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>Is actually full of carbs

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American "humour"

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I shit when I found out wheat was gluten.

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I bet a deer could give a mean blowjob

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What happens in the park, stays in the park.

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>It was invented in the past

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OP here, if I'm gay should I also become vegan? Just a thought I had.

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>carbs are bad

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>it's a loaf of meat

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What the fuck is with this fear of pasta and carbs? I've grown up eating pasta like 4 times a week and I'm perfectly healthy. Fucking idiots that freak out over anything.

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Big grain shill, plz. Carbs make you fat and give you cancer because everything that isn't organic these days has the Roundup sprayed on it three days before harvest in something Bayer-Monsanto calls Pre-Harvest Staging. So that shit will give you cancer for sure.

Luckily we can still eat grass fed beef and lamb and wild caught fish, which aren't exposed to that kind of shit. And there are organic options, but they still make you fat and give you diabetes.

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>I've grown up eating pasta like 4 times a week and I'm perfectly healthy.

post picture of yourself.
height, weight, bmi, and any other things like drugs/cigs/exercise and age. let's see how healthy you are, amerifat.

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Spaghetti. No spa.

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>it's orange

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>I'm perfectly healthy
>On 4chan

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Once again we have to pull out the fact that Japanese, who eat buttloads of carbs every meal are one of the longest lived and least fat cultures on earth. When are you blockheads going to realize your keto cult is as screwy as veganism? I know denial of facts is in vogue right now as fashionably orange, but c'mon!

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Anti-vegan cope!

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Explain http://kswheat.com/the-truth-about-roundup-and-wheat-support-material

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>al fredo
>it's actually caldo

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Omg I love spaghetti carbonara. Its amazing.... I know its a calorie bomb but its usually worth it. The way I do it there are 2 versions.
American: Cream, beacon, peas, garlic.
Italian: egg yellow, Parmesan, beacon, black pepper.
Parmesan is good on both but you really need it for the Italian version since its one of the few binders.

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Questa faceva pena

>Onion rings
>nobody answers

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>ready to fap
>realize it's his hand
Think I can still do it.

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that damn thumb
old meme is old

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idk its trendy to hate on grains now. Ketards and vegans are two sides of the same short bus.

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You know who’s two sides of the same short bus is ketards and calories in calories out fags. Both totally retarded and feeding off each other’s energy.

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There was an old thread where a guy claim to have fucked a deer while hunting

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/k/: a magical place

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>british carbonara
>my mother was never a bike

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