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ITT we post best Thanksgiving side dish (stuffing).

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not stuffed anywhere

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That's dressing.

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wtf is dressing? that's clearly stuffing.

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Why do moms make the best stuffing, that shit is better than the damn turkey.

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For me, these are always first to go.

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Stuffing/dressing is my favorite. I do mine with a full fat homemade chicken stock, dried figs and walnuts.

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no one asked you for your recipe

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My family raves about my creamed onions but people from other families say this is weird and have never heard of the dish.

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throwing everything onto a roll is extra based
don't forget to dip in the mash and gravy

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recipe posting is fine, you're just a doomer degenerate

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Shut the fuck up faggot

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Quit being a faggot. Its not good for your undeveloped brain

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Figs and walnuts in a dressing sound more faggy than even deviled eggs.

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>My family raves about my creamed onions but people from other families say this is weird and have never heard of the dish.
It's old timey. I love them, however!

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Pepperoni bread

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deviled eggs are delicious, you culinary heretic. go back to eating your green bean casserole

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Croutons are not stuffing.

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America doesn't have Brit style pigs in blankets, bacon wrapped sausages? Sad.

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gets stuffed in the mouth

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looks more like what Americans would serve at christmas/news years, never really heard much about them being served at thanksgiving

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Any US recipe for 'pigs in blankets' I see is some sort of pastry. Maybe they're called something else.

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mah nigga

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I wish someone had explained to me when I was younger that this was just bread so maybe I would have eaten it.

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What's the difference between this and a stromboli?

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In burgerstan pigs in blankets are mini hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry

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Depends on where you're at. Add cabbage to your search

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Stromboli has a fake and gay "Italian" name invented by cringe criminal immigrants.

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i love stuffing, but i grew up eating stove top and that's what i think it should taste like. i kept trying to make the "good" versions of it from cookbooks and eventually just went back to making stove top. stuffing should be a kind of brownish-grey spackle that tastes like a sage boullion cube.

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If it’s done right it’s top tier
If it’s done wrong, I feel sorry for your terrible upbringing

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i have never been able to get my head around the idea of dried fruit in my stuffing. the odd cranberry is fine, i just dont know about others. how are the figs?

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thanksgiving was a month and a half ago, but open faced turkey sandwiches are good

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It's green bean casserole

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Made a persimmon stuffing, turned out pretty good

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Oyster dressing

1 loaf french bread

1 onion
3 stalks celery
couple cloves garlic
1 stick butter
Poultry seasoning/black pepper/salt

When everything is cooked, stir in a bunch of parsley and 3 can oysters w/ juice, dump into buttered baking dish. Mix and bake for 15-20 minutes. Results will be glorious.

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