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Can we get a /ck/ humor thread going here

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Haha these are really funny :)

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White women be like

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these are all not good

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imagine being that one worthless loser who orders no cheese.
You know damned well the others took turns on his wife later that night.

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Niggers be committing 50% of crimes while only being 10% of the population
Niggers be abandoning their children and growing up without fathers
Niggers be getting shot by cops

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garfield one was funny

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I gotta have a good meal

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Is it just me or has this site as a whole gone to shit since Gen Z hit? Just a bunch of drones expecting to be spoonfed humor. Maybe try using your brains instead of posting sad "show me your meme" threads

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YLYL threads are about as old as 4chan retard

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It was never good, dumdum.
Far be it from me to defend the zoomers but they're definitely creating at least as much OC as the oldfigs were back in the day.

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Nah, they had to invent the "post 3 of your own first" rule just because people have been zero effort since the shit came online.

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Haha good one

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>The Difference Between Soul Food and Southern Cuisine, Explained

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nice jpg

I think I remember that being a rule on ConsumptionJunction. Definitely not something new.

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Southern cuisine is soul food if it sucks

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I'm so dejected and irony poisoned that seeing non-political cringe "normie" content warms my heart. Like being a kid again

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It's all shit poor people food regardless.

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Such a bullshit video, but it's pretty cool that they got both Bailey Jay and Andrew Anglin to be in it.

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Holy fuck is that really BJ?

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Not that I would know, but this is the most reddit thread I've ever seen.

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Imagine the smell lol

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I recommend saving this one.

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Good one

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You exposed yourself.

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*if it was actually good

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this looks like your average pajeet or ethiopian slop
i assume at least some of those posters flexing on pajeet or ethiopian food are southern since you've got to figure a lot of the ameircan racist posters are from there. so what gives?

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fatties don't have sex stupid

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>niggers are also trash so that means white women aren't trash!
not how that works

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ok jew
>goyim are trash, so that means being kicked out of 109 different countries doesn't mean jews are trash

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>you think white women are trash? OMFG JEW
peak soyboy

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I want to buy RavingRHM a beer

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>sugars ending in -ose

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They're funny in one specific layer of irony.

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I want to strangle every last one of these cocksuckers to death.

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dude ur so dark and twisted

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For being allergic to something?
A condition literally out of their control?
Restaurant menus don't list every ingredient and being informed of your customer's allergies can be the difference life and death

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How does one acquire this many allergies?

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dye your hair blue or green

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>Western women

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Wow. Why are you so hateful?

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lmao I remember when I was a kid and was getting some popcorn chicken from those areas at walmart that sell the chicken, potato wedges, and other stuff and I saw the "Caution: Hot don't touch" sign and was like "pssh let me see about that nigga" and touched the glass the sticker was on and was like yeah that's pussy shit lol then I touched the metal underneat the glass and blistered my finger for days

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>These are really funny

Fuck me, you need to get outside more

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You've been had. :)

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What the fuck does that word mean?
Is that even english?

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Fuck off or bring an Epi-pen.
>allergic to sugars ending in -ose
That’s known in medical circles as a ‘death sentence’, as the human body runs on glucose.

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Whatever American homo.
>Doesn't state that the rest of the American meals for the day are either deep fried or just fried.

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Imagine being that 17 year old loser, in his mom's basement, no effort to get a job, she works 3 jobs, so that junior can have electricity and his tendies.....

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love steven universe

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>dog nut
I feel sick. I don't want red rocket referred in foods. I prefer not hear it anywhere, honestly.

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how old are you?

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How does he get out of there?

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>can be spelled
No, you stupid hag, they should be spelled doughnuts. Donut is a branded bastardization of the word doughnut done by Dunkin Donuts.

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it's a joke..

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i assume "shucks" is to "shit" as "frick" is to "fuck"

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marry me?

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Older than you, homo.

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So is America....

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>it's a joke

So is America as it stands.

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dumber, though

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Rent free

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shuck is a verb for the act of removing a shell or covering.
For example:
Bob quickly shucks his oyster.

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I think all sugars end in -ose. I'm pretty sure that's part of their chemical naming. Like ethyls, and ols.

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giving us the facts

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Near reddit thread humor

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Lack of natural selection.

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