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>it's fresh frozen

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"Fresh frozen" fish that is frozen on board after short time, is usually way better than the "fresh" fish you get in a store or fish merchant. It's usually the best alternative if you can't get real fresh fish, which you can get by fishing it yourself or by buying directly from the fisherman.

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>Fresh frozen
Thought he said
>Flash frozen
for all these years.

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Fish legally needs to be frozen hard, and for 3? days in the US.

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Frozen fruit is usually cheaper and riper than unfrozen fruit you'd normally buy at the super market. And its (probably) lest wasteful because frozen food generally lasts longer.

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Bar S bologny comes frozen at walmart.

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you mean flash frozen

you absolute rube

you are a disgrace

you know nothing of the fish industry and it's freezing practices and now the whole board knows you're a buffoon

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Light yet filling!

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I don't know much.... but I know he's a buffoon... and that may beeeee.... all I need... to know.

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>sorry sir we don't server your kind here

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lol what

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Only for raw consumption.

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>I like anime- oh wait, It's 12pm, time to dilate

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>Come to a website that is a copy of a jap site that used to only have ads from a weeb site(J-List) for many years
>Bitch about anime pictures
Shameful display faggot.

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Rebbit please

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