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White trash of /ck/, what did you grow up eating for dinner? For me it was fried spam, olive loaf, black eyed peas, powdered milk, velveeta, vienna sausage, miracle whip and baloney sandwiches, etc.

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kraft mac & cheese with cheap hot dogs. at least 20 days a month. it's my favorite food

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My nigga...

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i haven't had kraft mac since i was like 8 years old. i've heard the recipe/ingredients are really jew'd down compared to the past, is it still passable enough to try for nostalgia?

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cabbage soup and hard french bread (it was free from the corner store), beans and rice let out with water served with hard french bread, and fish baked in canned tomatoes served over rice. a lot of butter. wasnt bad desu i just didnt realise how poor we were until I was like 16 got a job and learned about nutrition

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I grew up in Hawaii not poor and regularly ate half of those things.

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Hawaii is retarded and doesn't count, they consider spam a delicacy. Plus middle class hawaiians can only afford the same food that white trash southerners can because everything these is expensive as fuck

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>hawaii doesn't count
Weird. That's exactly the what I think about Alabama.

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Used to complain so loudly whenever itd be velveeta, macaroni, and vienna sausage lol... i didnt really get that my mom was working 2 jobs back then and didnt really have the money or time to make the good stuff like chicken and rice soup or cube steak most of the time. Fuck i miss her, bros

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No. I bought some purely out of nostalgia, even made it with heavy cream instead of milk and some real cheddar added to the powder stuff, and it was still fucking tasteless. Kraft dinner is suitable only for Canadian tastelets.

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I'm from the south, and we don't like to count Alabama either. At least Mississippi brings the Delta blues to the culture.

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Puerto rican food even though my mother was British

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My mom made a slow cooked roast with homemade mashed potatoes and gravy at least once a week, it's the one homecooked thing she made that was actually any good and that I get nostalgic for

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I know these feels.

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I wish i could go back in time and just be nice to my mom instead of being the little prick i was... the things she put up with for my sake...

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I hear you man. It's hard losing your mother at a young age.


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Those wings look tasty

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I wasn't as processed as you. I feel better about my health thanks anon

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Thanks ig

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Hey, HotMing Man. How's that little plot of land you had going? I miss hearing about that on diy.

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*HotWing. Sorry I'm retarded.

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Hey anon. I still have the land. I got as far as building a road. Ripped up dozens and dozens of stumps to do that. I ended up finding a nice girl, I think I'm going to marry her, so my priorities have sort of changed. Though I was just looking at campers for it 30 minutes ago on Craigslist.

The land is becoming very green, and the pines that were seeded are finally starting to come up. I don't know if you remember, but the place was a total wasteland when I got it. I'll be working on that place for a very long time. Pic always related.

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I know that feel, bro.

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Glad to hear it. In 15 years it'll be nice to have a little cabin surrounded by trees that you planted where you can bring your family

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>rice & ginger pork
>boiled potato broccoli and country ribs
>chicken fajita, rice and beans
Sundays in winter mostly alternated between a roast and vegetables and Kluski soup with bread. In summer it was misc. grilled shit with corn garden veg and watermelon.
I'm really thankful my parents put forth a lot of effort despite being poor.

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Lord willing.

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Has spam alwayz been overpriced or has ham just gotten cheap af because a fresh ham is cheaper than spam is so whats the appeal for poor people?

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What state? Kentucky?
The flora seems kinda southern but not deep south.

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SPAM is a lot more flexible when it pertains to storage and expiry dates.

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It's available at the gas station and the proper grocery store shut down sometime in 2002.
Also the very expensive trap of "grinding" poverty, you have $12 after gas to get dinner tonight and the check doesn't come till Wednesday while the fresh ham is cheaper per oz. but it's $20 for the whole thing.

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Everybody wishes they were nicer all the time though

