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We were supposed to have these FIVE YEARS AGO. Everything else has advanced, but food is as dumb as ever. How come the future never happened for food?

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If only you'd learned to cook instead of staying an inept manchild.

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Didn't you make the same thread a while ago?

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The timeline was averted.

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>Bigger than my fridge
>Takes three minutes
>Probably costs thousands of dollars
Not even close.

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Might as well complain about the hover board while you're at it

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I'll make that thread on /o/. Or /asp/?

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>>>/trash/ is more your style

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You can tell from her hands she's still a beautiful, molestable young starlet. I wonder how many times she had to lick her own shit off a hollywood producer's dick

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Harry and Luna should have been together. Harry hated his undue fame, and Luna was the only one who gave zero shit about who he was.

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>Probably costs thousands of dollars
It's a vending machine, so it more than pays for itself if you actually deploy it somewhere public instead of just keeping it at home. You could take out a business loan for the $50K initial cost to buy it and you would average $60,000-$70,000 per year, making back enough to easily pay off that loan in the first year or two alone with minimal expenses to worry about like ingredients. From that point on you could quit your job and just earn that $60K-70K per year passively and pay some wagie to keep it stocked with ingredients.

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That defeats the purpose. I want a full fucking Pizza Hut pizza in my kitchen in 5 seconds any time of day. I'm not asking for much.

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He only acted like he hated his fame, the fucker loved being in the spotlight

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The worst thing about the movies is how they portray Harry as this perfect angel, when he's a straight up asshole through most of the books.

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I don't want soggy steamed pizza, anyway. I like crispy pizza. Look how pale and steamy that pile of garbage looks. I'm glad I don't live in that timeline.

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Yeah, they prop up him and Hermione to the detriment of everyone else
Poor Ron is practically a villain

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how did she not burn the ever living shit out of her hands?

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artificial bullshit? no thanks

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if you lower your standards and provide funding I could probably do it, but it'd use fairly unorthodox methods

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magic is not real

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this wtf

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Dehydrated food? We've had that for a while, it's just that it's all shit and people prefer fresh or at least frozen stuff.

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That doesn't even make any sense.

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It's science.

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Anyone have the Pizza in a Cup screenshot? I lost it.

Don't tell anyone, but I actually kind of liked that stupid movie. And not only because of that scene either.

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I know you are just shitposting, but we moved away from as much convenience food and became a delivery culture.

Also artisan food became a bigger fad than quick food because it tastes better.

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Yeah in this one Biff became president

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Forget the food, I'm more interested in the pan
>foods steaming hot
>metal pans cool enough to touch with bare hands

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Howard the duck was one of the greatest films of the 20th century

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It's the future. The plate probably have anti-hydrator qualities that keep it cold.

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>Supposed to have instant pizzas
>Instead this is what we got

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Which Stallone movie is this?

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Demolition Man

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>magical no overhead vending machines

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His best

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I don't know what you want. They sell frozen pizzas that look more appetizing than this after baking.

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Thanks. I'll watch it today.

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christ I didn't know krauts used the same bullshit generic discount corporate commercial music as they do in the states

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>magical no overhead vending machines
Learn to read, retard. I said it would take 1 to 2 years to pay off $50K with a $60K to $70K annual ROI. How the fuck is that no overhead in your mind if it could take up to $140K to pay off $50K?

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Intentionally amateurish and "unsophisticated" marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You're supposed to go "if the ads are this dumb people must buy it for the quality"

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What did you expect? Blasmusik in the background?

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Music royalties to this kind of stock music are based on a cheap subscription. It's only used because it's extremely cheap and music royalties are expensive otherwise. You can pay 500 for a library of stock music or 5000+ for individual tracks that actually sound good.

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Wow you cracked the code, and only 30 years late.

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I’m holding out for a replicator before I spend that kinda money.

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>I know you are just shitposting, but we moved away from as much convenience food and became a delivery culture.

Indeed, my neighbors (in their late-20s) get some kinda food delivered every other day it seems.

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At $2 profit a pie you have to sell a fuckton of pizzas.

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You're not going to make nearly that much. I know a guy who owns two dozen different kinds of vending machines, and he makes maybe $20k a year off of them. Vending machines are just not that lucrative.

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That specific vending machine runs an average of 60K-70K annual ROI. It's not the same as a soda vending machine.

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>The pizza dispenser is not new to the market nor is it a prototype. It has been successfully operating in Europe for 14 years and has been providing long lasting reliability.
>The Pizza ATM vending machine costs $55,000 and offers an exceptional 1-year average return on investment (ROI). To put it in perspective, at $10 per pizza, existing Pizza ATM vending machines selling 25-30 pizzas per day average $60,000-$70,000 in one year.

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I'll give you credit for providing some kind of source, but that is a completely different kind of machine. So maybe it's possible but not conclusive.

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You don't know what an ROI is. It's NET costs. That's factored in already that you're spending money stocking it. A pizza costs the customer $10 a pop. The machines average 25 to 30 sales per day. 365*10*25 is $91,250 annual, so obviously $60K is the figure less costs.

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It's not completely different. It's the same 3 minute one.

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technology is cancer

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>The machine does not make the pizzas, nor are they frozen. They are handmade in your kitchens, stored in the temperature-controlled refrigeration unit, and cooked to perfection in the proprietary convection oven of the Pizza ATM vending machine.

It's 100% different.

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That's the same one as this:

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The one here is the same as you're describing:
Same 3 minute vending machine where the pizza is actually made and not judt reheating frozen ones.

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no one is spending $10 on a vending machine pizza. you won't be making more than $2 a pie in profits.

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>they're a mom & pop family business that can't afford $5000 so it must be really good home made food!
It's a 12 billion euro multinational. They can afford to do advertising as slick as your favorite car ad with a custom track by John Lennon and directed by the Wachowski Bros. They choose to make this look homespun and low budget because rubes like you think it's more authentic and relatable

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How do start vending machines? I has plenty of cash.

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>mmmm i think fiction is reality

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I've been interested in this too

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There are vending machine pyramid scheme type deals you can get into that are probably not a good idea. Otherwise it's probably a franchise type situation. If you are interested then you should call up a vending machine company that is popular in your area and see how you can get into the business.

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