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What foods do autists eat? Pizza seems to be popular for some reason

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Judging from the catalog, pizza and McDonald's almost exclusively.

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Why? Is it the bread?

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i typically like food that is simple, i avoid messy food and slop where everything is all mixed together and i can't discern every ingredient.Being able to inspect my food is important because i can't trust anybody since i can't tell if they are being altruistic or mocking me with malicious intent

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i’m autistic and how it typically goes is i’ll find something i really enjoy eating, eat that for a month straight, one day feel like vomiting on first bite, and then repeat the cycle
recently it was omelettes, next month it was tuna mixed with pasta sauce and parm cheese, haven’t found anything else yet so i’m just eating random stuff

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Little Caesars
frozen chicken tenders
french fries
grilled cheese sandwiches (without tomato slices)
sardines and other canned fish (the mercury only worsens the autism)
microwave dinners
chicken flavor instant noodles

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i just went through a 2 month bout of only split pea soup. before that it was chili and now its vodka

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My brother only eats chicken. He swears he can't have gluten. He also refuses to flush the toilet

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>He also refuses to flush the toilet
based, nothing wrong with chicken either but if he won't eat gluten that means the chicken is not breaded which is a no go for me

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My autistic brother eats nothing but hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and nutella sandwiches.
Very specific hotdogs and nuggets. You never see a picky eater who's picky over anything that matters, it's just allegiance to whatever brand of trash they vacuum up.

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red wine and fast food
monday is mcdonalds
tuesday is wendy's
wednesday is jack in the box
thursday is bk
friday is taco bell
saturday and sunday kid's meal from hooters

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>not eating Wendy's on Wednesday
not autistic anon, try harder

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my selection has to do with where they're located

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efficient, i'll allow. nice digits

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pizza is good as long as you degrease it and eat it with a fork

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>He doesn’t rip off the crust and dip it in the grease.
Neck yourself, pleb.

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that's what the butter flavored grease in the little plastic tub is for

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the sugar and the cheese, Also nuggies with ketchup is a classic plus maccies fries can't be beat.

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Do you get the spicy nacho chicken munchie meal from jack in the box? shit is my favorite. Friday is a good choice for taco bell.

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>jack in the box
i'll let you jack in my box

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Post bob n vagene

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What happened to Ulillillia :(

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John Carmack ate nothing but pepperoni pizza for 20 years.

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It's because autists are stubborn and tend to stick to their childhood tastes and those are two foods highly enjoyed by a large amount of children.

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he stopped making vids and I think he has a happy life now.
But doesn't make me happy.
Do you remember the hamburger helper vid

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probably closer to warm

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i'd eat packets of dry oatmeal and everybody thought i was retarded until i convinced one other person to try it... then all the sudden everybody else tried it. Manager at walmart came into the break room and like 12 people were eating dry packets of oatmeal, she didn't say a word just took a look around and left, i've never been so proud in my life

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I miss uli

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is he donating them or buying them

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this honestly used to be my life, except monday was whoppers, tuesday was pizzas, wednesday was double quarter pounders and thursday was kfc twisters. after that id go back to parents for the weekend and try to recover.

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feels bad man

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You can lose weight by degreasing pizza. Its been scientifically proved

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you can lose testosterone doing it too

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I second this. No trust issues for me, but definitely prefer my food not to be messy. If it's messy I need a bowl and a fork.

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This is just a good case for being a good cook really, that way you know every single thing that went in there because you put the shit in there yourself. Pretty based IMO.

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>kids meal from hooters
Transmission received from planet based.

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Yup. Home made Buddha Bowls are great and healthy.

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>This is just a good case for being a good cook
thank you, i try but mostly just make homemade taco bell

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Looks good but you should use some japs and where is the rice?

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there is Serrano peppers sauteed in with the bell/onion and garlic. My first try at sauteing, came out good i think, new to actually cooking my own food

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Good job but is there no meat or tofu or some such protein?

