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What is the best pizza style?

For me, its the Montreal greek pizza, with the sweet and tangy sauce, the pepperoni under the cheese, the thick crust.

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i like a new york pie

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I'd toss the mozza ball at a passing nigger outside but yeah, I could eat myself to death on that within about 4... 5 tops if given a bottomless supply. And I don't even like Canada!

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Saarioinen roiskeläppä is food of the Gods

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Black olives, anchovies, fresh tomato slices.

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Italians are the most pathetic group of people on the planet. The only thing they take pride in is their shitty food that they didn't even invent. They act superior to every other single nation and yet is inferior to all others. Even Ethiopia has a more proud military and cultural history. Damn i hate Italians. They are not white.
Also i like new york style

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That's a ball of dough, so the lid doesnt touch the pizza

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if it ain't got pepperoni and mozzarella, it ain't a pizza

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>its tomato sauce on garlic bread

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Detroit style.

I'm all about the crispy corner slices.

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Memphis BBQ pizza.

See you guys in the spaghetti and nachos threads too.

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it don't makes your belly swell up, so you can eat more pizza

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yuck dude, just post a picture of dog shit next time.
doesn't look bad.

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California style. Kicks the pants of New York or Chicago Greek style.

Deep dish isn't even on the radar.

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Liking New York devalues your opion According to new Yorkers chuck e cheese is good pizza

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why is there a rock in the middle of the pizza? Do they really eat this in Montrèal?

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Saint Louis style. Provel is the perfect pizza cheese. Fuck all you mootz-a-rella loving people.

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