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Raw Meat General 003 - /rmg/
All things Raw Meat, Raw Milk, and anti-vegetables.
Kill Animals and drink their blood.

Raw meat is the hardest redpill to swallow, so consider this:
>If vegetables were healthy for you, then vegans would be the healthiest people in the world.

>Hitler was a vegetarian, and was suicidal and soon developed Parkinsons

>Drinking water dehydrates you, and drinking your piss recycles proteins

>All the elites drink blood at their satanic rituals, but encourage you to be vegan

>Steve Jobs died despite being a strict fruititarian. Healthy?


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I thought Steve Jobs died of ligma

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How can one man be so based?

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It was caused by his diet.
It was mostly vegan.

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Veganism causes schitzophrenia

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Who's Steve Jobs?

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What the fuck is this? Do people actually eat raw meat and refuse to eat vegetables?

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Yeah, vegetables are super unhealthy for you, especially if they are raw. Cooking helps, but they have very little nutrition, and a lot of anti-nutrients.

People who eat raw meat become super healthy.

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Name one thing in vegetables that humans can't get from animal products and NEED to thrive.

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Not sure if retarded

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Plants do not have Cholesterol.
What is there to argue about?

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Enjoy your scurvy.
b-but i eat fresh untreated meat!!
no you dont. It's like a vegan saying they get vitamin b12 naturally by eating vegetables with dirt on them

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Ive been raw meat for a month and a half.
I don't have scurvy.

Scurvy comes from when you eat too many carbs without vitamin C. If you eat a lot of breads, pasta, etc, you will start craving things like orange juice.
Without it, there is enough vitamin C in meat alone.

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Carrots have cholesterol.

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Carrots lower cholesterol.
How could a plant have Cholesterol?

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Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, fiber, polyphenols, antioxidants.

Not saying meat is not necessary either.

Bad bait.

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You cant digest fibre.
Its awful for you.

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I'm glad somebody got it

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Vitamin C is in raw meat and cooked organ meats, besides, you don't need a lot of vitamin C on ketogenic diets.
Vitamin K2 is high in animal products, K1 is hard for humans to use.

Fiber is not needed, antioxidants are in meat too.

Vitamin E is fat-soluble, and you get it from animal fats.

Jesus at least try.

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My grandma is a vegetable. She has lots of cholesterol.

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ITT: manchildren deny science and try to convince you to poison yourself.

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Suck a cucumber figgot

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>when your shit arguments get debunked so the best thing you can do is to try and make your opponent look bad

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>poison yourself
I bet you feed your cat a vegan diet, and it shits blood.

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Been carnivore for about a month now. Completely healed my IBS. Before that I had tried plant based and that only made my IBS way worse.

The raw carnivore thing is dumb though. Protein bioavailability is much higher in cooked protein. And humans have evolved for the past 150,000 years eating cooked meat.

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Cooking introduces carcinogens and destroys a lot of nutrients.

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>the sky is falling

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How much is a lot? Cause last time I looked most nutrients only reduce by 5-10% when cooked. Post sources for your claims.

Also if you’re afraid of carcinogenic content from cooking. Stop burning your food over a fire. You can cook food without burning it to a char.

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I don't know off the top of my head. Its just logical. It would obviously depend on how much you are cooking it.

There is also some reasoning in the raw meat community, that cooking meat actually makes it more dangerous.
Thus, it is more likely to get sick from a rare steak, as opposed to a completely raw steak.

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>There is also some reasoning in the raw meat community, that cooking meat actually makes it more dangerous.
>Thus, it is more likely to get sick from a rare steak, as opposed to a completely raw steak.

Fuckig hell. Shit like this is the reason I don’t tell anyone I’m carnivore. You guys make us all sound fucking batshit crazy. There is absolutely zero scientific evidence to back your claim. It’s just flat earth style nonsense.