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We were poor as all hell, but I was relatively fortunate that my parents could at least cook basic stuff, and we had a deep fryer which they very rarely if ever changed the oil in, homefries were a staple.
a lot of home made pizza, with sliced up dill pickles and sliced up hot dogs on them.
for lunch we'd eat dill pickles with cheese whiz on white or cheese whiz and bananas on white.
We ate a lot of bread, and even kept a garden where we'd grow fresh peas and corn, tiny tim tomatoes and otherstuff I can't remember too well, but those peas were the best peas i've ever had and likely ever will. We were on a well so we didn't water the garden, which while the yields were lower, honestly, we didn't have to weed them at all.
But we didn't have much meat in the house, just cold meat at most which reserved for school lunches, no chicken, no pork aside from hot dogs, but sloppy joes or chili with ground beef was fairly rare, usually when my father wasnt home.
My father has some weird enzyme issue with meats, probably lyme disease but i dunno, but he'd insist on getting his bacon so he'd eat it absolutely charred black, there was no meat left to it, it was far beyond what most people would consider ruined, it was bitter as all hell and didn't even taste like bacon, a total fucking waste.
he also ate canned peas with ketchup on toast, and a bunch of other weird stupid shit that didn't taste good and clearly had no particular amount of nutritional value.
honestly I had it pretty rough as a kid, but food was one of the few pleasures we could expect, because we'd be taking part in making it for a lot of it, and my mother did try very hard.
well as long as you can look past the fries fried in ancient rancid oil, but what can ya do
I also remember having salad dressings in that fridge for many years in a row which never got cleared out because we never ate salads, so when they would get used you'd have a hell of a choice selection but you'd have to sniff them to make sure.

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Grew up with a single unemployed mother of 3 kids, we had periods of a lot of frozen dinners, jam sandwiches and half-fabricated stuff.
The cooked from the ground dinners were mostly pancakes, meat sauce with spaghetti and oven-roasted veggies with fish.
The cheapest food wasn't as poor in nutrition as seems the case in the US.

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So much deer. Nothing particularly interesting except for the sheer amount and the fact that if your family didn't bag at least one all the neighbors would hand out a couple pounds. Had to throw out a steak recently because i couldn't tell if it was from 1996 or 2016.
In certain parts of my state fried possum is a delicacy. I have regrets

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this thread is eye opening to me

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>fried spam
fuck off rich boy

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Lots of Hamburger Helper, tough meats stewed in canned soups, and goulash served with a side of buttered bread. I've also eaten enough Spam to make me functionally immortal from all the preservatives

I really bemoan the current generational gap though
>Nuclear Families made jellied abominations
>Boomers overuse canned goods
>Millennials can't cook to begin with, and subsist off Uber Eats or fast food delivery
God help Zoomers at this rate

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Your childhood sounds atrocious. I'm sorry for you.

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My parents use to make us homemade "pizzas".

Would cut an english muffin in half, spread cheese whiz on both halves, sliced up hot dogs on top and drizzle on ketchup and bake til crispy...


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These massive 3 tiers packages of sausages were a household mainstay.
They taste fine when pan-fried, but when you bake them they turn out kinda gross. Sort of bloated, grey, leaking grease. So obviously we baked them.

Now that's not the nasty part. The nasty part was where I'd take leftover cold sausages and make sandwiches out of them with mayonnaise. That was my diet mainstay. I was a greasy fucking kid.

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>mfw I realize I'm still a prick to my parents at age 24
I don't know why, they so often annoy me but in fact they just want the best for me. I still have problem to change my behaviour now and I don't even know why. Maybe I have a problem myself.
I don't wanna be the hsitty son in the family. How do I change? They so often annoy with questions that seem so obvious to me and therefore I answer like a choleric.

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The first thing to realise is that they are asking these questions to generate conversation, not because they do not know.
You are not so smart as you think, rectify your demeanor and behaviour to reflect that.

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Sounds kinda gross ngl... though I will admit to eating a fuck ton of cheez whiz as a kid

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>still living with your parents at 24
>thinking you have any right to talk poorly to them when eviction is just a call away and is 100% within their legal rights
What's it like to be an unironic tendiesfag?

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lunchmeat and chips.

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Maybe you should get a job and move out anon

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First fuck off, I'm just baout to finish my masters in physics and I just couldn't afford university while living alone. Nothing wrong with living with your parents there. I'm probably gonna have a better job than all of you kek.
Second, I already told you I hate myself for that and that's why I'm asked for help.

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>for lunch we'd eat dill pickles with cheese whiz on white or cheese whiz and bananas on white.
Americans have disgusting eating habits

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>>hawaii doesn't count
>Weird. That's exactly the what I think about Alabama.
Canned goods in Hawaii traveled long distances on containers and have markup. The reason SPAM is so popular is canned meat is the de facto pantry food in case of Hurricane. People have it on hand in case of natural disaster minus refrigeration and power, and eventually, they have to either throw it out or use it in a recipe. Canned milk and canned fruit desserts abound too.

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Oh, I thought you were a basement dwelling autist. Carry on
T. Wagie

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hot dogs for every meal just about. occasional applesauce.

