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does this happen to you guys? Usually it's the first egg but this time it's all of them

I bring them up to a boil from cold water, take them off the heat for ten minutes with the lid on, then cool in tap water

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no, never happens to me. try not MANhandling them, useless score.

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Vinegar and it’ll slide right off

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Cook your eggs the right way. Bring water to a boil, once it's boiling like fuck drop the eggs in and set a timer. 6 minutes for soft boiled, 8 for hard. when they're done submerge in icewater to stop them from cooking.

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except you're supposed to turn the flame off once you drop them in the boiling water

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only that time I cooked them in loose salt but that was still pretty different, same thing in play I think though
theres a membrane layer inside the shell, and if that is still sticking to the egg you're doing it wrong
my bed guess would be that your eggs are sitting on the bottom getting scorched, which would cook the membrane to the shell, since you're putting them in cold water and then heating.

get your water hot before you put the eggs in, then wait desired amount of time, and then take them out
a lot of people apparently toss them into an ice bath but I don't think it's really necessary, cold tap water does just fine, but you need to do it when its too hot to handle so use tongs

who taught you that?
maintaining heat is important

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>posts undercooked eggs and speaks as an authority
you turn off the heat and cover the pot retarded tripfag
enjoy your gray eggs

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>fails to read text
enjoy your trenches retard

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>maintains a text file with copy pastes to act like board sage
>cant cook eggs

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the fuck are you even on about

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I've never heard this before and I've been making perfect boiled eggs ever since I learned this method.

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Buy fresher eggs, and more importantly, don't handle them like a mongoloid.

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I'd also like some help, because I buy the freshest *available* organic free range fed steak dinner and Swedish massaged chicken eggs or whatever , but cooking them in cold water that I bring to a boil and taking them out after a minute then putting them into an ice bath does not work even though that's what I grew up with and worked just fine. How do I get them to peel without them getting all shitty? I'd like to make nice boiled eggs or deviled eggs, and they always get mangled.

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shit the fuck up, pathetic tripfag. fuck off.

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you got some real brain problems

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Bring water to a boil, drop in eggs, cook for 16 minutes, cool under tap water is how I do it. Leave shell on until needed, crack then wet with water to peel. Or peel egg under water.

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This, but exactly the opposite. Fresher eggs will hold onto the shell more. Eggs over a week old will peel more easily. The suggestion about moving them straight from boiling to ice water helps as well. Further, they will peel more cleanly if you roll the egg to crack it all the way around first. Lastly cooking eggs in a pressure cooker will yield the easiest shelling.

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>I bring them up to a boil from cold water

This is the problem.

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I use the shake in cup with water method to peel eggs.

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Bring water to a boil.
Drop eggs in with spoon.
Boil till desired finished.
Replace boiled water with cold tap.
Rest for 1min.
Crack the entire shell of the eggs.
Place back in cool water.
Wait 5 minutes.
Peel shells.
Perfect eggs every time.

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Everyone can go home now.

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Their freshness is the reason they are hard to peel. Let the eggs sit for a week or ten days and they can be peeled perfectly. And they will taste better too because older eggs have a more intensive taste.

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>cook for 16 minutes
How do you like your greenishly discoloured sulphurous egg rocks?

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I steam my eggs, but I don't think that's what makes the difference.

While they're cooling in cold water, give the shell a lil crack, so water can get in and separate the egg from the shell. Then, before you try peeling, roll the egg on your counter to crack all over the shell. While you're peeling it, try to get under the inner membrane and peel from there.

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8 minutes for hard boiled? I do it 35 minutes. I like a grey yolk

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As soon as I take them off the flame I run them under cold water for a minute or so.

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steam them. This is the secret. After i learned this its 10x better. Just steam them. You'll use much less water and gas, and the shells just magically slide right off, easy peasy

dont need for any ice water bath or all that nonsense.
just steam them.

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this is the most retarded cooking technique ever. do you cook pasta this way? what's the fucking point? just turn your oven off as soon as you put the cake in. personally I just use my steamer and a timer.

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>less gass
How so? Do they cook faster?

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>not cooking perfect eggs sous vide

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you dont need to heat up as much water
you just need like an inch+ of water.

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If you cook them in the steaam you need just a few tablespoons of water. It takes twice as long though because of the inferior heat trannsfer. Source: I usually cook my eggs with my egg cooker that workss based on just that principle. And I have never noticed that it would make the eggs easier to peel.

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Yes but if they take 2 extra minutes to cook it's still the same.

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put a significant amount of vinegar in the water.

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Does anyone know about boiling balut? I accidentally bought some not realizing what it meant since the English part said raw duck eggs. I want to try them but want to make sure I cook them right.

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It's literally just freshness. If you try to peel fresh eggs you'll get this shitshow. Poach these boys and boil the rest two weeks from now.

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Came here to say this

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if you drop em in hot water cold eggs will crack

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try cooking them 8-9 minutes next time
tastebuds will thank me

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Someone told me this happened only with fresh eggs. Anyone willing to chime in?

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Vinegar... buy huge jugs at costco.. Dump into water. Egg shells are porous. Vin will dissolve a bit of the shell and it will slide off like butter.

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Steam them for 6-11 minutes, don't fuck with vinegar, baking soda, or other tricks. When they're done, let them cool on the counter top instead of an ice bath.

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once theyve been in boiling water for 8-10 minutes, take them off and immediately rinse them in cold water, then throw ice cubes into the water, swirl it around for a minute, and let it sit for a minute or two

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>when they're done submerge in icewater to stop them from cooking.
this also makes the egg white contract away from the shell so they dont stick together when you peel them like in OP

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>take them off the heat for ten minutes with the lid on
this is why they're doing this
if you shock them with cold water they'll peel better

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>being this incoherently angry about soft boiled eggs
Jesus Christ, we got a live one

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This, I always started the eggs in cold water because that's what everyone recommends and 99% of the time the shell would stick. Boiling the water first and then putting the eggs in let's them peel cleanly 99% of the time instead.

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Being a tripfag IS pretty obnoxious

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Could I do this with a colander in a pot that doesn't seal for shit? It's how I do broccoli

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I tried a lot of ways including vinegar in the water old and new eggs blah blah blah.

here's how you do it.
let eggs get to room temperature.
boil water. carefully place eggs in water.
boil 5 minutes
let sit 5 minutes
rinse in cold water.
most of the eggs should peel easy.

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