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>There is absolutely zero scientific evidence to back your claim.
The scientific evidence tells us to eat bran muffins, to say nothing of the fact that no studies are done on raw meat eaters, considering almost no one eats raw meat.

Frankly, all we have is anecdotal evidence and reasoning.
Part of the reasoning behind not cooking meat, is that you are killing the bacteria that will help you digest the food. That is why high meat is instantly energetic.

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Wow. Talk about 100% made up shit.

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lmao imagine being this fucking buttmad. any challenge and these faggots immediately ad hom.

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Sv3rige is the general of this army.

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What causes spelling words like a third world nigger?

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>raw meat only
He seems like he's just some dumb fag that's looking for attention.

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He got your attention.

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Everyone wants attention.
Its dumb to accuse people of doing something that everybody does.

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The thread got my attention, because it was an annoying Reddit tier

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Thanks for honoring Lord Sv3rige by joining the thread.

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Not everyone has to be a complete faggot for attention though.

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>Thanks for honoring Lord Sv3rige by joining the thread.
I'll be wasting post space, so don't mind me.

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Have you tried the diet?

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Veganism, or Raw meat?

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raw meat.

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Raw meat isn't that hard to swallow it just tastes weird unless you get cut it into thin or small pieces like from the bones of a sun dried zebra some cheetahs already killed for you then it tastes awesome. Fermented meat tastes awesome too actually.

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I started doing the raw eggs and milk but stepping up to raw meat and organs would prove difficult because I'm not sure of meat quality diet anywhere. Eggs are cool.

Would love to try it after watching this madlad eat it

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My friends thought I was trying to commit suicide by eating raw.
Got a message a week ago from someone stating they thought I would be in the hospital by now.

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Carpaccio from Lidl game me diarrhea

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He died of AIDS, theres a medical report online that confirms he carried the disease and he died of a specific cancer typically associated with AIDS

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I love eating myself into atherosclerosis and hypogonadism!

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Lots of vegans are unhealthy because many are mommy-blog-consuming retards who try to survive off of like two things. Steve Jobs was a good example of this. Carnivore, being a meme diet like veganism, will see a similar issue when a few of the same people starting now die of scurvy or fail to eat enough shells and bones to get their required calcium intake.
The best diet from a health and moral standing is pescatarian, especially if you go for seafood (and/or insects, fight me) native to where you live. It's not as easy to understand as simply cutting out all meat or all veggies but simple diets are boring and doomed to fail anyway.
>I'm just doing it til I reach my goal weight
Then you aren't learning any real dieting strategies and will absolutely regain it all in a year.

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Why can you monkeys never push a diet without trying to use emotional shit like calling vegans fags or pretending eating meat is inherently manly and cool. Is this all one big guerilla advertising push by the American Beef Council? We'll never see a community of this size thrive because of shills and that's a very depressing thought. Thanks, Beef Council, you really are a bunch of moneygrubbers.

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Veganism is in decline, with fewer vegans year on year for the past few years in the US. Meanwhile carnivore-friendly keto is exploding in popularity.

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>vegans use dishonest rhetoric as the primary method to push their fad diet
>complain when others use the same strategy
We all read Rules For Radicals anon.

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Net raft confirms it, veganism is dying.

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>posting jewtube as a credible source

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Nah. I've avoided both fads.

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I've tried raw stuff 3 times and its given me diahhreah each time - eggs, beef and ground beef. Any ideas? I've been doing carnivore for 6 months.

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Vegans are unhealthy writ large because you cant get over 15 nutrients from plants. The ones who are "healthy", either cheat without telling, or are using steroids.
All vegans are drugging themselves up with supplements and multi-vitamins, so the drug companies love them.

> Carnivore, being a meme diet like veganism, will see a similar issue when a few of the same people starting now die of scurvy or fail to eat enough shells and bones to get their required calcium intake.
That doesnt even make sense considering that eskimoes do not get scurvy. The only ones that did, were those who would eat food from the westerners.

