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What do you use coconut oil for?

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jerking off

>> No.13309230

SEA religious ritual

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Oiling my coconuts

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Cook Sweet Potatoes in it. Have two jars, one for cooking, the other for lube.

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>Lube body in coconut oil+some Asian magic= instant knife immunity
You can now go to battle

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Everyone uses it for lube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iXBYVJXKm4

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you've tarnished a good thread

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it wasn't that great of a thread desu

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Only 2 things I use it for was rice and making chocolate
Haven't used it for anything else because I can't think of something to do

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Thanks guys, gonna go do all of those, RIGHT NOW.

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You can actually use that to make pemmican with instead of beef kidney fat, but it won't last as long.

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I know chick who like to use it for anal lubricant

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I use it for stirfry, adds a nice subtle flavor (or more like aroma)

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I used it to masturbate furiously in the bathroom.

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the only thing that makes my hair look good.

>> No.13309787

Preparing dragon meat, obviously.

>> No.13310497

my genitals

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when i take a shit, i use to finish the wiping with coconut oil. It takes away the last bit of poop, makes my asshole smoother, and smell better.
also i heard it light up your skin a bit so i guess my asshole will be very pink after a while :)
maybe this is is what pornstars use?

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it's what theatres use to cook popcorn in.

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