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Shelf stable turkey dinner.
Is this the ultimate expression of depression in food form?

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Eating it cold in your underwear is heavenly.

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Yeah, if you eat them regularly. They're MRE entrees.

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>large chunk of actual meat

Nope, ramen is still the depression champion.

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I got a shitload of Compleats on clearance for extremely cheap when I was on a long road trip and they turned out to be a surprising blessing in disguise. Criminally underrated because of the fact that they contain meat and are ready to eat right out of the package. Would buy again for cheap. They’re actually pretty tasty

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It absolutely is. I'm a professional tard Wrangler in a state home and we sometimes feed these to the mid-level functioning tards who basically inhale this shit, but these people will eat literally anything, including their own shit. The smell of these things is fucking putrid and to see a tard eat one of these with his hands will make you not even want to walk past these things in the store.

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>Is this the ultimate expression of depression in food form?
No, because it tries to resemble a balanced meal. Depression is cold refried beans out of the can.

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How do you even get a job as a tard wrangler? If I am a very patient person who is good at taking care of animals, would I be good at special people? What other kinds of foods do they eat? I'm imagining the same kind of boring, processed junk that 4chan NEETs like.

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Truth be told most tard wranglers I’ve met are lower-functioning than the tards they are paid to wrangle

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get into nursing

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I work for the state, so the process was pretty rigorous. Civil service test, background checks, physicals, psych eval. But if you work for a private agency it's probably easier, but they don't pay shit. State gives the pay and bennies.

Really there is no way to know until you do it. It can be stressful as fuck. But the pay and insurance make it worth it, for me.

And it depends on the functioning level. The real higher functioning people eat like NEETs, chips, soda, donuts, chicken tendies, etc. The lower-functioning people are even worse. They get shit like these Compleats and canned peas and Great Value shit that just gets blended up and spoonfed to then because they can't feed themselves. But honestly, I don't think a lot of them even recognize flavour because they will inhale the most vile shit like it's filet mignon. But then like I said some of them eat their own shit and eat food off the floor, so...

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>pretty rigorous
What kind of education do they look for? I can't imagine the quality of life for the inmates and employees at the private ones is very good. People not being able to feed themselves sounds bleak. How do you deal with that psychologically?

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This is true.

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In Cali there are no institution facilities.
They are all run out of private residences housing up to 5-10 elderly/mentally disabled in a private house in a neighborhood.
And the state subsidizes them.

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Bachelor's in some form of human service or physical therapy field.

And I deal with it by not allowing myself to become attached to anyone. I know it may sound harsh, but I take care of them while I'm there because it's my job. When I'm not there I don't give a fuck what happens to any of them. This is how I cope.

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