>eat bugs
Bugs do not make sense to me, considering that they will have venom inside them in general that they use to bite and poison other bugs, and that they also benefit from being poisonous themselves to prevent predators from eating them.

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>big beef pushes beef, duh
>big pharma pushes veganism, wah?

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Man you are putting in some serious overtime trying to get this image to take off. Take your booger-eating fanclub somewhere else.

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>eating raw meat is a fad

What are you eating it with? Was the meat pre-frozen or raw as in undercooked?
I cleaned out my system before starting, so I could be sure.

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>slightly increased google searches are indicative of increased veganism
they were searching for 'irritating vegans' actually mostly

>> No.13474747

>eating raw meat is a fad
As your whole diet yeah unless you're inuit.

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>Here is this culture that has eaten raw meat their entire existence
>But its just a fad.

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>That is why high meat is instantly energetic.
Couldn't be the adrenaline rush from freaking out over eating something so disgusting, nah?

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>Vegans are much healthier than a brilliant successful doctor in his 50s who still lifts and maintaining his physical health and robust joints etc ...

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Most of those searches are me looking for more meme material.

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It was raw. Eggs were not organic, but free range, steak was grain-finished, beef was grass fed. Its hard to get good stuff where I live (Syd)

>> No.13474898

>Couldn't be the adrenaline rush from freaking out over eating something so disgusting, nah?
It could be, given that we know so little about eating raw meat, however from what I know, the high is something that mellows a person out, rather than producing a stress hormone like coffee.

Interesting. And do you know for sure it was the raw meat and raw eggs, and not something else?
The first time I ate raw meat, 80% of it was absorbed by the body, and produced nearly no fecal matter.

>> No.13474899

>Here is this culture that has eaten raw meat their entire existence
>But its just a fad.
For them, no. For you, yes.
I wonder what Sv3rige use to say to justify his cool eating choice when he was a vegan, before he grew out of that fad, and latched on to a new one.

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in many cases, cooking removes carcinogens and is necessary for certain nutrients to be present in your food

>> No.13474918

the reason we cook our meat is that it is inherently risky to eat it raw due to the fact that bacteria and parasites can't live inside sufficiently cooked meat

>> No.13474999

For example?
None of it makes sense to me, unless you were talking about something like, cooking bones until the point you were able to eat them.

Bacteria is healthy for you. Its what you use to digest food.
For parasites, just eat healthy animals. And not all parasites are bad for you.
When you cook food, you are fostering a different type of bacteria that feeds on necrotic flesh.

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I can't be positive but it did happen every time. I also try to rely on my instincts when eating foods. I eat 95% carnivore with some fruits sometimes. I feel rather happy when eating fruit. But I'm also pretty sure off fruit has given me diarrhea sometimes too.

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Cherries will give you the stinkiest shit you can possibly imagine.
If you eat raw meat, it shouldnt smell at all, but there is something to say about becoming acclimated to the diet.

I think the very first time I ate raw meat, I ate it with a meal that was curry meat and rice. That was wattery, however after that, when I switched wholesale moving forward, my fecal matter came out regular, and astonishingly, it smelled kind of good, like split pea soup.

I had one orange once throughout this, because I craved it.

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Raw Meat Live Right Now.

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Raw eggs/raw milk/ and butter every morning seems to be making my shits stank pretty bad. I get the eggs from my neighbor who has them on her property. The milk and butter from some local farmer. I don't know where to get any good raw meat so that will never happen.

Felt like I was laying eggs when I shit the first 3 days of eating this. Then it went back to normal but extra bad smell. Feel good though. Way tastier than I thought. I thought it would be gross as hell. Butter, yolk, milk go together so nicely.

>> No.13475967

>poo stank
ill have to see myself. Ate mostly eggs today.

