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Why do losers drink their coffee black?
Add some cream and sugar!

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Tried adding stuff, didn't taste as good.

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you forgot the butter

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Because the coffee I buy isn't so shitty that it would warrant adding cream, plus sugar makes coffee taste like garbage.

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Because I want to taste coffee sometimes. It's ok to drink coffee in different ways, but I know we neurotypicals can sometimes be condescending so I apologize if it comes off that way.
This is not an acceptable way to drink coffee, however.
Sugar on its own is gross but sugar with dairy is pretty great.

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Of course adding a bunch of fat and sugar into it Makes it taste better. But then it's no longer coffee, It's a coffee-based drink.You're basically eating a melted Coffee crisp.

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>*tips fedora*
You do understand that for "coffee" to become coffee, it has to be picked at a certain stage of ripeness, separated to some degree from its fruit casing, dried/fermented, dry roasted in a controlled environment, and so on? that it's not just "naturally" a certain way?

if you really want to be a nazi about this you should be drinking the dried coffee cherry flesh as a tisane

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t. loser

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... Okay.

Now that the children have had their say, how do my fellow anons like their black coffees?

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>"Why do losers drink their coffee black?"
>"Add some cream and sugar!"

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It tastes like a milkshake when I do.

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Its so good

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isnt butter just concentrated milk?

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No, it's churned milk.

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redpill me on instant coffee

what are the best instant brands

I want to mix in with some protein powder

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What soyboy bullshit is this

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from a mug

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idiot phoneposting manchild

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Why do you people refer to milk as cream?

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Because they are using cream and not milk

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Theyre all roughly the same.

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Actually not true. If you buy instant coffee from Southeast Asia it's significantly better because in that part of the world instant coffee is considered a normal kind of coffee to drink instead of something only for mentally ill freaks.

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Importing instant coffee from the otherside of the world is stupid when you could probably just make some yourself out of good coffee for cheaper.

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Cream as in real cream? Or just full fat milk?

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I don't drink instant coffee, but you can buy good instant coffee in any Asian supermarket. My grandma drinks that shit because I'm an imported illegal anchor baby invader. She gets it at the Korean market. You'd have to be mentally ill to manufacture instant coffee at home, but if you're into that "I did it all by myself" nonsense, go crazy I guess.

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>Why do losers drink their coffee black?
it's good
>Add some cream and sugar!

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>using butter when cream exists
keto people really are retards

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Irvine? Buena Park?
it tastes pretty good if you get the ratios correct

once and for all, high quality, well cultivated and cared for beans, roasted with care is best served black. macro charcoal beans can take whatever accoutrements you like to make it palatable (somedays I'll have it black, or with cream, or with cream and sugar, imagine that! a motherfucker got options and doesn't have to stay the same). At that point I'm not sure why people don't use caffeine pills but I'm expecting too much of people

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make me bitch

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Sugar isn't suitable for use in a hot brewed coffee. Cream or milk can be nice but I simply prefer hot coffee black. Sugar or flavors can be fine in lattes and such, and they're fine in iced coffee as well. But not hot coffee.

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Adding cream and sugar makes coffee taste good.
This ruins the point of coffee. You're supposed to drink it to wake up; the bitterness makes your shitty day seem sweeter by comparison.
The real way to drink coffee is black, thrown in the freezer for fifteen minutes 'til it gets down to a drinkable temperature, then entirely consumed in 30 seconds.
Anything more is a meme.

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You're a faggot. Drink a Red Bull or some shit if you're going to ruin a cup of coffee like that.

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coffee is THE base ingredient for a large majority of drinks
Espresso-concentrated coffee(argued to be TRUE coffee)
cappuccino -coffee plus milk plus sugar
mocha - coffee plus cocoa plus milk

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coffee is for losers

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"Bulletproof coffee". They told people drinking it this way would avoid the caffeine crash. Same thing with energy drinks saying they have B vitamins and super creatine and shit to mask that you're just taking a lot of caffeine.

Seems like a waste of time to go through the process of making it when you could just add heavy cream though. And milk tastes better anyway, half espresso and half milk with no sugar is the best.

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If you drink coffee black Im convinced you are incel

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What the fuck is there to ruin? Coffee tastes like shit. It smells good while it's brewing but it's bitter. It literally activates the taste buds meant for detecting poison.

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old men who have reproduced years earlier are the primary consumers of black coffee
have you ever worked in a restaurant that serves coffee? like ever?

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so a bunch of impotent boomers that take viagra?

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Isn’t butter just one part of bulletproof? I thought you had to add some special oil to it as well

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Yup, it was supposed to be butter and medium chain triglyceride oil. Nasty stuff

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>Why do losers drink coffee?
True chads drink tea.

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Have fun with your fluoride induced brain damage

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dont drink cheap ass bagged tea

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I drink it black except for the winter, when I add frothy eggnog and nutmeg

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All tea has shit tons of fluoride in it. The plant loves fluoride

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It just makes him even more a Chad because he'll never have cavities

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If you get cavities as an adult you need to rethink your diet and dental hygiene

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Says the one who prefers to drink literal insect repellent.

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Sounds pretty based to me, incel

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I can't OP. I made a vow to my black bf to always take it hot and black

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>add some cream
>and sugar

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>Irvine? Buena Park?
Not even the right time zone

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Ah, well those have some of the Koreaned out districts out here. I dig it, enjoy yoself

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