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What activates your food autism? I'll start

>go to an expensive buffet with cousin
>watch him load up on white rice

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as a former sous chef
>ordering multiple modifications on a single item
>the sound of a ticket printer
>people that are short with the wait staff

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Good one
For me, it’s waiters/waitresses that suck up and try to make conversation with me or my party for too long. Just take my order politely and bring me my food/drinks in a timely fashion and you’ll receive a generous tip you fucking suckasses

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>Out on date
>Take date to expensive seafood restaurant
>AYCE lobster
>She goes straight to the salad bar

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>no side salad
>substitute extra fries
>add mushrooms
>no salt on fries
>add cheese to fries
>slice up steak
Someone get a new POS system, train them on how to use it, then strangle customers for stupid orders.

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I went to a Chinese restaurant and the waitress sat down at my table and talked to me throughout my entire meal.

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>the sound of a ticket printer
This sound will forever haunt my nightmares. Working somewhere with digital screens for each station instead of a printer was bliss.

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what's the prob, your money's gone anyway. would you rather be fucking a landwhale that night?

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That sounds great

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Every weeb’s fantasy come true

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If I order pasta, and the sauce is mixed in the noodles instead of ladled on top, I'm just gonna walk out.

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i worked at a place for 3 years without a printer, and the next place(last kitchen job) had a printer, and i was truly not prepared for it
loved the place to death, but good fucking lord

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Cleaning surfaces and utensils
Plastic packaging
Local produce

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My sister cooks diced chicken breast in a pan with no oil, which already makes me cringe. Then, she adds a shitload of black pepper which burns and irritates my throat.

Also, people eating loudly with their mouths open infuriates me. You would think that's normal, but the ASMR/mukbang trend proves me wrong. I watched an Adam Fag-usea video where he made fries, and I was unexpectedly assaulted with a clip of him chewing crispy potatoes directly into a microphone. Damn, that was horrifying.

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ketchup on eggs. that shit is gross

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Anyone who gets their steak well done (or cooked past medium rare, really) needs to be hit in the head with a brick.

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some steaks are better medium

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If you go to a buffet and you don’t eat mostly proteins you’re an idiot.

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Picky eaters, in general, make me want to split the table I'm eating at. It's even worse if they're the kind of jackass man-child that makes gagging noises, wretches, sticks their tongue out, etc. Watching grown adults act like children because a vegetable existed within 6 inches of them is deeply embarrassing, painfully cringe-inducing, and infuriating.

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>Going to a buffet

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just strangle them with the mile long tickets

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>roommate makes omelettes in a pot - tops with grape jelly
>mom uses mayonnaise on anything - uses counter top as table and cleans nothing
>people in line for Chic-fil-a and Starbucks
>random ingredients for a single recipe you saw online that you'll never use again
>price spikes for things /ck/ memes about
>people refusing even a glass of water when I offer actual variety
>food reside in the sink clogging the mouth
>watching someone leave a bunch of meat on a traditional wing
>owning utensils you never use
>saving old containers from takeout, or reusing plastic dishware
>worrying about cracks in ceramic causing cancer
>pre-sliced vegetables and fruit in their own containers

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>family insists on going to Chinese buffet in incredibly small town ~6000 people
>people just loaded up on fried chicken, french fries, and anything reminiscent of American/flyover like Asian (Chinese?) donuts
>they all nearly puke on sight after seeing frogs legs
That was more than enough to commence the triggering.
>Mother In Law requests take out from the fanciest Chinese food in town
>After driving back and forth around the address she gave it turned out that Panda Express was the very fancy new Chinese place
Worrisome, but I try to be a good sport.
A few years pass:
>we all go to Japanese steakhouse with hibachi and sushi
>everyone else gets the subpar hibachi while I get fresh salmon and tuna rolls
>the rolls come out so inedibly expired, warm, fishy (bad expired way) and old that I can't fake eat them to be polite
>didn't ask for any comps or more food (as it would also likely be bad)
>didn't want to make anything out of it other than not wanting to eat their food and leaving 10% tip (for truly expired raw fish)
>mother in law starts packing the salmon and tuna into napkins to stuff in her bag and feed the cats with later
>lose any high ground over not liking the food and wanting to tip low
>my MIL is basically white Ms. Swan who's pillaging all "free" things like she's a recently released POW

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A new Chick-fil-A opened near me two days ago. People camped out in tents the day before in 19 degree weather.
Re: Allen Park, MI

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>not just appreciating the fact that she probably saved you like 20-30$

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faggots (mainly boomers) who don't want to try new things and the thought of not eating the same food they've eaten their whole lives scares them
>hey want me to make risotto, it's really good
>ugh, can't we just have regular chicken and rice.

>hey want me to make beef stroganoff
>ugh, can't we just have some pork chops and mashed potatoes

it's the same shit at the office when we have to decide where we want to have our christmas party. people will float some ideas for something new like moroccan or indian or some kind of east asian food and the resident picky eater boomer will go
>no, i want to go somewhere where there's normal food!

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>children struggling/making a mess with their food because their holding their chopsticks wrong, while their parents who are holding them right just look at their phone
>people who hold the utensil in one hand, the other hold the phone while eating
>people who leave the vegetables that came with the dish behind

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>mom uses mayonnaise on anything - uses counter top as table and cleans nothing
Fucking disgusting
>they all nearly puke on sight after seeing frogs legs
I’ve had nothing but shitty experiences eating frog legs at Chinese buffets. Smorgasbords tend to do a better job

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it' not even that good. decent at best.
i make fried chicken that would give a grown man a heart attack, literally knocks me back to the wall in amazement almost every time
i've seeeriousy underestimated my understanding of herbs and spices when I'm coconut flour-breading fresh chicken cuts with black pepper, parsley, and garlic powder in duck fat and soy sauce
i may smoke, but the food will kill me long before any addictive behaviors

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hot as fuck can I get a name

>> No.13488438

fucking typos

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A guy in my platoon in the 82nd Airborne used to smoke filterless cigarettes just prior to doing physical training tests. It was baffling but he did well every time.
I'm sure he's either dead now or has had a lung transplant.

>> No.13488452

sounds like a lad. can't say I enjoyed picking tobacco out of my mouth during each smoke - but definitely feel like my dick has grown a few inches since.

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>loud chewers
This. And I checked out some asmr shit recently as I just heard about it and I wanted to throw my fucking computer out of the window

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>cousin cant have any of his foods touching even if they're foods that go together like gravy and mashed potatoes
The nigger actually pours just a touch of gravy on his plate and of course because nothing can touch his play has like half a spoon full of each item and it takes him 3 hours to eat while we're getting ready to play cards.

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there there, anon

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>restaurant tries to poison you with expired fish
>still tip 10%

>> No.13489438

id walk out.
samw thing happened at a Macedonian restaurant their whole family practically came out the kitchen for a daily reunion

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it makes me violently angry, I remember days where i almost slapped the shkt out my mother because she refused to turn on a radio so im reading a book in my living room while she slurps and munches on whatever garbage she was eating.

