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what do i do with this shit?

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put it in your top ramen or homemade sushi

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Give it away to strangers on craigslist after they come over and JO on your model train.

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Throw it in the fucking garbage
It's meant for salads or sushi

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fried rice

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shred it with your fingers and deep fry it for "chips"

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put it on a hook when you fish from the pier

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Look up Korean recipes which use it.

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For real?

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There's not much fish on that fish.

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Throw away

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Usually eat it with light taste beer when you really broke and wanna taste something else but instant noodles. Or put it in some shitty salad. Theres literally no use for this fucking trash except these.

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cut it up and make a prawn cocktail. but with crab.

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it's great if you chop it up and mix with some chopped up cucumber and then mix it all up with Japanese mayo
then use it in a sandwich but cut off the edges of the bread and then cool it in the fridge to make it cold then eat it.

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Throw that shit in a a fish gratin or mix it with some other fish and make a fish paste and roll it in any given geometric shape put some breadcrumbs/panko whatever your tendi tendencies dictates.

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Crab dip and that's pretty much it, maybe use it with other fresh seafood in a ceviche.

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I eat it with crackers and crab dip on the rare occasion I buy it if the store is blowing it out

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