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What's your favorite mixed drink?

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white russian after a nice dinner

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Rum and Coke with a Pineapple Sunrise a close second. Thanks for asking.

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White Lady or Hendrick’s w/ St-Germain and soda

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Liking a whiskey sour for now
A rusty nail when I have good stuff

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Inb4 thread deleted

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I like a really hard tea of my own design. 20 oz glass. 1/3 fill with coke, 8 oz rum, 1.5 TBS tea, a tsp sugar, water to fill.

I drink it for about 2-4 hours.

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vodka spiked with vodka

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Moscow mule, gin and tonic, rum and coke
in that order

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whiskey sour is usually too sweet for me, i stick with either bulleit on rocks or old fashioned. favorite is the same, rusty nail. i like explaining what it is to people, whiskey and whiskey

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2 ounces dark rum i use meyers
4 ounces pineapple juice
1 ounce cream of coconut, get the stuff in the can not the squirt bottle
1 ounce orange juice

mix it all up then serve over ice

Garnish: fresh grated nutmeg, not optional makes the cocktail for me

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i don't drink very often but this sounds pretty tasty anon; did you make it up?

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Tried Miller High Life in cans for the first time ever last week. I thought it was going to be this awesome beer and really live up to its name "The Champagne of Beers". It tasted like malt liquor mixed with metallic fermented apple juice. Didn't know if I could drink more than two but after the buzz kicked in I ended up finishing 6. Won't drink them again though, didn't like it at all.

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It's better in bottles.

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what are the leaves for?

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its from a famous bar in the tropics.
Soggy Dollar bar

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i love margaritas and cosmopolitans :3
and yes, i am gay.

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Cheddar's has served these for quite a long time and I've enjoyed them on occasion. This is the first time I've ever seen them mentioned outside of their bar menu.

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Right now it's a modified Vesper Martini, I made it equal parts all. Tastes better than the bucket of gin that it usually is.

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french 75

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>I thought it was going to be this awesome beer and really live up to its name "The Champagne of Beers".

Imagine being this fucking susceptible to marketing.

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aged eggnog

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At the moment a daiquiri has been my go to.

2 oz Jamaican rum, Hampden has a 46% bottle I'd use all the time if I could easily get it, but Smith & Cross or Velier Probitas suffices.
1 oz lime juice with a wedge in the shaker.
1/2 oz simple
Fuckload of ice

I like the bit of bitterness the lime wedge adds, and I just dirty pour into a rocks glass after I'm done shaking it.

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Tiki cocktails. They were the rage in the 50s and do the nostalgia popup every fifteen or so years.

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Better in the bottles for sure

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>thirty below
>three feet of snow
>provincial liquor store is shut down
>private liquor store isn't answering its phone, so probably shut down
>I only have half a bottle of gin left to last the night
Sobriety is overrated...

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last word or negroni, depending on if i want something more bright, sweet, and tart, or if I want something more bitter and earthy.

manhattans sometimes too. also like whiskey sours occasionally... fun to make as well.

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if someone asked for a really sweet rum drink what would you give them?

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Virgin cuba libre.

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this man taught me everything i know about cocktails. i like him alot

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Been brewing my own kombucha lately. I mix it with bottom shelf whiskey and get fucked.

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I have a variation of a Long Island Iced Tea called a Skyblue Fallout.

Same recipe as a LIIT, but you add blue curacao and substitute coke with sprite.

Another I created is called Brain Bleach.
Its 1 part rumpleminze, 1 part goldschlager 1 part midori. Mixed over ice and served chilled with a layer of 151 on top

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you are the most sophisticated alcy on ck nice

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I like to experiment is all

My latest science project was carbonating whiskey to remove the watered down flavor of a whiskey and coke

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educated barfly youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu9ArHUJZadlhwt3Jt0tqgA/videos

he always explains the history of drinks, which sometimes is interesting and other times just tedious

he's a little pretentious but in a genuine way.

but i think he just makes good instructional videos with useful tips/info because he has industry experience, unlike a lot of food/drink utoobers.

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Definitely and it still has the refreshing apple juice especially when very cold and crisp. One of my fav

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damn how did it go?

i always pour my whiskey first then coke on top, and i stop pouring once it's nice and bubbly... but it does seem like too much.

but i dont think i would buy a soda stream or w/e just for that. but maybe..

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It help the carbonation pretty well. Only issue is that I should have left the bottle on the soda stream longer, as the CO2 released too suddenly and I lost half my whiskey to over bubble

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so sophisticated aha

i used my sodastram to carbonate jaiger once not alot of bubbles but there were some made it taste sweeter as well somehow pretty epic ngl

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sunny d and rum, yum yum, its a flavor I just thought of!