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was she waifu material

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>white rice
>not even taking the fried rice
>taking carbs of any kind

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>tomato seeds fell out of the tomato slice i was trying to spear with my fork so now i have to struggle to scoop them up
i'm unirionically mad right now

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>go to restaurant
>member of the party asks the wait staff
>"is ____ spicy? how spicy is it? i can't do spicy"
then just pick something else, or get it and eat it.
spicelets can fuck off

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No. She was irritating material. It's difficult to eat and talk.

>> No.13490381

You should be unerotically mad.

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angry tomato juice is angry

>> No.13490393

holy shit

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CFA is really good. So is Starbucks.

>> No.13490432

Just picky eating boomers honestly. How can you be into your sixties and be so picky? How have you survived for this long on mashed potatoes and meat with no seasoning??

>> No.13490450

Roommate bought a smoker, he’s starting to get into cooking. NEVER USES A FUCKING RECIPE, then is always like, “yeah it was alright but didn’t come out that great”... yeah because you fucking winged it without having any idea how to fucking cook.

I’ve lived with him for years and always cooked heavily but he won’t fucking listen when I suggest actually following a god damn recipe.

Example: making ribs, proceeds to put on like 5 different rubs he’s purchased and fucking pieces of butter. Opens the grill every 10 minutes to probe. I want to strangle him.

>> No.13490492

You fat fuck. Why would you pick AYCE for a date? You’re supposed to do something light on the stomach. Maybe share and ice cream or something like this. Nobody wants to fuck when they feel all bloated from overeating. She was trying to make up for your mistake by eating a light salad.

>> No.13490493

i dont know anybody who uses chopsticks that cant use them. They're are other utensils.

>> No.13490505

Definitely. Do your job and leave. If we want to talk to you we will initiate a conversation

>> No.13490552

my nephew makes chocolate milk, his recipe:
one full glass of milk
one tiny drop of herseys syrup.

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>After driving back and forth around the address she gave it turned out that Panda Express was the very fancy new Chinese place

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phones should be checked at the door

>> No.13490584

There's worse things than a chatty server: a customer that has to ask a bunch of nonsense questions before ordering. Especially when they don't even order the thing they're asking stupid questions about. "So this burger here, I can have any of the cheeses off this list? Okay, I'll have the shrimp fra diavolo." FUCK OFF YOU CHATTY, TIME-MONOPOLIZING FUCK!

>> No.13490831

>people who leave the vegetables that came with the dish behind
I often do this because a lot of the time they are just a bland shitty afterthought they chucked on the plate to "balance it out" somehow
if they do them properly i.e its actually part of or compliments the dish then ill eat them

>> No.13490977

Boomer kitchen is a nightmare. I've been at several Boomer homes and seen the moldy hellscape in their fridge. Jesus Christ day of the pillow cannot come soon enough.

>> No.13490986

Here's a thought. You can eat well and not over eat.

>> No.13491014

I cook at my in-laws when I visit them. My MIL only stocks salted butter.

>> No.13491050

>normal food!
Like Applebees!! Even better is the Outback right down the road about 30 minutes Nortth from here when we're already 30 minutes North of your house!

>> No.13491060

>>watching someone leave a bunch of meat on a traditional wing
Glad I'm not the only autist here. This shit absolutely drives me up the fucking wall. When I make wings, and my mother-in-law eats like 10 but only actually eats maybe 1/2 the meat, I want to ring her fucking neck. That could be leftovers for me but noooooooooooooooooooooooo. Only the first two bites are conveinient!

>> No.13491062

>ordering the 6oz $30 filet minion instead of the 18oz $22 New York Strip
Bitch, you know you can't tell the difference. Stop wasting my money.

>> No.13491068

you should have ordered the salad for her

>> No.13491075

People who smother their dishes in parsley.
IMO the biggest sign of an underconfident chef is someone who just covers their dish in something when its done.

>> No.13491076

picky eaters are fucking hopeless how the hell can't you like food. it's fucking food. do you really have to stick with an autistic menu of 4 things for the rest of your life?

>> No.13491080

>implying zoomers don't ask for money before they give you beer

>> No.13491087

>pre-sliced vegetables and fruit in their own containers
you're talking about at the store right? isn't that for people with disabilities. also if you aren't handicapped and you buy them anyways I also consider you disabled

>> No.13491100

Cake. Just cake.

>> No.13491197

cake is the worst

>> No.13491248

Everytime I go to a sushi restaurant with my friends there are always the weird ones who either:
- don't like fish and will get chinese rice
- just get huge rolls/uramaki instead of trying sashimi or even nigiri

>> No.13491249

people who put rice on burritos

>> No.13491258

I think in this particular case, she just really liked you.

>> No.13491266

>with no oil
My mum does the same shit. Burgers and chicken breast without a single drop of olive oil or, god forbid, butter.
She doesn't want to add calories, but then she'll eat the meal with (((whole))) bread or crackers.

>> No.13491295

Chicken wings are garbage and were traditionally trashed or used to make stock. Upstate NY garbage-platers mistook them for food but they remain trash.

>> No.13491296

Not long enough for their fat necks.

>> No.13491350

What, chemically separate the proteins from the food and just freebase protein? I don't think they'd even let you bring the equipment in.

>> No.13491368

my wife did this and received a box of 365 business card/coupons that gave you a free chic filet sammich meal/fry/sodapop for free, 1 for each day of the year. I never got tired of it.

>> No.13491404

take wife to:
>steakhouse, she gets pork chop
>seafood joint, she gets steak
>chicken joint, she gets burger
>burger joint, she gets chicken sammich

>> No.13491418

then why would you go to a buffet in the first place. It's like the whole point.

>> No.13491430

My wife buys trail mix. Usually raisins, peanuts, and M&Ms...She picks out the M&Ms and eats them leaving the raisins and peanuts. I ask her, "why don't you just buy M&Ms?"
>"Because trail mix is healthy."

>> No.13491444

It can also be about breadth of options. You get to choose a little bit of a lot of things in a way that would be impossible if you were purchasing menu meals.

>> No.13491723

>Now for the sauce
>Adds a tiny smear of it on the plate that you can hardly use, smeared from the back of the spoon
>It's for 'presentation' it makes it look artsy

I mean I'm not being anti-presentation but I'm gonna eat it in five seconds, and even then, I've seen some beautiful looking dishes with the sauce covered over the food, not just this little swipe on the side of a dish from the back of a spoon that allows you like one bite of the sauce once you mop it up.

Speaking of presentation, people who use inedible stuff for garnishes. There's plenty of stuff you can use for presentation purposes on top of food that you can eat. No need to throw something on that I've now gotta peel off because I cant eat it.

>> No.13491828

>"wanna go to <restaurant>?"
>"nah, they didn't have good food"
>"you ordered a turkey club at a steakhouse. of course it wasn't good"

>> No.13491848

Recipe blogs and associated published cookbooks trigger the fuck out of me.
My mother in law knows I like to cook and for the past few years has been buying me cookbooks as gifts for the holidays. Every time it usually goes like this
>flip to random recipe
>"why the fuck are there green beans and corn and NO DAIRY in this tikka masala recipe?"
>turn page
>"what the fuck do you mean boil the chicken"
>start screaming at photos of not-food

>> No.13491854

Is this from Frasier?

