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>Had a sexual affair with the wife of his boss while he worked at a restaurant
>Got someone to steal a reservation book so he could get his mentor booted from a restaurant and he'd have full control
Gordon Ramsey is a cunt as well as a fraud and should be mocked in public about this things

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Jealousy is a problem in the US.

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How are both of these things not based?

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why do people refuse to accept the fact that he's a massive coke fiend?

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can you expand point 2, i don't understand how that information was used to his unfair advantage.

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Decency is a problem in your country.

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What proof are there for these two accusations?

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I doubt anyone has ever even heard of his "country"

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look how swollen his face is

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What's the point? Ramsay is legitimately a great person and considering some of the other celebrity chefs, not that bad

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*Gordon uhikes up your skirt*
>fuck me its RAW

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sounds like he's kind of a cunt, tbdesu

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Are you MPW's kid or something?

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fake controversey
he admitted the second

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I mean he can be a cunt and there are hard records of him being a bad boss at some of his restaurants but he's no more a fraud than his own mentor. Guy can cook and outside of the sporadic negative press, runs marathon charities and interns aspiring teen chefs. He didn't get his restaurants by just being a good businessman

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Gordon, like many chefs, is a narcissist and a psychopath. Have you seen the videos of how he treats his own kitchen staff in the 90s before he was even as famous as he is now? Watch Boiling Point.

I am usually a contrarian but I happen to actually agree with OP. Why did God take Anthony Bourdain and leave Gordon Ramsay?

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I guess the second point is moot now that he's an instructor at CIA.

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My chef buddy absolutely hates this guy. He came to his school for a seminar and the school forced everyone to attend, my friend refused. The dean threatened to not let him attend the graduation ceremony. He was able to get out of it by writing an essay explaining why he chose to miss out on this "grand opportunity". He basically wrote a two page paper on how GR is a massive cunt and how being a massive cunt doesn't make you a good cook.

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sounds like your friend had a stick up his ass

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For the first one i remember him in a soccer uniform doing an interview om a field for some reason.

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What a rebel your friend is he should also write a 2 page essay on how he's now unemployed because he can't take instruction.

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It's almost as if TV isn't real. . . . . . . I think you're onto something anon but I'm not sure what. . . . . .

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Really did not know that .

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>Burn a steak to a crisp and stab a knife into the board like a psycho before giving it to someone because they asked for well done
>Get upset when people ask why you're a psycopath

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For real?

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because he's not and i believe its time for your hourly dilation tranny

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>chooses to write a 2 page essay about his obsession
>instead of just attending and not being such a flaming faggot
he sure showed him

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>The PS3 game is back

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only people that have never worked in a high pressure kitchen think that ramsay is a cunt

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but that sounds based

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that makes him cooler

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what the fuck is this webm trying to show

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It’s shows how much of a cunt he is.
He basically said that the burger in the restaurant was too big to eat and then he released his video of a “”””perfect burgah”””” even bigger that the one in the reataurant.

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its clearly much smaller

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The perfect burgah was for show, to celebrate. I don't think any of his restaurants would ever serve that.

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that's what my mom said about your dick

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It’s taller or at least the same height.

>to celebrate
To celebrate one week long coke ride maybe.

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ah shit

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>Dude it's ok he fucked his bosses wife with probably a kid it's just high pressure bro
What kind of argument is this

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It is taller, but
1) you can smash it
2) there is no giant piece of juicy meat which will be all around your lips/mouth when you take a bite. This webm is rarted.

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> have a giant sperg out due to childish opinions
>write giant autism essay to the dean

Yeah, he sure showed everyone!

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Yes, my perfect dick is mostly for show too. Women complain that these 8" hurt. But we all gotta deal with what we have been given.

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There's literally nothing wrong with doing coke.

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Sounds more like you're just obsessed. The burger on the top looks ridiculous. What are you supposed to do? Eat big chunks of beef around the outside till it resembles a normal burger? Just eat a pound of straight beef before biting into the actual burger? Makes perfect fucking sense. Idiot.

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gordon is a typical narcissist victim adopting behaviors of the og psychopathic cook: marco. and marcos only mistake was thinking that he had succeeded in wipping gordon into submission and he paid the price.