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>last word
my man

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Gin & tonic. It's relatively muted taste won't give you PTSD flashbacks to nights where you got fucked up on it.

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White Lady or Corpse Reviver #2

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do u eat the beans

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I'm a snowflake so my favorite is one that most people don't even know. A Bennet.

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How would you describe the White Lady? I never had orange liqueur / cointreau but gin + lemon/lime make my favorite drinks so I want to buy it soon.

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Are manhattans ever made with simple syrup? I made a couple without but didn't like them. Dunno if it's the shitty vermouth I use or vermouth just tastes like shit (martini rosso). I'm thinking maybe simple syrup would improve it.

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>Rusty Glass (Orange juice with a squeeze of lemon and Campari)
>Gin & Tonic
>Rum & Coke (Plantation preferred)
>The Heartstopper (energy drink with 2 shots of either whiskey, gin or Jäger)
>Valhalla (Boilermaker with two shots)
>Cognac with black coffee

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If you wanna give it a more sweet flavour try out a dash of maraschino liqueur. I mean maraschino cherries are garnish anyways. Maybe try Martini Rubino which is made out of red wine instead of white wine unlike all other vermouths, which gives it a kinda more sweet and fruity flavour. Buying even more expensive vermouths like antica is a little risky because vermouths will go bad in a relatively short time and if you don't like them too you wasted a lot of money.

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The classic martini, it's really the potato chip of the mixed drink world. My close secound is a dirty coffee cup half filled with vodka and I chase it with water.

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Isn't Martini Rosso red wine? I mean, it's literally red. But yeah I don't think I'm gonna rebuy vermouth. Though I do wanna try the famous Martini sometime maybe. Or perhaps I just don't like cocktails that don't have either of sweetness or sourness.

Btw, what makes maraschino cherries special? I have never seen them in a store here (Germany). We have normal cherries in a jar, can those be used?

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Gin and tonic if out or sometimes chilling at home
Vodka martinis if I'm with my dad at dinner he loves them
Spiced rum and coke at home
Moscow mules because everyone I hang out with has a hard on for them

That's my go tos

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Sweed vermouth is red, but the colour comes from botanicals and shit like that. In most cases it's made from white wine even though it's red. Maraschino cherries are a different sort of cherries, which are stored in maraschino liqueur. But seriously you can put every fucking cherry you want in maraschino and put them in drinks for garnish.

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Those are probably better. Maraschino cherries are very pretty, but useless other than that. They get cherries, bleach them, then dye them bright red, and drown them in hfcs. You aren't missing out my krauten friend.

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Ive done Roy Rogers for a while which is basically:

2/3 scotch
1/3 sweet vermouth
Buncha shakes of bitters

Doesnt hardly matter what brands or quality either. Good if you like bitter things or are just averse to way too sweet drinks

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Yeah I figured that but I don't even remember seeing it on the Frankie's Tiki Room menu in Vegas. But I was drunk on zombies so probably just didn't pay attention.

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Old Fashioned made with Bulleit or Templeton Rye. Not too sweet, nice and easy. Best winter cocktail.

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My go to gin is usually Roku, which includes yuzu in it's botanicals, so the ones I make are very citrus heavy with a nice herbal finish. It’s a nice refreshing drink that can get you really fucked up of you’re not careful.

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thats fake though, he just passed out

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Do you drink every day? Be honest.

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Image related or a brandy old fashioned depending. Beer of choice is Hamms since I live among the land of sky blue waters.

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no. everyone on /ck/ drinks in moderation. why would the mentally healthy, successful people of this board drink in excess?

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Lemon Drop, martini glass

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Hard to say, there are a couple of contenders. I tried a lot of cocktails, but my favorites are still the classics: Martini, Manhatten, Old Fashioned and Negroni

And if I had to choose just one ... I guess I'd pick the Negroni? It's simple, delicious and feels like something that I could have at any time. It's kinda always appropriate, whether as a refreshing summer drink or after a big meal.

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Both are actually pretty good and well balanced drink if properly made. Not overly sweet or fruity and quite strong. Nothing girly or gay about those.
Modern version of the Cosmopolitan was designed by Dale DeGroff, and that alone makes it pretty BASED.

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Are they a pleb or a patrician?

For a pleb, a pina colada is probably what they're after if they want a sweet rum drink.

For a patrician, I'd make a Captain's Grog.