>> No.13491862

this only
>"you ordered a salad at a burger restaurant. of course it wasn't good"
what the FUCK kind of burger place can't put together a delicious salad with fresh ingredients? why are the halved """roasted""" brussels sprouts raw?

>> No.13491916

please tell me you're joking

>> No.13491917

>Go to fast food type restaurant like Chiptole or >Subway
>Decked out broad agonizing over every topping >decision
>Asks the staff what sauce they would >recommend

>> No.13491922

shit this one chinese waitress hugs me every time i go in. chinese people pretty much talk nonstop and enjoy conversations

id honestly make some moves on her but i haven't moved back out of my parents yet and i dont like pumping and dumping anymore. shes a pretty girl too

>> No.13491931

I'll take "Things That Never Happened" for $300, Alex.

>> No.13491984

you idiots are unaware that the hot Asian women are forced to do this so you come back and spend more money for their front by utilizing an emotional Ponzi scheme against lonely retards, right?

>> No.13492019

well shes just a low tier waitress who probably gets a shit hourly wage so i dont see why acting more friendly with me is some scheme to get me in more.

i used to work at a chinese restaurant so she knows im chink approved and im actually a decently good looking and nice guy so she always seems happy to see me as opposed to some obese 40 year olds or rude ass niggers.

we had a conversation about how we both hate the blacks

>> No.13492029

Give it up /pol/tard, /ck/ is a yellow fever board. Go shit up /tv/ or something where you have a chance.

>> No.13492033

What is OPEN FOOD?

>> No.13492044

What's your recipe? I'm interested.

>> No.13492065

>10% tip (for truly expired raw fish)
What the fuck, man? I'm American and I would leave no tip and a note on the receipt that said the fish was expired. Tipping is for good service, not for when the food is literally inedible.

>> No.13492091

>we had a conversation about how we both hate the blacks

i'd whip a ring on her finger

>> No.13492099

The stupid fucking brunch menu at my work, along with my stupid fucking coworkers

>Be at work
>One of two people in the entire restaurant that actually knows how to cook, and not just how to assemble a very specific list of menu items at this specific restaurant.
>Owner refuses to buy stainless steel pans because most employees are too retarded not to burn everything, so we are using cheap non stick
>At the same time decides they can be trusted with a brunch menu on football days
>One manager gets chewed out for breaking over easy eggs when flipping so many times in a row that he develops the fucking yips and won't flip eggs anymore
>only other competent cook is working pans and thus cooking the eggs
>puts up a breakfast with over medium
>owner comes over and claims the eggs are over cooked. "It's medium not over hard."
>guy tells him, no, they are perfect medium
>owner tells him to learn how to cook eggs, because they are over hard, and they need to be redone
>guy picks them up and whips them at the wall, slightly runny yolk can be seen oozing from the broken remains, just like a perfect medium egg should be
>then walks out, never to be seen again

>now I'm literally the only person that knows how to cook eggs properly because owner is too cheap to hire an actual chef who could train people and i refused his offer to run the kitchen for 25/hr
>I'm also one of two people that knows how to do prep
>schedule has me on prep, no one else can do it because the other guy is off for some reason
>it's also brunch day
>manager with the yips running pans and grill
>i walk by and see 4 orders of over easy eggs on the chits
>he's made 4 sunny side up, and I watch him plate the eggs by just sliding them off the pan onto the plate, upside down.

>can't cook the eggs on the flat top because it's a piece of shit and cannot get to a low enough temp

>retarded servers letting people order brunch on days we don't even have potatoes prepped for hashbrowns

>> No.13492120

Jew detected

>> No.13492150


you could ask before you order you fucking autismo

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File: 126 KB, 640x855, tumblr_q111l0sFtP1rfeieno1_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like something you should discuss with the waiter beforehand

>> No.13492219

>Drive my sister 600 miles to New Orleans
>Go to restaurant
>She asks for chicken

>> No.13492282

why the fuck would anyone order a salad at a burger place
you deserve to get shit food

>> No.13492294

>this food you think tastes good actually tastes bad
>stop liking it!

>> No.13492305

Why white-knight for the waiters? Their whole job is deflecting BS.

>giving someone extra money to not talk to you

I really wonder how many ppl on here actually cook for themselves

>> No.13492357

it annoys me greatly when people custom order things at a fast food place. Just man up and eat the burger with lettuce and tomato you fucking fairy

>> No.13492643

>really like rice
>retard tells me I shouldn't eat the rice

Get bent you homo, not all of us are colossal fatasses trying to "beat" the buffet.

>> No.13492669

Yeah, youre just the other kind of fat retard that goes to a buffet to eat as much rice as possible

>> No.13492675

Picky eaters in general make me rage.

>> No.13492683

If you try and make another strawman I swear I'll throw a box of lit kitchen matches at you.

>> No.13492695


Choose one

>> No.13492707

There are plenty of expensive buffets around. They're not all Golden Corral.

>> No.13492732

chicken what?

>> No.13492764


Dozens of people grabbing serving utensils with their dirty hands to load up on food that's been sitting for god knows how long.

>> No.13492784

It's a catchall button on a front of house POS that lets you type in whatever modification you want, generally used for stuff that's really out there/no standard modifier exists for. In that case, at least have of that stuff doesn't require open food, and any ticket with that many on it is definitely gonna be trouble

>> No.13492795

its not working cause it clearly drove him away.

>> No.13492822

tell your wife, "anon hates you for that", from me. ty.

>> No.13492845

if I get something w my food that I don't want I just take it off and eat what I paid for. I wanna ring the neck of family members that refuse to eat something that isn't exactly the way they want, and refuse the simple chore of removing the item they don't want.

>> No.13492912

Uh oh porky, did your feelings get hurt?

>> No.13492925

Tenderloins and prime rib are objectively better medium desu

>> No.13492945

she got chicken, yeah.

>> No.13492951

>People who downplay something they're clearly enjoying

>People who pretend they don't like something

The latter is personal. Real quick, I learned a Persian saffron rice from this Iranian milf I was fucking so I Made it for my coworkers for a Christmas potluck and they loved it. The residential office cunt absolutely shat on my dish. Found out later that she took home 2 fucking plates of it. Almost lost my job afyer I confronted her

>> No.13493182

>it's Jewish to not pay extra money for literally inedible food
Brainwashed retard detected.

>> No.13493200

>Not putting some sauce in your noodles before ladling more on so it sticks better

>> No.13493209

It's called misophonia, anons. It's the exact opposite reaction to ASMR. Lots of people have it to varying degrees of intensity.

>> No.13493315

How much weight has she gained since you met her?

>> No.13493386

I don't even know you and I know for a fact that your cousin's name is Ryan.

>> No.13493430

What does not wanting some weirdo chatting you/your family up have to do with cooking skill? Genuinely braindead post

>> No.13493441

most music drives me insane. Not the same, but there's gotta be a name for it. Goddamn soundtracks make me want to hunt down the sound engineer.

