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Which cuisine does pork the best?

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Mexico and china

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Wetbacks and chinks. Wops couldn't do pork right to save their lives though.

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T. Spic

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It’s a shit meat and the Chinese are experts at using sodium and sugar to cover up the taste of foul meat. I barely eat bacon but I’ll eat the shit out of Char Siu.

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Are you forgetting the cured stuff line salami prosciutto and GABBAGOOL?

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Let's see your little yellow pecker

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Nothing compared to spice food

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I’m Hispanic and I wasn’t saying they were cook cooks, they just know how to cover up the taste of bad food with garbage, like a parent caramelizing apples.

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I mean Chinese cuisine is way more refined than Hispanic cuisine so...

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Not him but Eastern Chinese food is bland
It tends to not have much spices and just ginger+garlic+soy

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Post little jaundiced pecker

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I noticed recently that I don't really like pork unless it's prepared and seasoned a certain way (like al pastor tacos)

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char siu is good, but is it better than American style smoked BBQ ribs (spare ribs specifically)?

tacos al pastor are great too.

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Yeah it's American pulled pork and/or Carolina style whole hog with mustard-based sauce that takes the crown here.

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Japanese for fresh pork, Italian for cured pork.

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What about the whole hog NC barbecue with the vinegar and pepper sauce?

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Id add American bbq pork to this and call it the holy pork trifecta.

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well my favorite food is american bbq pork ribs so that

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Yeah that might even be better...you are making me hungry now!

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What are beef ribs liked compared to pork

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I want to try it so bad, but I live in New York and there aren't really any real barbecue places

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Not as good, barring a few exceptions. Theyre a jewish invention.

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I hear Central TX barbecue does them well, though

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japanese food is bland

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>al pastor
>green chorizo
>migas de hueso
>asado de boda
>puerco en salsa de ciruela
>torta ahogada
>costillas en chile negro
>chamorro en pibil
>gorditas de chicharron prensado
>cerdo en manchamanteles
>tostada de pata
>cochito horneado
>cerdo encacahuatado
yeah I think Mexico is top with china second and good ol USA at third

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Oh please, this is not even a competition.

Southern US BBQ.

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Best place for beef ribs is killens. Pork are vastly superior though. If you want to feel like a caveman a beef rib will do it

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this fag is like the mexican version of a weeb

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Ramen is pretty good though

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American bbq, nothing from the north, either Texas or Tennessee

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underrated kek

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nah, too predictable

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You niggers think anything that isn't fried chicken or ribs, is bland.

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Char Siu, enough said. Nothing better than having some tonkotsu ramen after a long day of work and indulging yourself in that broth and such soft meat.

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That's because niggers are savages and lack refinement.

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Beef short ribs cooked in a bottle of wine for six hours are the greatest food on earth.


Here, try this recipe.

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T. Ken-sama

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if the only shit you eat every day is highly processed garbage with tenfolds the amount of sugar or salt necessary you could think of it as bland yes

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American cuisine. Why? Because we don't have pretentious rules.

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Exactly. Italians and americans do pork the best to be honest.

People forgetting about porchetta, prosciutto, country ham, bbq anything, any cured pork meat...

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pretentious rules are made up by faggots that cook every other month. if you cook daily you'll soon start using whatevers left in the fridge

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Mexicans do pork the best in my opinion
It's a low tier meat (besides bacon and ribs) but they make it taste really good in pretty much everything I've had.
I'm not into offal, though.

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You only like the spices they drown it in.

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>with mustard-based sauce

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Soul Food.

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It's not like Indian food
If you think Mexican food is overly seasoned, then you're a fag

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Chinks. Specifically red-cooked pork. Japanese take second for tonkatsu.

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Sorry, was writing to my fellow grown-ups, Timmy.

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Do you guys find that pork is inherently an inferior meat?

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>Soul Food.

Soul food is just your American niggers appropriating & stealing carribean and latin recipes.

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No, it's probably one of the most diverse. There's a reason why it's so popular, and widely used. It's only cheap because it has massive turn over.

Lots of economists say that if prices of pork go up, something is up, if it's down everything is OK.

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>Soul food is just your American niggers appropriating & stealing carribean and latin recipes.
its ok, niggers steal everything, but we can't say anything about it because niggers are so pathetic and we have to pitty and coddle them.

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I always laugh at ignorant white people who act like 'soul food' is some type of original black people invention, when it's just stolen Latino dishes.

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T. Leshaun Gonzalez

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Stupid spick. Niggers in america get credit for everything they didn't invent cause white people feel sorry for those impotent savages. It's called Affirmative Action. deal with it.

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It's a little known fact that the primary reason southerners began importing blacks was because the white women were horrible cooks and could only manage to make corn pone, fried fat back, possum grits and gravy, and boiled greens. Thus, with black slave mammies installed in the southern kitchens, soul food was born due to the desperation of white men desiring quality, edible food. Blacks once again showed their cultural superiority even when enslaved.

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This kind of shit is why black people say white people don't season our food
Shut up, retard

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Sort of, it places emphasis on the freshness of the ingredients and the subtle flavours they naturally have
I like it

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Tell that to anyone who barbecues or smoke meats
The different states get SUPER pissed at the others for not doing it "their way" even though basically all Southern BBQ tastes great anyway

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Pork loin, yes. It's always on sale and is almost always gross

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forgot about the cured porks. too bad it's so impractical.

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>Beef ribs are an invention of the Jews
kys Moshe

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my favorite cuisines are the ones who can do both.
Like Mexican, Italian, French, etc.

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I think my mom has made it pretty well, but she marinaded the fuck out of it.
I made a pork chop the other day and I was kinda disappointed about it. I cooked and seasoned it well, but unlike steak or even chicken, the juices it emit just taste kinda "off" to me.
That's why I prefer the Mexican or Chinese preparations of pork, you get more non-pork flavor plus it's cut into small pieces.

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Southern, USA.
No others can even compete.
There's just no comparison.

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Deutschland Deutschland Uber Alles

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what seasonings do Germs use?

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Funny you should mention chinese food.
I'm shitting right now.

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I’d argue cured meat is more practical if anything. It’s a way to preserve much of an animal for far longer than it would last fresh, and makes for some damn awesome results when done with care.

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When proper crispy.

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Mexico or Southern US obviously.

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But always hella salty

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Italian what?? Prosciutto is shit for faggots.

Spanish Jamon Iberico motherfucker!!

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>which cuisine does X the best?

french obviously
the answer is always french you fucking plebs
learn to cook beyond just hurr durr i thow heaps of spice on everything cus my palate is destroyed by junk food

its poetic a thread about pork would be filled with so many swine

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T. Bobby Bardot

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>Talks so much shit
But still can't cook.

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That's a tough comparison. I see Char Sui as more of an add-on. Ribs are main course.

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Are those little bread sticks?

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Yes, they're

Yo can call them "Picos"

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Scandinavian, without a doubt.

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The cuisine that doesn't

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Cope harder Manolo, nobody gives a shit about your inferior ham.

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just fucking glass the Carolinas for their “””contribution””” to bbq

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Pork loin is like the prefect basic bitch meat.
Hard to fuck up yet still hard to make it great.

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Excuse me Mr Rigattoni... enjoy your shitcured piece of crap.

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I think it benefits from citrusy flavors to cut down on its porkiness

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chinese are kings of pork

>> No.13427071

I wish they had more variety in flavor besides garlic, soy, and ginger

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>Wops couldn't do pork right to save their lives though.

Anyway either Italy or Spain depending on what you like. >>13420293

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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> Spanish
Umm, dont you have an EU to leave or something like that?
We can talk bacon after youve got that done.

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