>> No.13475990

It could easily be the butter or milk I'm not sure. I tried drinking only raw milk from a different farmer back in like 2012 and it just gave me diarrhea every time. This stuff from the new guy doesn't. Like the farmer has to write 'not for human consumption' on the shit to legally sell it. both of them did/do

>> No.13476010

is the raw milk grass fed or grain fed?
Grain fed raw milk is more acidic I think, and ends up being related to the dangers of raw milk because ecoli evolves to survive the stomache acid or something like that.

>> No.13476032

>generals on /ck/
Neck yourself, newfag.

>> No.13476038

They were both supposed to be grass fed but that farmer could have been feeding them grain and not showing people. Why I don't want to fuck with the meat I don't fully trust these guys. Plus I grew up on a farm where we fed the cows grain and the chickens had all hormones and shit so I know how it goes sometimes.

>> No.13476080

I drank my own piss for a while as an experiment. Actually makes you feel good. Just tastes bitter. Had to drink water too though because there's an aftertaste that lingers. As you continue doing it though, you start tasting the food you had eaten and you can sort of tell when a food wasn't very good for you because the pee tastes awful - funny as that sounds. Also, the pee becomes cleaner looking the more you do it and has less taste.. ends up more like water.

>> No.13476083

And a strict vegan diet is typically recommended for advanced HIV patients.

>> No.13476110

Which is funny because vegans often will break their veganism by drinking their own piss.
At that point, its no longer vegan.

It must be a conspiracy to kill these fuckers.

>> No.13476139

>vegetables are super unhealthy for you, especially if they are raw
>Fiber is not needed
>cooking meat actually makes it more dangerous
>Part of the reasoning behind not cooking meat, is that you are killing the bacteria that will help you digest the food
>When you cook food, you are fostering a different type of bacteria that feeds on necrotic flesh.
>I drank my own piss for a while as an experiment. Actually makes you feel good
you people are insane. just eat normally mang.

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This is your Mary Jane tranny

>> No.13476305

How's drinking piss not vegan?

>> No.13476339

Gut bacteria love and need fiber you want it for a healthy gut flora.
Anyway, enjoy shitting once a month and the resulting gut rot.

>> No.13476367

>It must be a conspiracy to kill these fuckers.
Raw meat is a conspiracy to make the vocal vegan haters die off quicker.
Good riddance though.

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Alright guys! My name is Bobby, guys. I want to discuss how veganism equals faggotry.
>b-but Bobby you were vegan
Yes.. there was a time I truly believed I was vegan but I knew sometime was wrong. If you are new to my channel, you will know I am into Shamanism and psychedelics. When I took the mushroom, the mushroom teacher told me that I was not faggot and this was not my way. Afterwards I realised I was never really a faggot and was only ever fag-based.
>but what changed Bobby
The mushroom teacher told me to eat raw animal products. First I started with eggs and then fish. Sashimi truly is divine food. Only when I had raw fish did I realise my true self and end the manufactured faggotry imposed on us in this modern world. My libdo improved and now I colonise my African girlfriend's pussy non-stop

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Adios amigo.

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Ah yes, the "ex vegan" meme.
Now he spends years of his life and is hellbent on proving the healthiest and longest living demographic on the planet to be fundamentally wrong because being a part of it happened to be beyond his mental capacity, which apparently is the primary the source of all this unconcealable salt.

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>Another former vegan escaped the cult.

I can't figure out why? Why would anyone quit once they have discovered the healthiest possible diet for humans?

>> No.13476486

>Now he spends years of his life and is hellbent on proving the healthiest and longest living demographic on flat Earth.... blà blà blà

Hong Kong? I have never heard of Sv3rige's complaints or anything against hong Kong??


>> No.13476512

Hey, long time no see.
Yeah, I heard about this sociopath baltfaggot larping as a sw3de earlier, but didn't know /ck/ harboured him/his followers here.
The amount of bs they advocate for is quite impressive, gotta admit.

>> No.13476619

I hope there's a separate board for grammar.