>> No.13493443

The technical term is soullessness.

>> No.13493582

I always find the steak autism hilarious considering its such a bland and boring dish
its like if people around the world were all autistically obsessed with buttered spaghetti as a dish and all constantly argued about what the correct way to cook/eat it was

>> No.13493588

why the fuck would you go to a buffet to eat rice? you can make all you can eat of it at home for 1% of the price or just buy it from a chinese takeaway for $5 if youre really that lazy

>> No.13493600

I went to a Chinese restaurant and we saw the manager paying money to a Chinese guy wearing a medallion. Later she screamed at a screaming toddler.

>> No.13493603

>bland and boring dish
Another sad case of bluepill OD.

>> No.13493624

All the water you can drink


>> No.13493635

Never mentioned cooking *skill*. Im talking about someone going out to eat at a restaurant and complaining about the wait staff trying to chat you up. If someone is socially retarded, cook for yourself at home.

And still, YOU are going to go to out of your way to go to a restaurant, pay for the food and the service, sit there staring at the decor and then call the people that work there weirdos. Genuinely braindead post

>> No.13493638

She wanted to ching chong your ling long you fuckin ding dong.

>> No.13493646

It's funny how virgins think every woman who gives them attention wants their dick. You would think such a delusion would take insane levels of confidence, yet they're obviously totally devoid of that quality or they wouldn't be virgins.

>> No.13493669

I agree with everythjng here wholeheartedly. Except i regularly eat food without a beverage. It blows peoples mind that i can eat a sandwich without my little supply of fluids to go with it. My wife hates it and waiters regularly press me about it.
"You sure?"
"Yes maam, im fine thanks."
"No thank you."
"Not even a water?"
Its like theyre confused and offended that i dont want tapwater with a lemon wedge.

>> No.13493671

People who talk like you arent getting laid

>> No.13493679

Are you the same virgin I responded to? Because if so that's a funny thing for someone like you to say.

>> No.13493681


>> No.13493688
File: 425 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200107-130717_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When people who only eat at Papa Johns or Pizza Hut, het pineapple on pizza/ some other abomination, and have never even met an Italian irl think they can ever have a vote in timeless battle between Chicago Deep Dish and New York Thin Crust. Like yo you eat motherfucking gluten free dough with ketchup and tropical fruits on it, sprayed with factory made olive oil. Get the fuck out
When people try to tell me ethnic food isnt gross. Yeah not all of it obviously. But most ethnic foods are a niche item for a reason.

>> No.13493694

I would have left the 10% tip too anon. My mother in law wouldve made a big deal about it if i didnt. Probably tip 35% on my behalf, apologize on my behalf to the staff and then talk about it to family members for the next month. 5 bucks is worth avoiding that shit.

>> No.13493709

>Never mentioned cooking *skill*. Im talking about someone going out to eat at a restaurant and complaining about the wait staff trying to chat you up. If someone is socially retarded, cook for yourself at home.
>And still, YOU are going to go to out of your way to go to a restaurant, pay for the food and the service, sit there staring at the decor and then call the people that work there weirdos. Genuinely braindead post
Not every server does it you retarded fuck

>> No.13493760

Virgin detected

>> No.13494032

Lol. My ex would often skip out on a side order if we went to a cafe or whatever and she would practically eat my entire side order instead. Then when I would ask her why didn't she just get a side order she said she didnt want the extra calories. Drove me nuts and sometimes I'd go to get another side order, because she fucking ate mine, and she would say something about already having a full meal and not needing ANOTHER side order. With the emphasis on "ANOTHER" just to drive the point home.
Also, she was fat and I wasnt, just to provide some context

>> No.13494039
File: 172 KB, 512x550, 1548707801147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when someone tells you directly exactly what's happening but you're too delusional and sick with yellow fever to see it

>> No.13494041

future (justified) spouse murderer right here

>> No.13494049
File: 7 KB, 267x200, 1513542759096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when someone throws out something of yours (non perishable) because "it was in the fridge/pantry for too long"
bonus: they don't tell you about it and you find out when you need it.

>> No.13494054

Theres a fancy buffet in my city. It's a place people rent out for weddings or go on special occasions. It's not food under heat lamps, they have your cold side stuff at the bar but hot foods and various types of high end meats are brought to the table by a server and you pick what you want and they'll slice a piece off for you.

>> No.13494058
File: 121 KB, 950x720, 21856284-CB49-4641-AE67-53F810BCF040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the sound of a printer ticket
Fuck you for reminding me

>> No.13494060

>go to lunch with boss
>she orders a chicken sandwich type thing
>sends it back because it's not toasted enough
>sends it back because it's too toasted
>sends it back because she thought it would have romain lettuce instead of iceberg
>finally takes one bite of it, sets it down and says she doesnt want it
I talked to some coworkers that have also eaten with her and they said it was the same thing with them

>> No.13494065

Its because no other woman gives them attention at all so they assume the one who does must like them.

>> No.13494094


>> No.13494097

define cover

>> No.13494100


>> No.13494125

>>"what the fuck do you mean boil the chicken"
what's wrong with boiling chicken?

>> No.13494127

>relationships are ONLY about fucking
you are literally not human

>> No.13494128

>using hot sauce

>> No.13494157
File: 111 KB, 962x623, UhOh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont think anything I've read on this site has ever pissed me off this much before. Shitposts and trolls have nothing on your wife's ability to fucking swell rage in others.

>> No.13494166

If she works at a Chinese restaurant then most likely she is fresh off the boat/ barely westernized girl. In east Asian culture, it's normal, check that, expected for a son to live with his parents. If she has any speck of traditionalist Chinese left in her, living with your parents is normal, or at least something she'll be comfortable with.
t. Chang

>> No.13494167

I'm sorry you have to deal with that shit man. Thats absolute horse shit.

>> No.13494213

What is up with owners knowing jack shit about restaurants? You would think they would all be decent chefs but I know 3 different restaurants where the owner didnt know jack all and always blamed the head chef when shit went wrong despite the owner never following the advice of the chefs.

>> No.13494218

interesting. on the other hand, how is living on your own perceived? is it negative, neutral or positive?

>> No.13494227

Lots of people don't understand poached chicken and the thought of anything other than deep frying fills them with horror because their palates are accustomed to fat and salt. The true flavor of their ingredients is foreign to them.

>> No.13494239

not that anon, nor his aunt but boiling chicken is a waste of chicken, unless you're doing soup. yes, even your pathetic "poached chicken" with meme sauce.
and no, i don't think deep frying is the only other way to do it. get fucked cunt.

>> No.13494246

You need to learn how to cook, frankly.

