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What are the most nutritionally dense foods?

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Concocted survival foods.

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granola bars, protein shakes and dairy

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>Fatty acids

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Liver, kidneys, oysters, clams

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Avacado and eggs

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You forgot

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The answer is pemmican.
Shame it tastes awful.

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Prion disease is a meme.


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Not a single instance of pig-brain prion disease.

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*gives you end stage renal failure*

nothin personal, kid


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I sincerely hope that isn't your own two month-old post

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so if i eat this i'll instantly become obese? makes no sense

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No but my friend wrote it. He's been eating the farmland brains for years and I've had them a few times.

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Max bulk

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Bread and butter.

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little debbie nutty buddy

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One large serving of liver for me please.

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Activated almonds usually do the trick

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Eating a Mediterranean diet is supposed to be very nutritious

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roasted are very bad for you though

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roast beefs are very bad for you though

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roasties are very bad for you though

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Reddit is very bad for you though.

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Butter. Also potatoes.

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Your lymph nodes will become obese I’m sure

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*solves world hunger*

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No, your body gets energy from fat, carbohydrates and protein. But uranium doesn't have any of those, it's like fiber, it would just pass through your body because your body doesn't know what to do with it.

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nuclear powered groids aint a good idea maybe

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just eat some peanut butter straight out of the jar

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It’s so fibrous it passes right through RNA strands like a hot knife through butter. Nothing like a good uranium shit after Christmas dinner.

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unironically sliced whole wheat bread

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Bone marrow. And it delicious.

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Obese individual gets renal failure from oxylates

Yeah, if you're a lard ass almost anything will harm you.

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huh no wonder you're retarded then

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probably organ meats then maybe avocados if you're talking minerals and vitamins and not just calories, dried tomatoes and dried berries/nuts would be really high up there (esp tomatoes) by mins & vit per gram

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liver, kidney, have virtually every vitamin you need with extremely high protein and a good amount of fat. Also anything where youre eating an entire animal, like oysters, which are also very mineral dense.

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Milk and enriched flour goes pretty far

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I flipped my shit, 11/10 edit.

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I prefer mine unactivated, I've been trying to cut back on processed foods.

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wow this could sustain you for around 30,000 years

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