>> No.13476639

I like Bobby. He was a literally who channel that had been saying for months he wasn't feeling great then told everyone he was going to try animal products. The vegan drama about him was amazing. Literally who to Hitler in a week.

>> No.13476645

Everybody eats their boogers when no one is looking

>> No.13477381

Go vegan!


>> No.13477474

*Citation missing*

>> No.13477497

>is water a conspiracy?!?!?!
Is this guy retarded? Look at any existing ecological animal habitat and you'll find that they are based around the location of water. Animals in Africa migrate thousands of miles to get from one water source to another as they dry up. Yeah, eating food provides water, but even the carnivores will drink water and don't simply migrate with the groups for better hunting.

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File: 154 KB, 1080x1080, rawcaveman_4___Bu6v_MQAdNi___.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13477520

Take this retarded shit back to r*ddit. It was funny the first few times, but now you've got retards unironically falling for this meme and eating raw meat

>> No.13477558
File: 1.87 MB, 856x360, The.Revenant.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We the native Americans now
>takes another bite
damn that's good shit

>> No.13477678

if the meat is grass fed, the beef fat is yellow apparently.
Graid fed, and the fat is white.

>> No.13477686

Yeah it's all white for me. Not eating it. Will probably continue the eggs - raw milk and butter until I almost die from salmonella or something. Thanks for the tip though

>> No.13477688

>eat bran muffins bigot
>theyre good for heart disease mang trust me im a boomer

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You are drinking an animal biproduct that closely resembles blood.

It cant digest fibre. Why would it love something it can not digest?
Also, ive been at it for a month and a half, no constipation, and absolutely no fibre. Explain that.

>weird mock
eccentrics and skeptics are going to be among the first ones to try the diet, considering of how taboo it is in the first place.

>part of it happened to be beyond his mental capacity, which apparently is the primary the source of all this unconcealable salt.
He makes arguments, and he derives much of his research from Aajonus, who lost his stomach to stomach cancer, and had to find something he could digest straight to the gut.

>aggressive and butthurt for no discernable reason
Eat some raw meat anon. It calms you down.

kek. Based farmer.

ignore the shit he said at the end about ecoli, considering we have it in our body to begin with.

t. vegan

samefag vegan using hollywood as a source

>> No.13477794

Based ironic meatfag poster

>> No.13477796

Can see the prions are making their way downtown

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File: 54 KB, 500x534, _when-someone-think-they-have-an-argument-but-its-not-2777133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Unwashed fruit and vegetables are also a big source of parasite carriers. A lot of vegetables are eaten raw and according to the Center for Disease Control diseases from fruit and vegetables are on the rise. With a huge demand for fruit and vegetables, we Americans import 30 billion tons of food per year. Some of this food comes from countries where animal manure and human feces are used as fertilizer. This practice greatly increases the spread of parasites. The practice of eating out is also on the rise. Salad bars, infected food preparers, and improperly washed fruits and vegetables are all sources for parasites.

>> No.13477839

>The practice of eating out
Front, behind, or both?

>> No.13477846

Dios mio...

>> No.13477867

Front end apparently.

>> No.13478046

whats that in the glass?

>> No.13478080

Someone should tell all those inuits, that live on an ice sheet with zero access to vegetation for generations, that if they don't stop their all meat diet they will get scurvy.

>> No.13478154


>> No.13478158

They eat forage berries

>> No.13478172

Unsubstantiated lie. Vitamin C literally bypasses glucose receptors in the mouth.

>> No.13478175

I don't think I could do that. 2gross4me

>> No.13478178

Dawg, ain’t no berries in the land of never above zero degrees Celsius.

>> No.13478231
File: 131 KB, 1024x683, 1577070872766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they drink it instead of water.