>> No.13494247

don't call me frank

>> No.13494248 [DELETED] 

Depends. It's usually the firstborn son that bears these responsibilities. Living as a bachelor alone is usually considered acceptable as long as you check in and support your parents. Once you have a career and start a family, you're expected to take in your parents and support them fully. The wife is the one that will tend to their needs and your responsibility is to make the money to do so. You're also expected to put forth any impactful life choices and incorporate their advice when making decisions (depending on the family it can range from mere suggestions to basically orders). In exchange the mother helps your wife with child rearing and home tending from time to time. The father will usually sit on his ass all day, but that's also seen as normal, since he probably went through the same shit you did. Some might call it hell, but if you have a good relationship with your parents and your wife is agreeable with them, it can be pretty damn comfy having the family together like that.

>> No.13494256

Depends. It's usually the firstborn son that bears these responsibilities. Living as a bachelor alone is usually considered acceptable as long as you check in and support your parents. Once you have an established career and a wife, it's pretty shameful not to take in your parents.

>> No.13494274

there's a difference between deflecting BS and having a bunch of boomers or entitled zoomers being genuinely horrible to the server for things largely outside their control, and I work at places where the wait staff actually pulls their weight

>> No.13494294

I'm not in the cooking industry, but got an anecdote related to that, a supervisor of mine quit her job when she hit 55 to start a restaurant, since it's always been "a dream of hers". That's the type of know fuckall owners that ends up making those stories happen.

>> No.13494319

very interesting indeed, thank you for the info. we have something similar in eastern europe, where your mom helps with taking care of the child but nothing else of it.

you're expected to care for your parents, of course, but in their own apartment. only people with huge apartments or houses are expected to take their parents in.
honestly, i wish there was significant societal pressure to take them in here as well. i like my parents, but there are definitely some friction points there and i don't want to live with them as an adult so when they become too old idk what i'll do. if there was pressure from society to take them in, that would have made my decision easier.

>> No.13494324
File: 41 KB, 512x564, 1564591905847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lots of people don't understand poached chicken and the thought of anything other than deep frying fills them with horror because their palates are accustomed to fat and salt. The true flavor of their ingredients is foreign to them.

>> No.13494764

It isn't the server's fault

>> No.13494797

I dont like tomatoes on my burger because they are just unnecessary topping that slips around while you eat it.

I usually take it off and eat it separately.

>> No.13494803

The eating loudly. I will actually physically attack people after they are doing this and Ive asked them to stop. I leave the table or room of thats not an option. You might as well be raping an infant in front of me, no difference in my eyes. lol. I really, really, hate open mouth chewing.

>> No.13494805
File: 58 KB, 720x720, 1566083239011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Take $100 bottle alcohol
>Mix it with Coca Cola

Just buy the bottom shelf garbage if you're going to do that

>> No.13494813

When people tip.

>> No.13494816

Yeah, say least buy a nice cola...

>> No.13494827


>> No.13494839

I spend a lot of time in a French household and I have some classic North Western Canada table etiquette, which means:
>Do not slurp loudly even if you're having a soup, or tea.
>Do not put your elbows on the table, or they will be promptly broken by smashing them on the table.
>Eat some of what is given to you even if you hate it out of courtesy.
>Kiss your drink even if you hate it out of courtesy.
>Eat, don't talk overlong.

My boyfriend's sister literally chews by OPENING HER MOUTH AS WIDE AS SHE CAN THEN CHOMPING DOWN OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I can't help but glare at her every time, constantly, for the entire duration of the meal, and I will not eat until she leaves because it's ATROCIOUS. I've even told my boyfriend she's not allowed to eat in our house because of this. I REFUSE to cook for that filthy mongrel.

>> No.13494870
File: 2.56 MB, 480x480, 1561277059466.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cooks diced chicken breast in a pan with no oil

>> No.13494896

this fucker
this evil piece of shit machine
it knows when you are busy
it will slap a 25 person order on you when you are balancing by your toes behind a grill to clean
and then it wont stop printing orders
extra fries
no salt
add brg chse
add bacon
add bacon
add pepper
add burger
add salad

this fucking hell noise gives me an anxiety attack

>> No.13495783

Steak is such a shitty fucking meal though. At least when it's medium to well done I don't have to worry about my plate becoming a swamp of blood and juice that tastes like ass.

>> No.13495808

It's not blood, kid. It's myoglobin.

>> No.13495842
File: 19 KB, 240x225, fukken saved.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good reaction image

>> No.13495864
File: 55 KB, 220x234, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sound of a ticket printer

>> No.13495880

It makes me sound like an edgy teenager, but since I started learning to cook, everything about how my mom cooks has been kinda appalling to watch.

Started with little stuff, like when she was about to put a tablespoon of ground mustard in something and I'm like, "Wait, lemme see that recipe", then explained to her that "prepared mustard" meant the condiment, not the powder.

But then, now that I'm paying attention to what she does, I've noticed that she doesn't fucking season ANYTHING. Like, she'll make chili, won't add salt at any point, and then the only actual chilies are what's in the can of Rotel she adds, no chili powder, no cumin, nothing.

Or when she does any kind of soup or stew, she just sets the cold pot on med-low and leaves it rather than doing the whole, "Raise to a boil, reduce to a simmer" thing, so any time she uses raw beans, they're horribly undercooked (like, they split in half when you bite them).

>> No.13495895

Don't get bottom shelf, that shit's rotgut. Even just one tier up is vastly better, and will only cost a few bucks more.

>> No.13495901

This is all pretty reasonable except I will fucking elbow drop your table and you along with it.

>> No.13495903

>people not eating the cartilage on bone-in meat

in b4 racetards. im white. it triggers me watching people meticulously eat around the cartilage to get all the meat off it.

>> No.13495911

by all means, eat your crunchy rubber. eat the bones, while you're at it. then, eat a bullet.

>> No.13495915

Ungrateful brat.

>> No.13495936

>bitching about a mother who cooks at all even if it's shit
at least she's trying. she's stuck raising a kid she didn't want alone because she couldn't get an abortion either because of societal pressure or she couldn't afford it. by all rights she should've left you and your placenta on the side of the road you were born on. shut the fuck up and eat the goddamn chili and thank her for it.

>> No.13495950

>used up childless roasties

>> No.13495952

>t. people raised by delinquent single moms
I have an excellent relationship with my mom (who is married to my dad, thank you), but that doesn't mean I have to pretend she's a good cook (except to her face).

>> No.13495976

you pretend she loves you so why not

>> No.13495984

Anon, listen: I cook for myself these days, so I don't have to worry about my food being undersalted.

I appreciate the gesture of you giving me this massive donation of salt, but its REALLY not necessary.

>> No.13495988

ultra cringe, never post something like this again

>> No.13495994
File: 88 KB, 1024x663, 1574402848140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I order pizzas without sauce or light sauce. What is your opinion on this if you've worked in pizza establishments.

>> No.13496002

You're not the same guy, are you? That'd be just embarrassing for you to get btfo twice in one convo.

>> No.13496006

you have to be at least of age to post here

>> No.13496015

no, i'm a different guy anon, i was minding my own business reading this thread and you hat to hit me with that godawful comeback. please, for the love of god, get a grip and never post anything like that ever again. do you really think that was a good post you made?

>> No.13496019

>light sauce

That's fine. Better than over sauced.

>no sauce

That's not even pizza anymore, that's just cheesy bread.

