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>oil and sauce fucking everywhere
my god why is everyone on yelp such an autist

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Yelp is pure propaganda.

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Unironically somehow looks dry as fuck even with the sauce.

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What do you mean, "unironically?"

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it is dry though, if the muscle fibers of chicken are pulling apart that much it must be overcooked

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without irony? i'll keep an eye on this thread so let me know if any other words give you trouble

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There's already an opposite of "ironic". It's "sincere", "honest", or "candid", depending on the kind of irony in question. Considering you have absolutely no clue what irony actually is (since, in this case, the idea you meant to negate was your possible sarcastic sentiment, given that sentiment != irony), none of us can reasonably have an idea what you actually meant. The best I can do is make assumptions based on the fact that basically no one actually knows how to use English correctly, let alone accurately or clearly.

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language evolves. if "unironically" is used by enough people, which it is, it becomes a word. language is an emergent property of human-to-human interaction, it is not a tangible characteristic of it.

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>language evolves
then how come I can still read shit that was written 500 years ago nigga

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It's also without murder or sex. Should I mention that too?

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Did you mean that unsarcastically. If so, why didn't you mention it?

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And I meant that unerotically

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Well I guess if you can still read it that means there haven't been any changes since.

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I never minded dry chicken, it's always served with a sauce anyway.

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I'd be willing to bet only @ 5% of the population could define "irony" and provide examples of it. Most people think it's the same as "sarcastic."

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Imagine not knowing the difference between dry and juicy chicken. Pro-tip: if it's not brined for at least 4 hours prior to cooking, it's usually dry chicken.

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So why lie and pretend that language evolves?

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>he thinks drenching a meat in sauce means the meat can't be dry.

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Remember that this is /ck/.
Nobody knows how to cook around here.

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You have to be autistic in general to leave reviews.

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Why would you "ironically" say it looked dry? Is there irony in thinking chicken looks dry? You're a fucking clown.

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Yes you stupid shithead, because it's drenched in sauce

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why can't they just leave

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You too niggers stop arguing about irony

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It's ironic that a person made a song about irony who didn't understand it's definition.

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Yet another drumpf metafor.

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Down vote.

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And you think "unironically" was the correct word choice? Lmao at your life, don't even @ me you fucking goober.

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You can read a large part of it, but many words will have changed meanings in the interim. Egregious used to mean especially good, but it literally means the exact opposite now.

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Gr8 thread

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all (of this is) me.

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Because you brought them there

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Not a kike so no

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>doesn't deny being 400 years old

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anyone who uses this winga dinga font on their phone should be shot

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