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I had a white trash gf. All they ate:
>fast food (almost every other day)
>frozen fish sticks
>pre-cooked frozen chicken tendies
>at least 4 different types of sodas
>canned vegetables
>bags of candy
>4 types of chips

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they dont sound poor though. they just sound stupid.

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My mom used to make us kids american cheese, dill pickle, icebrg lettuce and mustard on wonderbread sandwiches. They were surprisingly good.

I grew up in a big family and there wasn't enough money to eat from restaurants so to keep us from feeling bad about never having eaten pizza my dad would make chef boyardee cheese pizza in a box topped with breakfast sausage and canned mushrooms on Saturday nights. That's the only pizza I ever had until at 15 yo I started working and could afford to buy it myself. Growing up white trash was interesting.

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You have no clue what you're talking about.

>> No.13332174

then explain

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it's really good, like a tangier banana and peanut butter
with the pickles though it has to be dill or bust, no other pickles work for it
also im a leaf

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This is me

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I have 30+ cans of spam in my emergency ration supply. Supposed to last 20 years if stored correctly.

>> No.13332490

Mix one pack and add real cheese with it. Great stuff.

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My oldest is age 8. Yesterday teaching him how to pan sear chicken to get a good crust, aka not moving the protein. I am doing my part to teach future chefs. I let all the kids put the toppings on home made sour dough pizza on Friday nights.

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Rice, beans, eggs, maybe tortilla, latin american cheese, maybe crema too. At the very least, I would get a soup once a week. Often it was beef and bean soup. My mom loves to cook, and she is teaching me her recipes, always tasty.

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You're doing a great job. I made flan with my 7 year old the other day. It's super fucking important not to forget that cooking is a basic life skill that must be taught.

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Thats not really super cheap stuff

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>The reason SPAM is so popular is canned meat is the de facto pantry food in case of Hurricane.
Pussy ass island nigger, we Florida men consume pub subs and beer with our conceal carry glocks on our side

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Not white, but my mum's a pretty decent home cook and her dishes have always been health-oriented. As a jap her dinners consist in what an average jap housewife would make: curry rice, some chinese or european cuisine inspired dishes, some traditional ones, etc. Stock and fermented sauces aside everything's made from scratch.

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How does that fit in to white trash?

>> No.13332974

That's why i said "not white but"? Dumbass

>> No.13332979

He means how is it thread related I would think.

>> No.13333011

Again? That's why i specified that I'm not white

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slav who grew up in 90s so that counts as white trash
macaroni and cutlets (minced meat+onion+bread)
crepes stuffed with minced meat or cottage cheese
cottage cheese patties
fried cocktail sausages and mashed potatoes
pork liver and mashed potatoes

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That’s way too wholesome to be white trash

>> No.13333059

And japs are almost always whiter than you western gaijins anyway, so stfu

>> No.13333063

lots of government cheese

>> No.13333144

Poor people's food in european countries is way better than the actual trash that poor Americans eat. Or was at least, by now we imported a lot of your shitty food products.

>> No.13333150

>And japs are almost always whiter than you western gaijins
Americans aren't white.

>> No.13333292

Flip here. Also love Spam. Don't mock the Lord's meat.

>> No.13333390

Tortilla with salt
Poor even for mexico standards.
Spam is trash there is Danish one called tulip leagues better.

>> No.13333402

That's neither white nor poor, as "white trash" implies. I understand that you said "i'm not white", but that post was totally unrelated to the thread.

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>tortilla with salt
I know that feel homes

>> No.13333520

Yes but that's still what i grew up eating for dinner and I'm poor. What's the point of your post? You jelly?

>> No.13333616

The point is that you're being retarded and should fuck off

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it's ok anon, you don't really need to or want to fit in with this thread
a lot of white trash stuff is like the family version of bachelor food, condiment sandwiches and stuff

>> No.13334108

Hey, if you don't care about what other "whites" used to eat in their childhood then you can just hide the thread, stupid
Yeah but being poor what I've been eating for dinner too can be automatically considered trash. I'm not a white westerner though.

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Alfredo pasta, garlic toast and teriyaki tofu

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nah, after my folks split up we had a fair bit of chicken+bacon fried rice and was by far the best food we'd have regularly
I can't consider a decently made stir fry or curry white trash

think instead of your mom put kraft singles on the rice and called it a casserole

>> No.13334373

what was yalls welfare cheese like? ours is just a big waxy buttery salty anatto-orange brick. i liked it

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>mom buys a huge log of ground beef
>instead of making delicious hamburgers, uses it all in a gigantic pot of pasta sauce to be eaten day after day, while pretending using differently shaped noodles each time makes it a new meal

I don't hate my mom, but I do hate her love for tomato sauce pasta, it sucks unless it's ravioli, tortellini, or ravioli.