>> No.13496064

Weak Pizza sauce application.

>> No.13496672 [DELETED] 

go back to redbit nigger


>> No.13496675

How has your day been? Is there anything you'd like to talk about?

>> No.13496827

Americans are genuinely retarded. Instead of calling the waiter and telling to take his rotten slop back and asking edible food or y'now, just leaving they even pay extra. Its mindboggling how they manage to justify this.

>> No.13496842

Not the server's fault

>> No.13497116

What? Are you an AI?

>> No.13497215

It's a millennial thing. They're afraid that expecting edible food will be seen as white privilege.

>> No.13497227

poached =/= boiling

>> No.13497414

Chicken burger, you aussie cunt.

>> No.13497418

Ok boomer

>> No.13497772

There is a term: Musical anhedonia

Fuck everyone who plays music loud enough for others to hear.

>> No.13497797

I didn't want to make a scene and come off like a stuck up snob who smells my own farts and takes a giant dump on the one and only exotic Japanese place in my in-law's small town. I hate when people act like stuck up cunts, and there is no way not to seem like a stuck up cunt in a place like that where they already think you're a raw fish eating faggot that eats sushi to be cool since any sushi available to them sucks so bad. Getting overly indignant about stuff like that is something people from a small town will never forget. I hold my tongue about a lot of food I see there, because there are lots truly unimaginable nightmarish things that I wish I still had in the cloud to share with /ck/. Several events are *nearly* blue gatorade chicken tier.

>> No.13497815

Are you genuinely retarded or what? Simply saying "sorry, this fish is not fresh, please take it back" is making a scene? How conflict averse, how avoidant you have to be? Not getting ripped off by stale meat is "stuck up" in america? My fucking god what, this is unbeliveable, what a spineless mongrel you are.

>> No.13497877

Sometimes you just need to understand who you are with. They were really excited to bring me to the special exotic sushi place, and it would have been a slap in the face to make a "fuss". In most places, something like that wouldn't be considered a rude or a fuss, but please understand how people small, isolated towns can be staunchly opposed to or even insulted by people from outside of their bubble. You've probably seen it here considering the amount of threads where people shit on anything but McChickens.

>> No.13497894

Heh. Between nigger hating and putting effort into my cooking, my husband married me despite swearing he never would get married. There are plenty of other elements to the relationship, but he tends to cite those things as huge solidifiers.

>> No.13497904
File: 3.95 MB, 358x188, B62F4462-4851-4330-856E-622C062D3D8E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>well done steak
>people trimming the fat off steak/ generally butchering it wasting the meat
>skinny fat retards who say they eat a lot while they proceed to take a few nibbles off a huge plate and can’t finish

>> No.13497926

>Owner refuses to buy stainless steel pans because most employees are too retarded not to burn everything, so we are using cheap non stick
Wait what? I have worked in food service and recently took a legitimate culinary class. The only pans I've ever used and seen in kitchens are stainless with aluminum bottoms. They are super thick and easy to use like All-Clad but cheap from restaurant warehouses. They are so awesome that you could easily cook eggs in them with a bit of oil but much better than my 3-ply cuisinart pans. The only way to mess things up was to be completely retarded. I'm about to move and plan on driving several hours to a restaurant warehouse to get what they get in restaurants.

>> No.13497931
File: 15 KB, 320x214, 1574689217635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the ticket printer yes fuck

>> No.13497945

rent free

>> No.13497967

you're unironically mad? Did you think if you just said you were mad we would think you were being ironic? Fucking idiot.

>> No.13497969

There are fucking $70 per person buffets in Las Vegas, and as someone who lives here, I've never had one worth that much. People go fucking nuts over these places and you could get a $25 dollar meal that's 20 times as good. All you need is a normal meal sized portion of food not 10 pounds of shitty crab and sushi. I've willingly done the buffets in places where it's no more than $20 after tax per person since a group with different tastes can all be happy enough, but $70 is ridiculous.

>> No.13498092

Brazilian bbq?

>> No.13498099

Grab his plate, mix everything the fuck together and set it back down in front of him.

>> No.13498114

I visited relatives for Thanksgiving and brought nice bottle of champagne and charcuterie —- they were insulted.

>> No.13498125

I don’t think it was $70, but I paid maybe $40 or $50 for an absolutely amazing Easter buffet in a coastal town. One of the best meals of my life. The seafood was SO fresh

>> No.13498207

Unfortunately my husband suffered an extremely severe accident a few years ago, and aside from other new and/or strange behaviors, he can't help but chew with his mouth open. In some ways, he's at "50 First Dates" levels where he can't figure out new things that he didn't know about before. Some things affect his previous behaviors. I love him, so I adjust and accept what comes, but it was hard to accept the barbaric eating. He's actually been able to tone down certain things since I've brought it to his attention, which helps a lot. It doesn't matter though as I'll stick by him regardless.

>> No.13498247

My in-laws (as in mother and father in law) try to be really sweet, but when I bring them coffee, tea, alcohol related beverages, or anything at all better than clearance kroger level stuff including candles they won't use it. They'll keep it for 2 years just to say they have it every time I or anyone else visits for the next 2 -5 years. It's a way of life. They feel extreme guilt over using anything that's not dollar store or clearance level even if it's something that works better and lasts longer.

>> No.13498270

>I hate loud noises and music
It's called autism

>> No.13498282

I made the mistake of putting my elbows on the table once, and only once.
I dunno, if my elbows were on the table while I was eating at my cousin's he would grab my arm and BASH it against the table. I learned very quickly that shoveling food into your mouth with your elbows on the table is a big no-no.

>> No.13498322

>Food Autism
>I'll start (with my autism)

Fuck /ck/ has become a useless piece of shit over the time I've been here.
This used to be a place where we could discuss FOOD, actual cooked food, not gay-arse shit like fast-food, all of you arse-holes that want to just post lazy bollocks, fuck off.
You are NOT welcome here, niether are your cheap, wank-fest I hate American or Yuro food threads.
Learn to cook and learn to post some sort of quality.
Or fuck off back to where you came from and fucking stay there.....
We're all sick and fucking tired of you noobs.

>> No.13498330

It's been like this since the whole /pol/ is being shut down joke, and the merge with /mlp/ as a joke thing.
/pol/tards everywhere. Do you remember when this board basically became/pol/ because of those jokes? God damn.
I used to have a lot of fun here, now I just tell people that eggs are garbage.

>> No.13498373

I always order extra sauce because you faggots are so fucking stingy with it, fuck you

>> No.13498414

The only rude French eaters I knew in France were old timers who lived through world war 2. Other than that, wine slurping with air is a way of getting all the flavors and whatever. But the rest of their eating was normal to me and even reserved as they don't like to eat with their hands.

>> No.13498441

Sounds like flyover food. Maybe you can bond over improving. I bond with my family a lot with food and always try to be open since they have many years ahead of me. Generally they aren't advanced gourmet with their food, but they do have good reasons for certain ways at times and it's fun to teach them stuff I've learned.

>> No.13498465


You can't do that with ketchup you fucking mongoloid. Ketchup is for retards and literal fucking children.

