog styles and made them.

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Do you even have to ask?

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Stfu boomer

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But are they honest and local?????

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