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refried beans, but the can ones now suck and are watery as fuck, next time i will try making my own refried beans with pinto beans and lard

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I prefer messed up slop all mixed together.

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There’s literally nothing wrong with degreasing a pizza, if it’s way too greasy when you get it

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For me it's the mcchicken, the best fast food sandwich

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>Uli became an autistic chad who loves to swim and probably has a gf

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i agree, i don't go overboard but if it got puddles on top that will just run down my face i feel there is nothing wrong with soaking it up with a paper towel , i don't give a shit what people think, who wants grease poured on their face for no reason ?

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My autist girlfriend hates all my high quality /ck/ food. She likes spaghetti and chicken nuggets and plain shit like that. I try to get her to try tasty shit like vinegar and salt chips or ramen but she only likes plain McDonald's style food

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ofc ofc


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Greasy pizza just means A) cheap ingredients and B) cheese completely split because they over-baked the pizza.

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I refuse to believe anyone actually lives like that.

>> No.13370377

fuck yeah thats the stuff

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When I am feeling trashy I'll buy one of those cheeseburgers from a convenience store. Then I take it home and deconstruct it. The buns go in a pan with some butter to get toasted. Then I take the buns out and slap down the meat patty to toast it on both sides. If the cheese sucks I just slap on a slice of bigger cheese. Normally I'll then put it back together and top it with BBQ sauce.

When you go through all that fuss they come out tasting pretty decent. Never goes near a microwave. I tossed out my microwave a year ago anyways. Makes food taste like shit.

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true story
i walk a lot to occupy my brain and keep from gaining weight

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>tfw will never be famous socially awkward internet autist
I have days where I wish I was him.

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I work with a guy that's pretty autistic and he will only eat three things: pepperoni pizza, hamburgers with no cheese or vegetables or condiments, and fried chicken. He will not go to a restaurant unless it has one of those three things.
He also only drinks water or Dr Pepper.

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Project much? Weirdo.

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that just sound like good life choices

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sometime i drink vinegar straight

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I am an autist and i cook for myself
If you eat fastfood daily, you are not human.

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agreed but what do you cook?

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>and now its vodka
um, anon

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i mean not "just" vodka, i have other stuff as well

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mac and cheese
cheesy potatoes
grilled cheese
cheese pizza
cheese puffs

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No stolly?

>> No.13371318

no, mostly just skol because i wasted all my money on good whiskey (and a lot of meh whiskey)

>> No.13371338

Tendies. Always tendies.

>> No.13371346

Based alcoholic. Black bottle is my go to cheap whisky. Hard to find nowadays. Gin is also nice gutrot.

>> No.13371720

you're braver them me, gin is my devil

>> No.13371799

good but not the best

>> No.13371827

i can't even believe people drink jack, its so bad it blows my mines how it even became a thing in the first place. Especially when Evan Williams exits

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>high quality /ck/ food

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i buy these

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pizza is popular among fat unhealthy americans in general idiot

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you'll still gain weight and ruin your health

that's NOTHING in reality. I know people whose diet is so much worse than that. When asked about their health they say "i don't care" but they also always complain about high Medicare copayments lmao

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>Project much? Weirdo.
No I'll eat almost anything, but I don't drink carbonated beverages.
>that just sound like good life choices
This guy has stunted growth, he's only about 5'6". He also stinks up the whole office every time he shits which is about 3 times a day.

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oatmeal and cannned tuna
I feel like a neko desu

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>not eating vegan hamburger helper

>> No.13373064

you just pretend those things didnt happen and that it doesnt affect you

>> No.13373071

that fucker has a bigger kitchen than me
i wouldnt trade my gas stove tho

>> No.13373105

YouTube got too pozzed for him so he quit. He overcame some of his fears and got a WalMart job and moved to Florida so he could swim regularly. And I think he bought a kayak. He still works on his game occasionally. He has a Facebook page for it he updates.

>> No.13373134

He made it.