>> No.13498499

A tip is just a bribe so they don't spit in your food next time. If there won't be a next time there's no reason to give any money

>> No.13498543

Pretty much anyone who orders dominos or pizza hut instead of local pizza is retarded in my book. Someone a few hours down from me gets Pizza Boli's! Once a week. They're super fucking white too. WHY WOULD YOU WANT PIZZA COOKED BY INDIANS. WHY

>> No.13498576


>> No.13498590
File: 116 KB, 400x600, D7F62447-54D1-4992-8C30-E9CA36C1AFAF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Queso in those little fucking plastic dishes. I was a dishwasher once. 90% of the time, 90% of the queso goes to waste and it's a bitch and a half to clean more often than not. You can tell if a queso is good or not because you can still fucking eat it after washing out 345 dishes of half-eaten, stick-to-plastic why-won't-you-scrb-off queso.

>> No.13498606

In his defense, unless he's trying to get into the bbq business there's nothing wrong with a little creative interpretation on the rub side of things. I never measure for my home rubs so I can have some variety, I just keep a mental note of the proportions. The only things that shouldn't be fucked with is temp and time vs weight.

>> No.13498618

My stepmom always orders filet mid well, and always sends it back until it's well done. I've tried so many times to explain why that's so wrong, but eventually just gave up.

>> No.13498657

I used to work eggs at a busy brunch place and your post gave me vivid flashbacks to that hellscape. Orders for our Benedict knockoff with one egg poached hard and the other soft scrambled while I have 4 omelettes with stupid filling mods on my range and my grill guy is so far in the weeds he is an anthill bc our flattop only fit 2 orders of pancakes at a time (and nothing else if that real estate was taken)

I'm convinced that being able to identify a proper over medium egg is the rarest culinary skill. The most frustrating bit was servers saying they werent done enough when we knew damn well the egg would be (over)cooking on the plate while they dicked around trying to remember which carafe was actually decaf.

>> No.13498771

honestly man if a cake is even remotely dry its garbage. I can't stand non-moist cake anymore. A dessert that needs to be bailed out by icing is a bad dessert. whenever a birthday in my friend group comes around we always make a fuckin huge Funfetti cake for them, cause that shit is delicious. Aside from that, fuck cake.

>> No.13499363


I laughed. Thank you.

>> No.13499488

>not telling that to every sperg you see for the lulz that may result when they spaghetti out
You're a no-fun cunt.

>> No.13499510

He never said his mom was a single mother. Tone down the projection of your own miserable life, sweetie.

>> No.13499518

Underrated this shit makes me too fuckin angry
>I’ll just order the same thing every place I go
Why the fuck even travel when you can sit at home and be a boring nigger thereo

>> No.13499535

This pissed me off
>lemme just raise the demand by being a dumb haughty bitch

>> No.13499585

yeah I dont really understand the point of buffets
its often more expensive than just buying a normal meal which would fill you up so you feel you have to eat more to get your moneys worth and end up feeling sick and bloated afterwards, and the food is worse

>> No.13499598

its nothing to do with /pol/ this place is just getting more and more infested with redditards who just want to post dank maymays and the exact same copypastas and jokes over and over again

>> No.13499625

I’m with you on the loud chewing. That and loud swallowing. A guy I worked with for a short time would loudly swallow 3-4 times after drinking or having a bite of food. I assume, when it’s that constant, it’s probably some kind of medical or mental issue so I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt, but it drove me up the wall. Nice enough guy, glad I never saw him again.

>> No.13499814

>Plastic packaging
Fucking this. Plastic is the worst fucking thing to ever be invented. The industrial revolution and it's consequences have been a disaster for man kind

>> No.13499892

I've had this happen with a male waiter before. I just assumed he was just trying to get out of working but he was a cool guy so I was alright with it. He also took my order while sitting down as well.

>> No.13499916

I know people like this. It's embarrassing. I just avoid eating out with them.
The worst offending case is a girl who even studied to be a cook!
Of course her cooking career was an absolute failure, you will never be good at cooking if you don't like food.

>> No.13500044

People telling me what the "right" and "wrong" items to get at a buffet are, pisses me off to no end.
I don't want to eat nothing but meat for dinner and feel like shit after just to be like "heh, got my money's worth" "pulled one over on the establishment". People who do that are autists that fantasize about the buffet owner watching them from the back sweating about all the Lost profits this epic eating machine is going through.
I go to a buffet so I can serve myself up whatever I want and however much of it I want.

>> No.13500063

This reminds me of my gf. She will order shit on the menu that is very obviously not what a place would specialize in and then judge the quality of the entire restaurant poorly as a result.

Example, get some Thai dish at a burger/pub restaurant, it's the only noodle dish or Asian dish on the entire menu. Thinks the whole restaurant is bad because their Thai dish is bad and never wants to go back.

>> No.13500104

Or he can just go to another place where the service isn't annoying.

>> No.13500146

>Why white-knight for the waiters?
Don't be a cunt.

>> No.13500205

the only reason you should ever poach a chicken is for chicken soup.

>> No.13500210

bottom shelf vodka is for sure fine as fuck. no need to worry. alcohol is alcohol, and is rotgut either way.
unless the FDA in the usa is useless, because where i'm at, of course it all has to be within safety standards.

>> No.13500219

nice projecting senpai

>> No.13500236

the second cheapest is vastly better than the absolute cheapest
trust me I'm a drunk with money problems

>> No.13500240
File: 61 KB, 480x480, 1578501076961.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Almost lost my job afyer I confronted her


>> No.13500270


Wasnt that whole mlpol thing like three years ago?

>> No.13500285

I wouldn't be so arrogant if I were you. Your posts are way more cringeworthy and retarded than his.

>> No.13500294

Yeah, you're right, because there totally was never stupid meme threads like that before. That fucking kid in the tux, jack, that day BBQ man, tendies, etc.
Yes, and if you haven't noticed a lot of the /pol/tards are still around. Stupid refugees.

>> No.13500302

Surely when roleplaying in your mind that sounds good, but that's not how society works.

>> No.13500328

I find it hilarious I have to actually share this site with full blown human failures like this. Imagine not having a normal, loving family with both a supportive mother and father. Must be American LOL.

>> No.13500388

Why do these places put shit on their menu to begin with? If you can't offer a quality dish, don't put it on the menu. If your menu is nos consistent, get rid of the worst items.

>> No.13500399

Shut up.

>> No.13501693

Worried about them fucking with the food if you disrespect them

>> No.13501698

Yes. But it's a buffet

>> No.13501705

I hear the sound of the ticket printer in my dreams and sometimes driving home from work or after close

>> No.13501713

Adding sea salt to otherwise tasty sweets cuz trend.

>> No.13501738

>Go to buffet with wife and inlaws
>Inlaws don't order anything to drink, just water
>I order a soda
>They chew me out saying "that's how they getcha! They make all their money on the drinks
Nigger, I want a soda for fuck sake

>> No.13501739


>He never has sex and wonders why he gets dumped

>> No.13501784


Are you a chad?