>eat your bran muffin bigot
You use the vitamin C to help digest grains. I watch my own cravings, and I had a pizza about 8 hours ago, and now I really crave eating an orange. I dont get that when I eat raw meat.
When you repeat old boomer tropes about health from a generation inflicted with heart disease, it doesnt hold muster. Everything you "know" about diet is wrong.

>> No.13478265
File: 38 KB, 640x834, 1569814843130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your personal anecdotes aren't reality. Enjoy your low T and heart disease. You know nothing about diet, you just regurgitate the articles your cult leader referenced on Youtube without actually reading them.

>> No.13478272

Dawg, you're a dumb pretentious faggot

>> No.13478280

Why do anti carnivore peeps love to use this one point so much?

Every time I see it posted it gets refuted. So I know you already know the refutation. Yet you still post it, like “aha! This time I’ll trick them!!” Moronic.

>> No.13478296

Yet you magically couldn't refute it, how inconvenient

>> No.13478299

No shit! There’s plenty of places that natives ate and collected berries. Especially your references western Alaska which is actually fairly temperate due to warm ocean currents moving north along the coast from California.

Go to a place like Paulatuk and find some berries. Go read what I said again before trying to refute it.

>> No.13478304

>Dawg, ain’t no berries in the land of never above zero degrees Celsius.
Obviously not no shit even to you, you braindead faggot

Now try disproving it, homo

>> No.13478313

1) his blood means nothing. I monitor my own markers and don’t have those problems, even after being carnivore for 2 years. I get quarterly blood work done.

2) he has heavily abused steroids. This particular blood work was done off cycle, so of course his test was crashed.

3) fuck Shaun baker. This whole thing is a straw man argument anyway. When did I ever say I was on #teamshaunbaker? Does every vegan who’s ever existed represent you?

Fucking hell you are stupid as a barn wall.

>> No.13478325
File: 664 KB, 1242x2208, 1575883672115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>his test results mean nothing
Lol shut the fuck up retard.

>steroids, shaun* baker
Frank Tufanos test results

You didn't disprove anything you fucking retard. You just yet again gave your genetic dead end worthless anecdote. You should probably actually fucking read for a change, dumbass

Ill post the ex doctors for posterity

>> No.13478343

Bro you sound pretty triggered. Also you sound absolutely obsessed. Why do you have all these carnivore people’s blood work saved on your computer if you hate the diet? You’re even correcting me on spelling of names. God damn, I’ve never seen a better case of rent free in my life.

Get a life man. Find something to love instead of spending so much time focused on something you hate.

>> No.13478345
File: 349 KB, 600x600, small_Screen_Shot_2016-07-13_at_4.05.41_PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at this Western Alaskan place!

Does it suck being so fucking stupid all the time DAWG?

>> No.13478347
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Bro you sound like a retarded faggot that just got smoked. Probably the low T, try not to pop a gasquet, chud

>> No.13478350

Smoked how? You refused 0 of my 3 points. You just lashed out and called me retarded without actually refuting anything. You live in a fantasy world.

>> No.13478355

You brought up western Alaska as an example to refute what I was sayin. I said your example is invalid because it’s not a place that is never above zero. Fuck you are stupid.

>> No.13478361

I refused it? Wanna try that again big dawg? Or you gonna keep weeping like a bitch that you don't actually read anything?

>> No.13478364


>> No.13478369

I didnt bring up western Alaska, you did as a cope DAWG

Then I posted ANOTHER one that has nothing to do with it and you're STILL bitching because you're a fucking retard, DAWG

>> No.13478374

Yeah that's right, you refuted two of them yourself because you're a stupid bitch that doesn't know how to read. The other is you just making another irrelevant anecdote. Nobody gives a fuck, DAWG

>> No.13478380
File: 138 KB, 750x424, 784A8E2B-263E-4DE7-9531-D6A8AD617A5A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you legitimately mentally disabled? Pic related of your link.

>> No.13478388

Do you also notice the part that says Northern Canada? Did you also notice where I ever specifically mentioned western Alaska? No?

