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Cooking some Carbonara for the first time

Went shopping for ingredients. Stores don't know what guanciale is, and didn't have it. I go to a meat and butcher shop. I ask if they have it, they don't know what it is. I let them know it's pork jowl or pork cheeks. They say they have that and wrap up some meat. I get home and realize written on the meat I got is pork shoulder. That's not the same thing right? Wtf. If that's not what I need I'll probably just try and buy some pancetta instead. If not for carbonara, what is the pork shoulder good for? Also, why the heck is it so hard to find guanciale??

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>non-specialty meat store doesn't stock specialty meat
Are you autistic?

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I've never really cooked before, I didn't know it was a specialty meat. They were meat stores and butcher shops. I assumed they'd have it.

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Maybe try Wikipedia?

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whole foods US usually has non-smoked bacon, that will be good enough.

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It's ok if you don't find guanciale.
You can substitute with pancetta (non smoked), it will taste different but it's a nice compromise.

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I ended up buying pancetta. So pork shoulder is not guanciele?

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Make sure to add a splash of cream!

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don't forget the peas

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For me, it’s leeks

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What's best? Spaghetti or bucatini?

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