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Just curious what is the going rate of a value meal plus 2 extra tacos around where you guys live ? I paid $9.

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>at taco bell
Learn how to order, OP. Taco Bell is literally the only place left that offers both quality and value.

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Yet you're not teaching me. I already told you what I did how can I do better?

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Not since they took away that 99ยข spicy taco from earlier this year. I am still seething

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The spicy loaded nacho taco was the best thing they've had on the menu in years, and we'll likely never see a deal that good ever again.
Lurk moar.

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All I know is the $5 value box cost $6 here.

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Taco bell isn't cheap anymore. Unless you only order the shitty things on the menu. At the one near me all of the "value meals" are around $7.50 and tacos are I think $1.89 for supreme and $1.69 for regular (which you shouldn't be getting). If you order everything in a meal separately you will see that you are basically only saving ~$0.20 on the drink. So you are basically getting a cup of sugar water for $1.20 in stead of $1.40! Wow! If you don't want the drink you should just order the food on it's own, but you're still getting ripped off.

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