That's because you're a braindead faggot. Jesus fucking christ. Drink cyanide you failed abortion

>> No.13478391

> check out this food that is eaten in western Alaska
> I never brought up western Alaska

Fuck off. I’m done with this conversation. You are a waste of oxygen.

>> No.13478404

I literally never specified Western Alaska. It says Northern Canada right after it, then I gave you a fucking link to a place near the Arctic Circle. Fucking kill yourself, dumbass

>> No.13478432
File: 1.41 MB, 1300x1800, 1561928460003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vegans are mentally disturbed. Veganism is a weird cult where the members partake of an unnatural diet which leaves their body sickly, unhealthy and ultimately dead. Hurry off flat Earth vegans, adios!

>> No.13478495
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Meanwhile those who eat a proper - species specific diet for their own species, are healthy and normal, and achieve inner calm in a crazy world.

>> No.13478501

>they drink it instead of water.
why? what's wrong with water?

>> No.13478582
File: 135 KB, 500x521, 1502575256481.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying what happened to you personally is not real.
This is some next level subversion here.

>low t and heart disease
Where is all the heart disease among eskimos?

I do not understand it completely and have been trying to confirm it myself.
The basic argument and I think this is true, considering I learned this before I ever started the diet from a guy who managed water facilities on an island, that water in its purest form actually seeps nutrients from your body. He claimed that if you drank pure H20 for two weeks, you would die of malnutrition.

I heard the same sort of reasoning from the raw meat community. They like to point out that if you look at your cat for example, it drinks very little water.

My own thoughts on the matter are that:
>Carbohydrates like noodles, rice, etc, hold water for you very well.
>Raw Meat on the other hand, does not do this. I noticed I was much thirstier earlier on. Less so now.
>Raw meat does have a lot of creatine though, and this facilitates pumping water into your muscles.
>Joe Rogan pointed out some study that people who retained a lot of water by taking creatine, actually performed better intellectually than those who did not.
>I notice that in the orient it is more common to drink warm water or tea. Some claim that it helps the body absorb it easier. Cold water is kind of a shock to the system.
>The Israeli army has a policy of drinking a litre of water every hour, and claim it helps them survive in the desert, that you could easily tolerate the summer there under those conditions. This suggests that your level of activity will have something to do with this.
>when I drink a lot water of water from the water fountain, I found I got sore throats much more often. I think it is because it wears down and damages the pipe.

>> No.13478598

Its probably the eggs. I do the raw eggs thing to.

>> No.13478638
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Can we all not just eat a balanced omnivorous diet?

>> No.13478696

Because it doesnt work, and it isnt rational or logical.
If plants produce toxins to protect themselves, then where is the logic of balancing your plant toxins with animal nutrients?
Are you going to start smoking so you get a balanced amount of tar in your diet?

>> No.13479215

op munching the redpills like other people m&m's

>> No.13479438

Streams up right now, and someone asked about diarrhea. It was said that it is most likely a form of detox.

>> No.13479450

you drink your waste liquid waste, anon? you're proof eating raw meat MAY make you as batshit as a vegetarian. nice bait.

>> No.13479455

theres so much bait in this thread that it smells like anons cum soaked bedroom floor.

>> No.13479780

buy me some raw meat and I'll eat it on stream.
Its gotta be decent quality though.

>> No.13479820


>> No.13479841

does he color his hair?

>> No.13479912

>water is poison
Please don't reproduce.

>> No.13479933
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How can vegans claim their diet is healthy when you go crazy and die if you don't supplement b12 by injecting it into your ass?

>> No.13479945

How come Swedes are always the fucking worst??

>> No.13480627

kek vegans say that too

>> No.13480715 [DELETED] 

Fragile wh*te trash

>> No.13480876
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>> No.13480884

Yeah I know.
The streamer is a vox day fag. Bans you immediately if you disagree with him.

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