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And you sound like you are just defending him. Both of the burgers are retarded. Period.

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based british chad

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so is every rockstar in the history of the world, who the fuck cares?

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being a massive cunt doesn't stop you being a good cook either, your friend is a mong

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>can't open his mouth wide enough
Didn't know that he is also a low test faggot.

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Not him, but it's the dean who had a stick up his ass. Seriously, some celebrity comes to your school, and your dean threatens to not let you attend your graduation ceremony unless you show up?
If you're the dean and you make a conscious decision to make students skip classes to let some pretentious celebrity give a speech to them, you obviously don't care about their education.
To the anon who said he must be unemployed: You've probably never had a job if you spout ridiculous non-sense like that.

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Coke is popular with successful people

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He's not just a celebrity. He's a Michelin star chef and is the most successful chef ever. The amount of success Ramsay has had is fucking ridiculous. No matter what you think of him, you'd have to be a braindead retard to not go listen to him speak to a bunch of chefs at a chef school as a chef yourself. Unless anon's friend was at a high school or typical college and not a chef school, his friend is one of the dumbest people alive.

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The correct answer is to not attend, then sue if things go bad at the graduation ceremony, The deans faggotry should be immortalized.

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He cheated his way to success

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Anthony was a giant shit-stain. He has a young child yet killed himself because his pedo girlfriend was fucking around on him. Pathetic. My sympathy goes to his daughter. She’s the one that will forever know her father cared more about his girlfriends affair than he did about her.

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>He has a young child yet killed himself because his pedo girlfriend was fucking around on him
[citation needed]

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Still missed out on an opportunity to see how not to do things. Would have been better to attend and ask GR if he regrets treating subordinates badly.

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Sounds like your buddy has autism.

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>citation needed
Only for you because you’re a fucking retard...

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I fucked one of my boss's wife. And the daughter. Nothing wrong with that, you didn't make the vows.

>> No.13484387

At the same time?

>> No.13484396

No that's ridiculous.

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>I fucked one of my boss's wife. And the daughter
Now this is edgy

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>you'd have to be a braindead retard to not go listen to him speak to a bunch of chefs at a chef school as a chef yourself
Then why does the dean have to force you lol. Listen to yourself.

>> No.13484467

Will reluctantly gargle cock as long as they don’t have to swallow

>> No.13484468

>"you have to be a braindead retard to not go and listen"
>"Then why does the dean have to force a braindead retard to go and listen?"
Well gee Anon, I dunno. Global warming?

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All chefs are coke fiends. One of Bourdain's restaurants had a coke dealer on staff.

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Was during the time before pc's when reservations would be written down, so losing one meant you lost all record of who was meant to be dining for the next few months.

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Why would he take a job as a spy?

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>should be mocked in public about this things
He wrote about it in his best selling book you fucking useless sack of yankee doodle shite

>> No.13486119

You're wrong. He is very much against coke usage especially in his restaurant. You can easily google it, he made a fucking documentary on the whole thing. If you don't believe it, well, too bad idgaf.

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Stfu faggot, go back to your conspiracy boards, nobody gives a flying fuck about your godamn nonsense opinion.

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It's none of the dean's business if one person misses out on the "opportunity." The crowd naturally flocking there must be so huge that this one braindead retard wouldn't even be missed, right? Or maybe, just maybe, you're the dumb one.

>> No.13486147

Or maybe the dean genuinely believes Anon is missing out and is doing their best to make sure Anon gets their money's worth (because Gordon probably wasn't visiting for free) in education and opportunity, aka. doing their job.

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He likes football, often plays in amatuer events. Another lie of his, he pretends he was a pro player for Glasgow Rangers before a knee injury took him out of the sport. When actual players and the manager of the time called him out he just said his memory was a bit hazy.

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Didn't his brother die from drug abuse
I swear he mentioned it in that prison show he did

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How else would he sabotage his mentor?

>> No.13487098

No, threats like that are well beyond the scope of ordinary responsibility.

>> No.13487110

people who habitually swear do not come from parents who are upstanding citizens

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