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AFAIK there's no "welfare cheese" here in Quebec. I guess its just slices of kraft cheese.

>> No.13334487

were you the one i replied to? i was intrigued by the idea that russians/yugoslavs had any kind of subsidized food programs, that's why i asked. i was sure 'government cheese' was a US and UK perk only. i'm an american but i know my czech and ukranian uncles grew up eating dogs and bark soup

>> No.13334514

Nah i just assumed anyone with government-given cheese was from some eastern european shithole-but-comfy place.

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get more than your daily recommended intake of sodium when you eat that pussy

>> No.13334534

nah its an american/commonwealthh thing. imagine velveeta in a five-pound block. tangy, buttery, plasticky, salty, melts well. but that's five pounds a month man that's a lot of cheese. we never got it personally but we always had it because someone else had too much. eastern bloc was lucky to get cigarettes and penicillin.

>> No.13334567

Buy some off brand stuff just don't go too cheap, they tend to be a lot better. Also if you're near or live in canada presidents choice deluxe cheddar is way better than kraft.

>> No.13334576

>idiots with Stockholm syndrome for the loser parents who couldn't provide

>> No.13334691

Russian prisons gave cabbage soup to prisoners in the 1800s. The only thing missing from your soup are the cockroaches.

>> No.13334702

>we never got it personally but we always had it because someone else had too much
This is us.
Also, modern Media try to cover up the fact that Whites are poor too by claiming only Blacks know about gubmit cheese.
I hate MSM to goddamned much.
When I was a kid my parents were too proud to take gubmit cheese, but we got it from the neighbor.
SPAM is literally too expensive to buy. Cheap balogna, cube steaks, hot dogs, pork chops, and chicken were the meats. Eckrich polish sausage was a treat.
I had a meat, starch, and veggie on my plate every single night though.

>> No.13335345

No. The knockoffs are closer to the nostalgic taste nowadays.

>> No.13335942

Agreed, I never put sauce on my spaghetti unless I'm a guest at someones house.
Come to think of it I never make spaghettu.

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When I was grade-school aged, mom and dad didn't have a lot of money. But we didn't know any better; toasty cheese hot dogs were awesome.

>> No.13337997

You got hell hounds on your trail anon?

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thinly sliced potatoes fried in a pan
>mfw had a deep fryer from ages 6-15 and was chubby as shit

>> No.13338044

My mom used to cut bar-s hot dogs in half and fry them in maple syrup. She learned the recipe from the man I think she was cheating on my dad with. We used to go over to his house and play power rangers while they discussed business or something in another room.

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we dont consider spam a delicacy, it just tastes good and is cheaper here than on the mainland

>> No.13338081

Damn nigga you were poor and shit. Hope things are better now

>> No.13338336


You're retarded. The reason why spam is popular in Hawaii is because its flavor appeals to the Asian palate. White people don't know how to fucking cook that's why they think spam is a garbage product.

>> No.13339578

MY MAN, we called those cheesy wieners

>> No.13339627

>easy mac
>Burger King
>breakfast cereal
and yet, my parents were surprised when I ended up over 200 lbs before the age of 12

>> No.13339885

Even as a poorfag you can live pretty high on the hog if you hit the food pantries. You can get various pastas, cans of vegetables, fruits, meats(mostly chicken but sometimes steaks) and turkey on thanksgiving, sweets(anything from energy bars to cakes), trail mix, potato chips, yogurt and more.

>> No.13340089

Zoomers use YouTube to help them cook

>> No.13340100

I also ate a lot of fried spam as a kid.
I would slice it in a little smaller than half inch slices and fry like pic related.
Except I would fry the entire freakin can, and eat it with rice and gochujang
I didn't realize how much sodium that was until I was well into adulthood and stopped eating that stuff

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>fried spam
I never thought of frying it..

>> No.13340177

chili and easy mac. chilimac is a BANGER

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>> No.13340541

Salisbury steaks, sauerkraut, lazy pierogies, hungry man turkey dinners, and frozen mac and cheese.

>> No.13340553

Then use leftover grease in the pan to cook eggs. Yum yum.

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Had these a lot as a kid.

>> No.13341235

sorry, buddy

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