>> No.13373136

Enjoy your hydrogenated oils m8

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Anything that is easy and cheap like pizza, instant ramen, tendies,etc.
Also anything that is purposefully disgusting but considered 'friggin superior taste' by other like minded retards, things like sardines, anchovies, black licorice, capers, etc.

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Pizza and chinese, because I can order both online and never have to speak to anyone.

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>Evan Willams

My nigga.

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Former helper at a SpEd center here
Funnily enough anything that had a frozen food accesbility. Alot of times Autists wanted something fast and accesible to them so they could enjoy quickly. Fast foods a close second, but alot of times I would find out from when it was lunch time they acted like Frozen Food/Fast Food was their gods

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>> No.13373384

>get pizza from somewhere that isnt some greasy chain shit
>dont need to dampen out the grease

>> No.13373426

would you say you are a "problem drinker" anon?

>> No.13373478

I've got to cook for my family because my mum can't, so I'm growing a sense of "fuck it I'll eat anything". I make simple shit from whatever I can scrounge together from the pantry and fridge on weekdays, but more intricate projects on weekends because I can afford the time. Been meaning to make more casseroles recently.

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Good luck anon. I started down a similar path many years ago. The "fuck I'll eat anything" attitude is an advantage because you can stomach even your worst creations, which allows you to make them better.

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Like everyone likes pizza.

I ate too much as a kid one time and puked it all up now i can barely stand it.

>> No.13376131

exactly th same for me

>> No.13376146

He is basically almost a normie now. Even finally got a gf.

>> No.13376258

some people don't like cheese and refuse to eat pizza for that reason.

>> No.13376299

>Even finally got a gf.
citation required

>> No.13376383

pizza, burgers, french fries and chicken tenders unironically

>> No.13376389

no its the carbs
gamers and autist need the energy in carbs to keep themselves awake during long game sessions, im speaking from experience so if you want to ask an autistic gamer neet somthing im here.

>> No.13376399

I have a diagnosis and I eat whole plant foods

>> No.13376407

>monday was whoppers

shouldn't whoppers be Wednesday?

>> No.13376408

This is true. Gaming burns lots of glucose. When I accidentally bring home more bananas than my freezer can fit, I do some extra gayming I don't even want to do just so I can get the bananas eaten in time.

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When I worked in social care we fed our autistic "clients" or "service users" pic related on toast.


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Pretty much anything.
I like >>13365813 often find something that works, eat it until i get sick of it, then find a new thing.
Spent the last 4 months hooked on anything with Feta cheese, sometimes just a cup up it with a fork.
Now I'm into olives and bacon

Contrary to the stereotype I loathe McDonalds, tendies and other bland texture-less shit.

I really should start cooking again, just had a depressive period so my kitchen is buried in trash, literally just cleared a path to my kettle and fridge so i can get coffee and breakfast.

>> No.13376577

ilu anon, please take care of yourself and your surroundings.

>> No.13376581

Stop lying to me

>> No.13376602

my roommate eats like that but it's only one of their meals every day. any time they come home from work it's always arbys, sonic, wendys, pizza

>> No.13376716

Read a story about an autistic boy who only wanted to eat a limited edition star wars craft macaroni and his parents scrambled to stockpile it.
Why don't his parents just train him to eat something different, Jesus.

>> No.13376985

They eat 40 pizzas in 30 days.

>> No.13377075

no. jumbo jack combo without mayo or cheese. 5 piece nuggets with bbq sauce.

>> No.13377078

Hope you are well, man. We're all gonna make it.

