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Is it weird to eat by yourself at a nice restaurant?

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no but why would you? just order delivery and claim the bag was fucked with so you can get free food

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no. stop caring about what others think and learn to enjoy your own company.

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Because i want to eat a nice steak with a side of lobster. I can never cook lobster right
Its hard not to

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you probably look more awkward and uglier than the guy you're taunting in your OP pic

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Femanon here, I wouldn’t be caught dead eating alone at a restaurant

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Yea i kno and i wasnt taunting him

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I eat alone at restaurants all the time. I definitely prefer having the company of a good friend or my SO, but eating alone has its perks.
>wanna trade a bite?
>small talk
>heaven forbid the other person eats loudly
There's just none of that. Its nice.

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I do it nearly everyday for all my meals. I only cook on weekend, when I'm home. I don't give a fuck anymore.

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They let gooks into the Crips now? My mans best not be false claimin...

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I travel for work and do this semi-regularly, nothing really weird unless you are an unwashed ape-man reeking of BO and cum

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Someone explained it pretty well on here another time we had this thread, if you're a fat hairy fuck and/or old nobody will notice but if you're like, dating age everyone will be looking at you wonder what the fuck is wrong and be edging away from you

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I'm working bro. That's why I'm alone. No I won't eat a sandwish alone in my hotel room, I'm traveling 5 to 6 days a fucking week. I'm going to the hotel restaurant in slippers, ask for everything to come as quick as possible and be put on the table, sometime order 2 main courses and ask for it to be put in the same plate. Bro, I don't even see you anymore, I don't give a fuck.

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I pretend I am a Michelin reviewer when I eat alone.

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OP wishes he was as handsome and successful as justin wong

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Is it because you hate paying for meals and need someone else to pay for it?

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Femanon here, I eat at restaurants by myself. The wait staff are extra nice to you if you're alone

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and female

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Femanon here, I'm not actually female, I just think it's funny to start posts like that

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>Is it weird to eat by yourself at a nice restaurant?
Not at all, I don't understand why people feel awkward about eating out alone. A huge percentage of restaurants have bar seating specifically for solo diners, and even if they didn't nobody would care if you're eating alone unless you're doing something to draw attention to yourself like eating noisily or existing while being outrageously ugly, like 0 or 1 out of 10 ugly.

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Exactly, it's not a big deal when you look average( or above) or successful. Like on a business trip and you can have lunch alone while touring the city .Since you're just waiting for the dinner appointment at night.

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Trading bites is the best bit you phillistine.

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i dont even go into mcdonalds alone

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Not if you eat at the bar

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when i meet a lip smacking, finger licking, disgusting piece of shit loud eater i look em square in the eye and say "has anyone ever bullied you for eating like that?" and they usually knock it off

also they usually dont invite me for dinner anymore

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I travel for work and constantly eat at restaurants alone. Nobody gives a shit.

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It's completely normal OP, do it

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I don't look at other diners when I go out to eat. I don't give a fuck what other people are doing and won't be glaring and judging.

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Let's go, Justin!

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It’s fine. Just sit at the bar.

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Not that eating alone in restaurants is weird to begin with, but eating alone in a hotel diner is very normal. If you look or act like a weirdo that's another thing, but just going by yourself and having a meal is totally normal.

I used to eat out alone all the time while traveling for work, it never occured to me anyone would think it's weird until coming here.

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I'm a stranger walkin into your town
It's so mysterious
You've never seen me but I came to chow down
There better be no fuss

I sit down at the local diner to eat
The waitress sees me, hard for her to breath
A lone wolf she just can't wait to seat


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Not at all, but whenever I do it I always make sure to mention several times that if they don't hurry up I might miss my "flight" back "home" to "Boulder, Colorado" where my loving "family" would much prefer for me to be having dinner with "them" instead of on my own.

If I thought for one second that they weren't buying my charade I'd probably redecorate their chic industrial-style unpainted walls with the "pistol" I illegally conceal carry at all times in my "shoulder holster" for exactly this eventuality.

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I eat alone all the time. Most of the time it's fine. Sometimes it feels weird, but it isn't like I usually have a choice.
Also that's almost at painful as Marn getting fucking owned.

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Justin hangin around with wannabe-cute cosplayers is far wierder.

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If you're wearing street clothes, yes.
If you're wearing a suit and tie in a fancy place, no. It's gangster.

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No, but if you're self concious, there are some things you can do to feel a bit more at ease.

>Table for one means ONE chair. Get the waiters to remove all excess chairs.
>Bring a book. It makes you look like you planned some quality 'you' time.
>Exchange pleasantries but do not make conversation. Otherwise you will look starved for attention. Try dismissive small responses such as "how nice" and break eye contact to resume reading.

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what the Fuck is "dating age"

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>If you're wearing a suit and tie in a fancy place, no. It's gangster.

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Yes, anytime we get a loner in our restaurant the waiters come rushing to the kitchen to tell us. We have a good laugh and delay sending out your food just to fuck with you. If its a guy we'll send a waitress to pretend to flirt with you and she'll report back the results. We dont mess with your food but we do take liberty in the sanitation with it.

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Do you order black coffee?

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yes. it's a well known fact that all the staff make fun of single diners

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I'm at one right now. Grabbing a bite, waiting for my car to finish in the shop. There's zero stigma in eating by yourself.

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They'll never call you Big Poppa, but they'll always have a higher expectation of tips if you're wearing fancier clothes.

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I didn't really think much of it until a coworker called me out on it, but apparently spending most of your time by yourself is unhealthy and unnatural.

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It's a well known fact that everyone makes fun of wait staff.

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Seriously, the only people who have this stigma are high schoolers who are embarrassed to go anywhere without their friends because they’re unsure how to act. Going to any sort or establishment or activity (restaurant, movie theatre) can be fun with friends but there is nothing wrong with enjoying it alone or, as is your case, grabbing a quick bite while finishing to-do’s.

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Even in high school. I took private driver's ed during summer break, not the school sponsored one. My mom would drop me off very early because of her commitments to her errands. There was a restaurant in the same strip mall, and every Tuesday, before driver's ed, I'd pop in by myself for some soup and a salad.

Now, someone in this thread mentioned that it's unhealthy to seek isolation. And that's true. But the occasional lone meal is inconsequential to your wellness.

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>Its nice

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I have. The waiter treats you like shit.

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Only if youre ugly

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