>> No.13501791

They already gotcha if you step foot inside a buffet lol. I probably wouldn't bother with anything but water, but I usually only drink water at meals.

>> No.13501803

I usually prefer water as well but the fact that they thought I was losing in the exchange somehow by paying $1.25 for a soda was cringey and annoying that they felt so strongly about it they felt the need to make a comment

>> No.13501830

He COOMS away his humanity and purpose and bonding capacity and precious time away in sterility

>> No.13501839

Used to be a super stud but now I'm an old guy. Still good looking I assume.

>> No.13501863

>parents insist on using french press
>wont use the pour over i bought
>catch them mixing my nice coffee with folgers saying it's a "blend"
>drown coffee in hazelnut creamer and say it;s perfect

I love em and they can do what they want but

>> No.13501936

post pic now!

>> No.13502026

Salting already pre-salted French fries from a fast food joint

Something labled as spicy but is more sweet than spicy because of that faggot millennial sweet AND savoury trend. Seriously if I buy black pepper jerky why the fuck do I taste sugar over the black pepper?

>> No.13502078

You're a good person. I hope he appreciates you as much as he should.

>> No.13502191
File: 262 KB, 416x577, 1490289089006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm finding it difficult to express how much i dislike this image

>> No.13502495


>> No.13502522

>go to a Greek restaurant
>it's almost empty
>the owner sits down next to me and tells me all about how popular his restaurant is, and how they used to be on this TV show once

>> No.13502531


Nobody is commenting on the fact that this loser went to a restaurant and had a whole meal all by himself.

The waitress probably felt sorry for you, you autistic fuck.

>> No.13502609

I can empathize with all of these, especially the fucking ticket machine.


I hear it in my dreams man.

>> No.13502633

I fucked her

>> No.13503028
File: 46 KB, 337x317, 1563195453372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>papa johns near me in queens is run entirely by generic brown people that are clearly just there to hang out with each other
>place carryout order online and choose to pay with cash at the store
>i tell them i placed online order and they give so little of a fuck they assumed i paid for it online
>free large pizza

>> No.13503055

This guy knows what he's talking about. I wouldn't pay less than $12 for a decent sized bottle of vodka. The actual cheapest stuff is so bad it'll just give you a headache and ruin your night
>t. another drunk with money problems

>> No.13503086

>pizza crusts thrown away, while the person gets more pizza slices
I've seen people do it with stuffed crusts too
>ordering a large amount of food and not finishing it
>grabbing a whole bunch of food on your plate at potlucks/dinners and throwing it away
>getting two burgers at a BBQ and throwing away the second one
>big men eating a tiny amount of food
I'm 5'1 105lbs and I will eat like 4 burgers, 4 desserts, water and some sides, then watch people larger than me nibble on some food and throw it away. Makes me furious.

I favor friends who eat a lot and eat with me, but aren't overweight. Sometimes they call us the skeleton crew...

>> No.13503282

oh you got me started.
green bell peppers and black olives on pizza. bitter, and olives taste like iron. canned black olives are hideous.
sheet cake from costco. my inlaw family loves to get this cake. hope they dont choke on it.
mixing chinese food with rice. its a palate cleanser, idiots
popcorn at movies. yes, i have no interest in eating popcorn at movies. none. not for 30 years.
mustard in the fridge. its mustard seed, salt, vinegar, turmeric and other spices. those are all preservatives.
ordering half toppings on pizzas. ordering more than 3 toppings on pizza.
that we still drink sugary sodas. STOP
serving food vertically at fancy restaurants
picky eaters. here is my list: quail eggs. a stinky cheese from france that smelled like ammonia. limburger cheese. vietnamese beef balls. wont try congealed blood, or brains, or kidneys, or Balut.
oddly enough, i like spam and american cheese.

>> No.13503413

Thanks. I think a lot of people wouldn't notice unless they spent more time with him than just a lunch or small encounter as he can kind of act like he knows how to act. But he often has trouble making normal logical connections or remembering things day to day. It's like he's the person that I met but who can't really learn/remember new things. He's doing quite well at this point (several years later), so maybe he'll recover the stuff he wasn't supposed to recover. All good though. I meant my vows. I just want him to be at his best for him and me, and he deserves the medical attention considering how much he's given to the federal government and military.

>> No.13503650

Yeah, your cousin sounds like a fucking cunt, and that's a good way to have someone glass him one day

>> No.13504870

Based racist homosexuals

>> No.13504998

>getting two burgers at a BBQ and throwing away the second one
This is the only one of yours that really triggered me because I'd be willing to give the benefit of the doubt on the others. There's no excuse for picking up two burgers and throwing one in the trash in front of everybody

>> No.13505060

what is he doing with the gravy then?

>> No.13505074

people who insist on going to fancy places even though we know we both don't like fancy food and would rather get some burgers to go at burger king

>> No.13505153

fuck you and your arbitrary bullshit some faggot made up 100 years ago, how do my elbows affect anyone? I'm gonna eat in comfort

>> No.13505168

not him and I get what you are saying to a degree but your fucking sushi was rotten so you just didn't eatand still payed AND tipped? That's pretty retarded son

>> No.13505192

I used to get a deal on this shitty vodka from this one shop, like ridiculously cheap. I moved away from there and opened a paper on day and there was a picture of the vodka and it was warning that it was bootleg and made few people go blind

>> No.13505230


The more I think about this, the madder I get.

Offer to buy trail mix for her next time. Buy M&Ms instead. Hand her a baggy with them inside and say "I already picked out the stuff you don't like, honey."

>> No.13505280


You don't have to know it to own it. I'm not sure why someone who's completely clueless about even the basics would want to own a restaurant, but maybe they "found a deal" on one that someone was selling. In that case, listening to the people who DO know what they're doing is vital while you bring yourself up to speed or at least have an outline as to how things should work. Know-nothings trying to pass themselves off as experts just because they bought the place are insufferable and cause a system wide destabilization that can result in the whole place shutting down if it's not corrected.

>> No.13505310


You can filter vodka yourself, you know. Try it next time.

>> No.13505341

reddit gold

>> No.13505471

>the sound of a ticket printer
Fuck off. That's a wonderful sound.

>> No.13505793

>>no salt on fries
If wagies would stop oversalting shit I wouldn't have to tell them to just not put any because I can't trust they know how much salt is reasonable.

>> No.13505870

>Putting ketchup directly on fries instead of dipping
>Putting warm/melted cheese on chili
>"I'm too lazy to cook, I'll just get mcdonalds every day, it's definitely cheaper"

>> No.13505940

putting ketchup directly on fries allows you to get a more balanced distribution
dipping is still acceptable though because you may not have sufficient space to spread out fries in order to evenly apply ketchup to them

>> No.13505954


Why would you want ketchup on every single fry? That's gay

>> No.13505978

you dont have to put it on all of them if you dont want to retard

>> No.13505980


shut up gay, eat some balls gay boy. What's it like being gay, is it gay?


>> No.13506000


>> No.13506690

Like the dirty, little mongrel that you are.

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