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lol it's true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ4FUgjX9aA

>cµck dinner
>father is a balding fat nu-male with beard

>> No.13377256

Wheat intolerance is very common with Autistic folks

>> No.13377318

Anon, when i make taco's i go all out. When i tell the other chefs i work with how expensive tacos are to make at home i get weird looks.
I'm not a poorfag by any means, also have dual income with the wife, and her incentive bonuses but the shit adds up for maybe a meal or two at most.
Tortilla shells
Black Olives
Sour Cream
Refried beans
Ground beef
Salsa(homemeade or jarred)
Who knows what else i'm forgetting.
Making really good tacos at home is not cheap

>> No.13377331


Fast food, pizza, little debbies, pop tarts, Oreos, Kraft Mac and cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, soda

>> No.13377362

It depends if they get neet bux or not.

>> No.13377369

How do you fit all that shit on a taco? Might as well just stick it all into a blender and drink it. Tacos should be kept simple, no need to put everything you have in your fridge on it.

>> No.13377378

Fair point, but who doesn't like a loaded taco anon? I'll take taco's anyway but rather have a huge symphony of flavors and textures than just plain meat cheese and light veggies.
Also 6'1 186lbs if someone wants to assume i'm a fat anon. Just like good tasting food.

>> No.13377435

might as well say autists drink water

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>my roommate
Fuck off, your kind is not welcome here.

>> No.13378034

based. I do the same thing with taco night and always end up spending way more time money and effort than I expected. I usually buy the smaller tortillas and eat several so rather than overloading each taco I can make each one however I want it.

>> No.13379287

I once knew an autist that ate 2 oven pizzas a day for nearly a year after he discovered weed , that nigga got fat as fuck.

>> No.13379302

I eat pizza at least 6 out of 7 days per week, so maybe? I don't know.

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>> No.13379320

Is he removing the oil on that pizza?

>> No.13379332

It makes it healthier, kind of. It takes away unhealthy and fattening oil, thus reducing the overall caloric content. Some people ascribe the whole thing to Ulillillia, but that's dumb and people have been doing it for much longer than that.

>> No.13379372

>fattening oil
You've been had. The oils won't make you fat. Carbohydrates will. Most plebs don't know that, so It's okay.

>> No.13379430

>it just ends with him stirring

>> No.13379448

>le enlightened keto man
what do you know that makes 9cal/gram[fat] less fattening than 4cal/gram[carb]

>> No.13379591

The problem is most people avoid fat because they thought that that's the thing that will make them fat and unhealthy.

>> No.13379662

Autist here. What matters for me is consistency and simple flavors.
When I lived on my own I alternated between spaghetti with ground meat and the same brand of store tomato sauce, and plain chicken breasts cooked in a pan with brown rice on the side.
Now that I'm NEET and mummy cooks for me she adds more variety but sticks to foods I will eat while avoiding any seasonings. Cheeseburgers, plain beef, fish, or chicken, basic macaroni and cheese, lasagna. We also order pizza (no toppings) but only from specific places because they don't use certain tomato sauces or spices (such as oregano) which make me feel nauseous.
I also never add any sort of seasoning including salt to my food. I eat peanut butter and various fruits.

>> No.13379666

Right I also eat plain oatmeal

>> No.13380739

>unseasoned food

that's more retarded than autistic

>> No.13381394

god help you if you ever taste crack

>> No.13382573

>mocking me with malicious intent
Can they mock you without malicious intent?

>> No.13382613

>be profoundly autistic
>got none of the picky eating shit
>finally decided of my own volition to stop overeating as well and lost forty pounds so far
>using a calorie tracker makes me feel extremely fulfilled and sometimes get carried away trying to beat my previous self on how few calories I can consume in a given day (it's not that bad the craziest I've gone is 300)
Feels good. Some of my other sperger friends can't eat any tomatoes/foreign food/ food in "grains like rice or figs or shit like that.

>> No.13382652

This. That shit is delicious.

>> No.13382668
File: 109 KB, 594x510, 1503260381371.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck those are good, excellent taste frien

>> No.13382692
File: 86 KB, 680x680, imageService.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its like the luxury hot pocket, also getting a jumbo pack of string cheese at Costco for snacking.

