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Why do you arbitrarily designate food items as "soyboy"?

Do you resent trends because it reminds you how out of the loop you truly are and it remind you that you are shunned by society because of your choices?

hot sauce is just fine, you're just bitter.

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Mostly because people who like it keep making that stupid face

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maybe in your mind.

but is that so wrong? are they not happy? You could be, too, if you gave up this place and learned to not be so hateful. and learned to love hot sauce.

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It's not arbitrarily. Soy boys get specifically obsessed with certain food items, especially the ones that were traditionally considered masculine, like beer, coffee, steak, hot sauce. Same with other things like beards. They get so obsessed with those things and turn them into some weird fetish and morph them into abominations. They turn regular beer into jalapeno cholula raspberry IPA and hot sauce into SLAP YO MAMA DA BOMB BRAPPER extract or whatever.
Most traditionally masculine things have been soyified by these lesser men, you included.
Liking a dash of hot sauce in your food is not soy, getting obsessed with it and having a collection of weird hot sauces definitely is

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I think this meme started about 10 years ago when they started making BACON!!!!!!!!!-flavored everything.

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I mean, commodity fetishization is weird, but that's not exclusive to "soyboys". Similar things have happened with gamers. Energy drinks are now "EPIC GAMER FUEL!!!".

And what's wrong with having different hot sauces with different flavor profiles for different foods? Tobasco for eggs, Franks for wings and Tapatio for Mexican food. It's no different than having lots of seasonings for different dishes.

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For me, it's Tapatio. The best hot sauce to use for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

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You can try, but you'll never make a sauce this good

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Nice reading comprehension shitposter
He literally stated there is nothing wrong with a dash of hot sauce.

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You make some good points but also consider how easy it is these days to get 100 different hot sauces or craft beer brands. Stuff boomers quite literally had one or two options on, unless they went way out of their way

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I like all kinds of hot sauce. When i cook mexican stuff, I always use this stuff. It's really, really good.

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That has more to do with the fact that social-media addicts are faggots who love to take pictures of themselves to begin with rather than the products themselves. If anything you should be lashing out at shit like facebook and instagram that promotes this kinda behavior rather than getting upset about food.

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where my yucateco boys at?

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Because Im a redpilled Trump supporter

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Sriracha for carbs.
Frank's for meat
Tapatio for veg and eggs.

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my man. tabasco made me eat this ramen with pleasure.

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Its really this that triggers a hatred.
There are hundreds of brands now, some "small batch" shit that is horribly overpriced, and shilled by faggots online. And those faggots vigorously defend their brand while shitting on the others, like "omg, you haven't even tried this?" This is as bad as the hipster talking about this AMAZING band that YOU have never heard of, because you only listen to the radio and Spotify promoted playlists. The attitude makes the aficionados into instant assholes. It really goes along with any "esoteric" hobby where you must select from hundreds to thousands of choices, from music to fashions to foods. Faggotry results every single time.
There is no way for an ordinary person to try all that bullshit and objectively rank them. All we want is a handful of solid choices, at a low cost, representing all the major categories well.
Is this too much to ask?

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Bruh theres like 3 hotsauce threads a day /ck/ doesnt think its soyboy. Just a couple identity lacking frequent posting autists

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