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What's with the lack of meat pie in American cuisine?

For a culture that loves carbs, fat, meat, and salt there is a serious lack of savory pies. Every other Anglophone country seems to love them.

Generally the only meat pie readily available in the USA is the chicken pot pie, and even that tends to be a seasonal item

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Wait, are these those "taco pockets" they served to me in elementary school?

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because we won our independence from shit cooking

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They're disgusting

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Chicken pot pies are typical, but meat pies aren't. Not meme-ing but maybe since we don't have to make organ (kidney) pies with filler and can eat steak? I don't know. I'd enjoy them. Now I want to make them.

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Probably for the same reason we no longer eat gruel.

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Burritos have taken their place.

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its a french recipe and most americans come from german households

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We have Turkey Pot Pies.
The Frozen Foods industry took the cuisine over and made them low-quality.
Good home-made ones are fantastic.

Plus Americans do pic related, but yeah meat pies are missing.

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>most americans come from german households

eres gracioso mi amigo

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I think because the american staple is cow/chicken, so why have cow meat pies when we can just eat burgers and steak? I honestly dont know meat pies seem like the perfect american thing

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oh did you just want to start a shitty thread about american mutts?
it doesn't matter how ethnically pure americans are, they have a tradition of clinging to what their previous generations grew up around
most "white" americans immigrated from germany
very few came from french areas and they're limited to certain states
which is why meat pies are rare and only prominent in those states

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>What's with the lack of meat pie in American cuisine?
>For a culture
>a culture

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That would make sense since my French Canadian family makes this but no one else I know.

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Chicken pot pies are year-round comfort food. We do beef and turkey pot pies too. You're right though, we don't do meat pies the way Brits and Aussies do. Some people make shepherd's pie, that's about all you'll see over here.

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It was supplanted by the hamburger as the calorie dense food-on-the-go in the mid-20th century.

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>what is deep dish pizza

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I believe it's because eating British foods like meat pies and mutton because unpopular in America during the revolution for obvious reasons and with a constant influx of non British immigrants English cuisine never recovered over here

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Me mum makes a great chicken pot pie with keto crust (egg and mozzarella)
We don’t eat meat pies though that’s gross

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we need those pie shells for making delicious sugar-based dessert pies, something europeans would never understand with their undersized, womanly pastries.

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We have natchitoches meat pies in Louisiana

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It’s a panzerotto rip-off

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I grew up on these cause my family was dirt poor and I still crave these once in a while.

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I don’t get why Americans are obsessed with green shit over their food, like what’s even the point of that shit if it doesn’t stick to the food? It’s just a waste of a product that you could’ve used in another way.

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>I grew up on these cause my family was dirt poor and I still crave these once in a while.
missing pic

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>serving suggestion
>”put the pie on a plate”

Do Americans really

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>Pastry with savory fillings
These things count and these things are fucking everywhere

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hot pockets and burritos are very common

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>Ah don’t eat all of it, hoser. It has to last all week, eh?
What a pathetic existence you must lead.

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I’ve eaten your mom’s meat pie.

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Stromboli/stuffed bread, ya obsessed and seething europoor faggot.

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We eat pasties in Michigan.

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Does cottage/shepherd's pie count?

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>since we don't have to make organ (kidney) pies with filler and can eat steak?
Steak pies are absolutely a thing.
The most popular Australian pies is probably mince beef (maybe with cheese) but the second would probably be steak and black pepper and the third chunky beef.
Steak and Kidney pie is way down the list.
There's also Chicken and Vegetable pie which is a chicken pot pie but in a pie shell instead of a ramekin.

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It all sounds good, but it's true that they just aren't a thing here like they are in other places. They totally should be a regular gas station thing instead of bean burritos.

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>we have one thing, so we don't need to have two things
that's literally your argument at its core

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I'm not the fucking history maker bitch. Come here and sell meat pies if you want the US to have them so badly.

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eat the fucking pies

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Based 'boli boasters

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wtf is this shit?

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>Not meme-ing but
You're memeing.

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if you don't eat sausage rolls you aren't cultured

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>sausage rolls

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Our meat pies are different from bongs in that ours are more like a meat stew which includes aromatic vegetables as well as potatoes, mushrooms, peas, green beans baked in a pie crust. They can be chicken, beef or turkey. They are not suitable for eating with hands as they have more gravy.

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you mean pigs in a blanket?

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I eat shepherds pie sometimes

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Lmao that article

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No you dumb mutt, the joke was that without the “serving suggestion” you would’ve eaten the pie with bare hands straight from the box.

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Agreed. My grandpa was from england so my grandma always made meatpies, and now every year at christmas my mom makes tons of them and gives them away but i never ever see them in the store here and almost everyone ive asked has never had a meatpie and often havent even heard of it. My wife hates them so i usually get like 5 meatpies to myself for christmas. Freeze them and eat them throughout the year.

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Around Detroit we call them grinders or pasties. Very common.

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>We have Turkey Pot Pies.
>The Frozen Foods industry took the cuisine over and made them low-quality.
1) Stromboli is not American
2) Stromboli is disgusting. The dough never cooks on the inside.

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They were up until the early 20th century. Sugar has always been a cheap commodity for Americans so fruit pies became the most popular type

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i ju st made some meat pies 2 nights ago. pastalillos my nigga

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we come from american households, fuck your gibberish, and fuck hyphen americans

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We do, they're called Hot Pockets

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A panzerotto is closer to a calzone. Nachitoches meat pies are just improved versions of Jamaican meat pies.

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Yes, yes I would've. Do you have an issue with that? Your little euro hands can't stand some scalding?

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