>> No.13383710

All three of the diagnosed autists I know hate tomato.
Keep this in mind in case you ever want to do something like play D&D or MtG with strangerd - eating tomatoes while recruiting should yield fewer minmaxer/tourneyfag types find their way into your group.

>> No.13383762

I know a lot of autists who hate tomatoes. I never understood why.

>> No.13384433

All these people not recognizing Ulli's contribution to culinary science, the pizza degreasing.

>> No.13384441

Problem is most of those ingredients are fresh. I usually try to get the ones that need to be fresh day of. I always have tortillas, ground beef, hot sauce, cheese, and some other longer lasting ingredients so I can just go get cilantro or lime or other stuff I want for those specific ones.

>> No.13384446

I now understand why I hate tomatoes.

>> No.13384448
File: 7 KB, 232x293, 1574538030865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>am asburgers
>also hate tomatoes
you might be on to something here

>> No.13384449


>> No.13384454

>butter flavored grease
What the fuck is wrong with humanity?

>> No.13384581

I liked Schwan's frozen things like chicken cordon bleu. You could even be full hikikomori and have them leave it on the doorstep.

>> No.13385459

she sounds based

>> No.13385463

My fave drink.

>> No.13385531

I had three trash bags full of mellow corn and New Amsterdam before I realized I had a problem.

>> No.13385603

just buy any brand other than old el paso. And make sure to doctor them up with cheese and garlic powder

>> No.13385628

i hope this anon is ok

>> No.13385962

Probably a tranny so no.

>> No.13386149
File: 41 KB, 125x125, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13386156

/fit/ is full of autists and they're happy with chicken, egg and oats

>> No.13386711

ITT: pitiful vaccine brain-damaged goyim cattle

>> No.13386756

Read the book Grain Brain. Removing gluten from your diet reduces symptoms of schizophrenia and psychosis.

>> No.13386807


>> No.13387032

What a great looking pie! How did you achieve such a perfect lattice structure?

>> No.13387040

Weird, I was just thinking of picking up a pizza myself and this was at the top of page 1.

>> No.13387080

This has been my dinner every day for a week now:
1 ranbow trout fillet, baked
170 grams broccoli florets, steamed
3 fingerling potatoes, boiled

>> No.13387090

> goyim
Jews have some of the highest rates of autism m8

>> No.13387117

I always tear up when I see ulillillia threads. He made it bros.

>> No.13387137

I don't like going to Hooters because only Stacys work there.
I don't feel welcome there, I look like a nerd. Not the 2019 hip trendy nerd kind. More like the autistic fedora tipping nerd but without a fedora.

>> No.13387287

>>13369416 I like to chop up a bunch of bacon and then cook it in the skillet until most of the grease and fat have separated before adding in and gradually mashing the beans. Refried beans in bacon fat with some fresh home-made salsa verde is always based imo.

>> No.13387335

You must be fat as hell and you're going to die.

>> No.13387391

you should tell him that chickens eat grains which contain gluten and see what that does to him

>> No.13388046

god he's so wholesome

>> No.13388054

god that image gave me alcohol poisoning

>> No.13388059

had the same thing happen to me too with hotdogs

>> No.13389450

>tfw this happens with drinks
>have two rums but feel for clears

>> No.13389464


>> No.13389479

You're not New Amsterdam bro, are you? I think he died somewhere warm and tropical at least.

>> No.13389603

nice sear

>> No.13389647

Not me, but I switched to moscato before it got too out of hand.

>> No.13389675

As a fellow autist, I will also add that I prefer to eat from fast food chains as they tend to have the same prices and similar quality. Plus, nowadays you don’t have to speak to anyone there, just order at the machine.

>> No.13389688

Either fast food or ready meals (because they can't care for themselves hence the tendies meme) or actual food because they learned how to cook

>> No.13390243

these are unironically pretty good.

>> No.13391408

pretty much anything a child would eat except thousands of times through "adulthood"

>> No.13391512

They could do it in a neutral way. Being malicious about it implies some serious mockery.

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