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For me, it’s mission flour tortillas (super soft)

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>not corn

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Sell me on corn tortillas in one post

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If you're going to put literally anything inside of them, they will taste better than a flour tortilla with the same ingredients.
At least make your own tortillas with half corn and half wheat or spelt flour, trust me the difference is amazingly noticeable.

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I’m too lazy to make me own so that’s off the table

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here you go
No but really, the regular mission flour tortillas aren't bad and they are soft, I just prefer corn. The flour ones are actually too soft for me.

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Are you that much of a lazy fuck? It's fucking water and Masa with a pinch of lard then you press them out, wala

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Corn is better for tacos. Get some skirt steak grill it and chop it up put in the taco and salt the meat somewhere along the way. You’ll also want some salsa and lime. 3 tomato’s 2 jalapeños 1 habeneros is usually what I do. Boil them and then blend them with some cilantro if you want and also put that on the taco too

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>whole wheat tortillas
Fucking yuck

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Damn I’ve always had flour tortillas since forever. I wonder if this is going to open my eyes.
Thanks for the recipe. Have to fry steak on my cast iron tho, grill is under 1ft of snow.

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enjoy your preservatives

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unless you make your own or buy the corn ones with only corn and lime as the ingredients, all prepackaged tortillas are loaded with preservatives

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corn tortillas are only good if you lightly fry them in lard/bacon grease. raw corn tortillas are crap. i don't like flour tortillas unless they're cooked on the stove burner.

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That’s what I do with these. Heat them on the skillet after I make chicken fajitas.

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They're good fresh, flour tortillas keep longer.

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Oh yeah I buy this 20 pack of flour to last me all month

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>tfw only 8 packs in australia

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They made 8, 12, and 20 Ct of this size and the like double size. The double size is nice for quesadillas.

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Chicken with brown rice and peppers with bbq sauce wrapped in those wraps are so good

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Imma do it whit white rice

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Try cooking them in a skillet. I don't know why, but white people just don't understand that even if you buy a pack of corn tortillas straight from the shelf, you still have to cook them until little brown spots form and the tortilla is pliable without crumbling.

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