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imitation crab is better than actual crab
flavor-aid is better than kool-aid
top ramen is better than maruchan ramen

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Imitation crab is worse, but then again you also drink sodas so obviously you have the palate of a 12 year old.

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Using scissors instead of a knife for everything. You can still eat most expired food

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>Unpopular yet obvious correct opinions
Your father should have pulled out???

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That's a pretty popular opinion tho

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>You can still eat most expired food

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Every time someone pulls out those fucking shears you know it's going to take them three cuts to do what should be done in one.
Scissors are just too much of a pain in the ass to sharpen, so nobody does it.

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Deep dish isn't pizza

Sushi shouldn't be cold

Schnitzel does not come with tunke

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>top ramen is better than maruchan ramen
It's 2015, anon. Nobody eats either of those anymore, or would ever think to rank them.

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The word in English is sauce/gravy

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Fuck you for posting this click bait shit.

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No stop consuming expired food

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What even is this?

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well done steak is best
canned mushrooms are better than fresh
pickles > cucumber
spaghetti is best boiled in a pan with no salt
peanut butter candy is disgusting
chili without beans is just spicy bolognese

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Why is this the third imitation crab meat thread in 2 days on a very slow board?

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Because it's something lots of people have experience with but usually don't discuss and seeing one thread makes other people here want to post their own threads about it afterwards.

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Some weirdo or small group of weirdos has taken up the hobby of reposting threads every other day or so.
Sometimes they don't even wait that long and copy a post from an existing thread to start a new one.
It's been going on for months.

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Well now I want some crab meat and triscuits with shrimp sauce. Thanks a lot

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Based and fermentpilled, we've beeen eating fermented food for thousands of years.

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>room temp fish

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Imitation crab is dog shit and someone should violently teach you a lesson for having such shit taste.

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That's OK, anon. You can microwave your sushi for a few minutes. We won't judge you. Much.

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