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I'll wait.
(Protip: You can't.)

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>trying to use spoilers on /ck/
>can't even do it properly
How much of a fucking tourist are you, iphonefag?

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You're right I literally can't

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Sweet babby rays

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Marinara sauce, bbq sauce, blue cheese, honey mustard, sweet & sour, there are really too many sauces to list.

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Tzatziki sauce.

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Imagine the smell of your vinegary shits after eating those

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It's just Greek yogurt

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>Implying I eat it
I drink it

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With herbs and spices that make it great.

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Fair enough.

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>not having vinegary shits after eating literal vinegar

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Worcestershire sauce

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A1 Bold and Spicy with Tabasco is better than Tabasco proper

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What? I have never used any herbs in tzatziki.

Have I been doing it wrong my whole life?

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based. used to steal one of these every time i went to chipotle when i was in high school

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I swiped a bottle of hot sauce from Long John Silver's. Absolutely terrible.

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the act or the taste? i admit i do feel bad for stealing back then but i could never find the chipotle tabasco anywhere else

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needs dill

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That but chipotle

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Not adding dill

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I got you. See pic.


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Incorrect. Tabasco can be added to far more things than any of those. What's it like being such a sub?

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Is Sambal a sauce technically?

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