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I just wanted to share this Master Chef skills.

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I'd like to put his head in a similar device.

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All hail, the king of /ck/!

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Can anybody here tell me what's wrong with him? How does he do what he does?

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Doesn't even take the sticker off the apple.

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why tho?

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That's where all the proteins at.

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Will he survive his next stroke?

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He's low IQ, clearly

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Plus he doesn't even push down after the first thrust. Is this guy real? Is he retarded or is it just his schtick,?

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I'm pretty sure you're supposed to cut the apple in half first and put each half in the slots. That's why it's not slicing an entire apple.

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I'd eat it. Probably tasty.

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he tried to cut a wooden spoon to test a ceramic knife. it cracked, and then he tried with a normal knife.

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I love how he leaves the sticker on the apple.

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not jack, it's joey (joey's world tour) doing philly cheese chili dog.
you should always check webms for the scalfani signet ring

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is this cooking?

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>two hotdogs on a single bun
Somebody stop this madman!

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i really have to believe that he is just playing dumb. i couldnt cope with life, knowing there are creatures this dumb with a right to vote

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Is that charcoal?!

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I'd eat it. At least it doesn't have fucking ramen in it.

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Heroic if he ate all of that.

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Cant pick up or chew threw in one bite..... Great portable meat tube snack!

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this can't be real

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>fucking pull your Mortal Kombat knife towards your vital organs

I'm surprised the grease is what ended up getting him in the end. This guy should have accidentally killed himself years ago. AND by shear luck, he's still here, albeit one armed.

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I rerely come to /ck/, but when I do its 99% looking at these webm's again. Does he have any new stuff?

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I bet it's good

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He's had several strokes.

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