1 oz dark Jamaican rum
1 oz light Puerto Rican rum
1 oz gold Puerto Rican rum
0.5 oz lime juice
0.5 oz grapefruit juice
0.5 oz maple syrup
0.5 oz falernum
0.5 oz orange liqueur
3 drops vanilla extract
3 drops almond extract
1 oz soda water

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For me, it's Robert Hess. The best authority on mixed drinks.

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>less than 15 ingredients
pleb tier

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>Are manhattans ever made with simple syrup?
No, never.
>Dunno if it's the shitty vermouth I use or vermouth just tastes like shit (martini rosso).
Martini rosso isn't particularly great for Manhattans, but not terrible imo. Did you use a fresh bottle or one that has already been open and then left around for a couple of months/years?

>I'm thinking maybe simple syrup would improve it.
No, simple syrup absolutely never ever belongs in a Manhattan. It's already sweet enough. If you don't like vermouth, make yourself a Fancy Whiskey Cocktail, that might be more to your taste:

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Real Maraschino cherries is a specific breed of cherries from Croatia, conserved in Maraschino liqueur.
Nowadays the term is often used to refer to those bright, neon red, sugary "cocktail cherries".

Maraschino cherries are actually a type of sour cherries I believe, so those might be an adequate substitute.

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>more than 5 ingredients
pleb tier

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>four ounces of gin
>three ice cubes
the perfect 'gin on ice'

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Hurricane unless the bartender can make a decent Zombie. Most cant.

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Hi Leboski

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based, negroni is one of my favourites too.

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whats that on the side?

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lifted the picture off the internet my friend,it looks like an aperol spritz, which I can also recommend. Veneto region speciality in italy

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Answer the question for yourself, degenerate

>> No.13524973

It was a new bottle.

Well if not manhattans I need another way to use up my sweet vermouth. Is there any other cocktails that use it + citrus/sweet syrup?

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Almost all vermouth recipes are similar to Manhattan, Negronis etc. The only one that is on the very sweet side and comes to my mind is the Blood and Sand which contains scotch (just buy a cheap blend like Johnnie Walker or Ballantines (whatever is on sale for 10-11€ atm), cherry liqueur (first try Eckes Edelkirsch for 6€ instead the expenisve and hard to come by Cherry Heering), sweet vermouth and fresh orange juice.
Another thing you could try would be utilizing more light, fruity or sweeter base spirits like cognac, rum etc. For example a Harvard, which is basically just a Manhattan that substitutes whiskey with cognac. Or a Vieux carre that contains cognac, whiskey, sweet vermouth, benedictine (not very common ingredient and kinda expensive, but hard to substitite), angostura and peychauds bitters. Peychauds are expensive af too in Germany and an uncommon ingredient too. Bitter Truth creole bitters are much cheaper. Maybe get one of those bitter truth travel sets and try those first before you buy big bottles.

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For me its the michelada. with dos equis amber, tomato juice, worcestershire, yucateco, lime and tajin rim. Hard to beat

>> No.13525499

How do people drink baileys other than mixing it with coffee?

>> No.13525512

Mix it with cheap whisky and make duck farts. It should also contain coffee liqueur but it’s not always on hand.

>> No.13525530

its a famous Virgin Islands drink, can find it everywhere in USVI and BVI as well as many other places in the Carribean

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I've been drinking for 30 hours straight with a 3 hour nap. I'm drinking gin and tonic (on my second bottle of gin). Thank you for reading my blog.

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add orange juice to a negroni. yummy and sweet.

>> No.13526133

Tom Collins. I enjoy whiskey and scotch, but when I just want to drink a cocktail I know I'll just enjoy the Collins is the way to go.

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Anyone ever had Cachaça or a Caipirhina?

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Yes. Classic Daiquiri is the better rum and lime combo though.

>> No.13526451

Is there really any point in buying vodka? What can it do that gin can't?

>> No.13526457

Or you should have left more headspace. I don't think CO2 dissolves as well in spirits than in water.

>> No.13526461

Certainly not anything containing Sailor Jerry

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An original martini goes down very nice and I enjoy the orange bitters. Equal parts gin and vermouth, 2-3 dashes of orange bitters.

Also, here is one I invented myself, someone please try it if you're able. It's pure bliss on the tongue. 1 part gold rum (preferrably Mt. Gay), 1 part amaretto, 5-10 dashes angostura bitters.

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I want to drink bros but 2 days ago i vomited what I am not sure was blood or bile what do? I assume if it was blood I would be dead by now.

>> No.13526953

Stop being a loser. Start drinking. If you had esophageal varices, you'd be dead by now.

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When I used to do mixed drinks it'd be vodka and cranberry juice. But since becoming an alckie I no longer have the money or gut space for such things.

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