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Is this the extent of Soviet cuisine?

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Needs more plain pasta and boiled potatoes and cabbage.

Don't forget to replace that glass with the entire bottle.

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It looks like a start menu screen from
some videogame

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wtf is that white and reddish stuff

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white fish

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I've got one of those revolvers. Ridiculous trigger pull in double-action.

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I have one too. Some are single action. Mine is 1940 double. The main purpose is for suicide and friendly fire. If you use it it for the first course, you don't have to eat the other shit. I got mine with other stuff for 29 bucks which put me over the threshold to make the 36 dollar shipping free. That's negative seven.

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>Ridiculous trigger pull in double-action.

what does that even mean?

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Probably really fucking heavy.

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Thats when you just pull the trigger without setting the hammer back first. It takes more strength and decreases aim ability.

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Those are slabs of pig fat

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Around 7 pounds or 4 kilos.

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At least you can run a can.

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Does not compute. I'm drunk

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>Around 7 pounds or 4 kilos.
Did you modify? An website claims that they had 20lbs trigger pull in da, lol.

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That revolver is able to use sound suppressors.

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Man a big plate of cabbage rolls, perogies and sausage is fucking heaven for me.

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That would be ridiculous. There is a simple mod to put a nut behind the leaf spring so it is partially relieved. I may be able to find a pic if someone is interested. But this is /ck/ so, do you think I should was the preservation vinegar from by berries before I make jelly or would it be yummy to cook it?

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Oh, I see what you're saying.

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>But this is /ck/ so, do you think I should
Yeah. Thread already became about that gun, and food.

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Are you being hard to deal with?

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I have a friend that owns one of those, and the double action trigger pull is so ridiculously heavy, I would not be surprised if it actually was 20lbs. I would have trouble hitting a man sized target at 7 yards in double action, that’s how fucked up it is. If it wasn’t a Russian gun, I’d assume something was broken, but that’s just how those Nagant Revolvers are. Ironically the single action pull was kind of nice.

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Glory to Arstotska.

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It was the first revolver ever made that could run a suppressor, iirc.
It requires a lot of force to pull the trigger. Cool little gun, though.

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salo is a god tier appetizer though
btw is vodka keto? is wine?

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I've heard contradictory opinions on whether or not vodka is keto. Some say that calories from ethanol are carbs and some say they're not so I have no fucking idea. But I do know that when I tried keto for a few months last year, my piss was running high ketones even when I was drinking vodka daily.

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fuck, this dietary science is so unreliable. sugar is used in vodka making, no? is distilling supposed to make it keto?

keep in mind i'm asking about drinking a whole 500 or 700 ml bottle, followed by a bottle or more of wine.

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With all due respect. Go to the pet store and lift a 20 lbs bag of dog food with one finger. It's like seven dude. Still fucking bullcrap but 20 is an exaggeration that, obviously, made its way to the internet. I'm gonna find the pic with my drunk ass.

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Que es keto wey?what that?

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Pickles are pretty good though.

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is this like final meal before you play a losing game of russian roulette? salo, garlic cloves, pickles and one belomorkanal cigarette?

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Normal (unflavored) vodka has 0 carbs, and is also gluten free, like any distilled spirit. Even if the product is distilled from a combination of grains and literal sugar, the distillation process would only bring irrelevant trace amounts over into the booze.
But if you're trying to be healthy about what you eat/are on a very specific diet, alcohol isn't something you should probably be looking into.

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Adjust as desired

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How can I be drunk and healthy?

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Get drunk sparingly.

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A relative term. Will do captain!

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Looks like maybe a 10-32.

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Bullshit, Makarovs are 18 in DA and are perfectly reasonable. I thought it was closer to 26 pounds.

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With all due respect, you're talking like you've never fired a gun in your life. You're not lifting 20 pounds, you're applying 20 pounds of pressure. Russian guns and their derivatives absolutely have 20+ pound DA trigger pulls. The Polish P64 is another good example of this.

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I've tried it, it doesn't really help that much.

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just get me a caviar and butter sandwich and i'll be good

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you're chemically changing the sugar into ethanol, just like how your fat cells can make sugar into fatty acids

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That's old style. You have to add dill, beets, and mayonnaise to make it late soviet, aka modern russia.

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Russians are generally good people.
- Detroit

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>Did you modify? An website claims that they had 20lbs trigger pull in da, lol.

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It is literally checked with a scale. Anyhow fine. Some are stiffer than others. Mine don't feel that bad. I have a luggage scale but don't think it'll be that accurate.
Nah, I want mine as designed. It ain't bad as is.

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No, it's pork fat.

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i have seen this pic a lot but still have no idea what this is

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maybe a holder for rolled ciggies?

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Snuffer ashtray. Drop in hole to starve away oxygen.

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Schitzo poster has returned

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Looks like what slavaboo retards think Russian cuisine looks like.

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If you want to see the full extent, there's a great large channel on YT called LifeofBoris with a ton of cooking vids.
Your pic doesn't even have a blin.

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In case you were not asking about the ashtray, the cigarette is a Belomorkanal or a simile of one.

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Same! I bought it for $80 like 10 yrs ago. I think I shot it maybe...twice?

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Drinking too much alcohol throws you out of ketosis as it an energy source other than fat and protein. You can treat it like carbs where 1 ounce of vodka (9 grams of alcohol) won't ruin your diet if you fit it into your macros and calorie count. Some people claim drinking an ounce or two of vodka one night a week stalls their weight loss for 1-2 weeks, but there is no reason that your body would magically lower your BMR by 500-1000. Most likely it throws them out of ketosis, makes them feel like shit all over again, and bloats them. Because then after 2 weeks they'll post about how they broke their stall and lost weight. You don't have to follow a keto diet to lose weight, but when you're following keto and doing well at it you really don't want to throw your body off so badly that you end up going through some level keto flu again.

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This was my first day schizo posting on /ck/ I was drunk and started with the blurry popeye chicken sandwich post.

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Is there a higher resolution for that photo?

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And now for some legit Soviet cuisine

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lucky bastard, didn't get into surp until the boomers bought up everything

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Thanks Obama (Russian import ban), zoom zoom.

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it's a belamorkanal , a super harsh cigarette

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thanks, the cig looked weird but now that i see it in a unsmoked state i can see that the filter is just squished down in this pic. thanks, i had always wondered what it was

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you're not missing out on much, the nagant is pretty awful

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>Novosibirsk Noire
There are no serial killers in the Soviet Union
Not while I'm on the job, Comrade

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