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>gas stoves
>pre-cooked frozen shrimp
>Seed oil
>Ketchup on steak
>being afraid to eat raw cookie dough
>no swimming after eating
>Great Value
>aluminum foil
>bread knife
>electric turkey carver
>applebees/raffertys/chilis/TGI Fridays
>drip/instant coffee
>drinking milk at dinner time

What are some other boomer food memes that need to die off?

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its 2019 how does anyone still think wojak edits are funny
are you 13 and is this your first time on the internet OP? why not fap to some porn instead

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gas stoves are superior


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>drip coffee bad
its 2019

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i thought waiting to swim after you eat was a meme until i tried bodysurfing immediately after stuffing my face
at least the fish will enjoy that meal

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>its 2019 how does anyone still think wojak edits are funny
>are you 13 and is this your first time on the internet OP? why not fap to some porn instead

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>it's the CURRENT_YEAR!
How does anyone still think this argument is valid?

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Refrigeration IS a boomer outdated practice. No refrigerator is the way to go. We need to reclaim traditional preservation methods and increase testosterone

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>nigger is lactose intolerant
>is salty people can drink milk with dinner


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Are you lost or something?

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>drinking milk at dinner time
Based as fuck. Stay quiet zoomer

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wojak posters should be skinned alive

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And made into a pale life sized wojack

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you forgot your epic wojack

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why are you so angry over a picture of an old man?

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>you forgot your epic wojack

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I don't know any boomers who drink instant coffee or drip, all the boomers I know don't drink coffee

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Newfag couldn’t even reply properly. Lurk more you fucking idiot.

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It's literally a lactating fluid biologically designed for children who don't have teeth to get nutrients elsewhere. If you are not a child and you drink milk, you still have the tastebuds of one and should be ashamed of yourself.

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Thousands time this. There's a reason why restaurants still use gas stoves.

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>imagine not wanting titty juice
Fag. Go drink dick juice.

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Seethe tranny

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DESU if you're able to palate the texture of milk as an adult I'd say cum might be your next favorite, buddy.

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Bro I think your dick is broken

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Agreed, electric stoves cook less consistently

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Yes, I drink milk
and fruit juice
and coffee
and urine

stay jealous

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You have low testosterone because you’re a fat sedentary fuck

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quoting someone without actually replying to their post is what the cool kids do these days

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>Newfag couldn’t even reply properly. Lurk more you fucking idiot.

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Gas stove is boomer?

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You can't /thread your own post!!!!!!!!

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Oh, this thread again.

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current year is literally a trudeau argument

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It really wouldn't shock me, mr trips man.

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This post made me miss my dad. Wish I was going home for Thanksgiving so I could help him not torch the shit out of the turkey while he's trying to get it over 165. :(

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Every time I used electric the fucking heating element on low heat would pulse slowly to try to pretend to be low. Heat. It doesn't work. If it actually did what it was supposed to and apply less volts or something it might be a different story

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>gas stoves
>bread knife
>store brands
But these are all fine.
>being afraid to eat raw cookie dough
This is totally a gen X mom thing.

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Go back to your microwave tendies, fag

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Gas stove master race checking in

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I’m 13. Sup anon?

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oh, I don't know... we owning everything and still living large.

Sure we're older now, and a bit mellower, which is why we allow pussies like you to exist, but we still have the acquisitive power, and have developed good taste.

Isn't your old man a boomer? Make sure you thank him for letting you live in his basement.

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mine does the same thing and I can't fucking stand it.

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wen i eat at the school cafe and get milk with my sammy ppl give me looks. Why is it weird? its a literal beverage

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Throwing away the pizza crust.

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>gas stoves
>seed oils
>aluminum foil
>milk at dinner time
Fuck you

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Great thread

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it is just you though over and over. you are a really really cool kid i suppose.

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I don't remember this verse of "We Didn't Start the Fire"

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Amazing bait as I know it's bait but I'm STILL replying.

>Gas stoves
Nigger what?
>Seed oil
Canola is a great high smokepoint neutral oil tho.
>Being afraid to eat raw cookie dough
That's a newer thing and it's actually a concern unless you're using pasteurized eggs you germ theory denying apeman.
>Great Value
What, foil is useful as fuck.
>Bread knife
You need a serrated knife not to mangle bread or squish the internal structure. For soft airy bread like milkbread or crusty OG bread.
Also good/cheap whitefish.

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so true

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>gas stoves
Agreed, they're dangerous. Although they are good for resaurants because it's easier to control the heat
>pre-cooked shrimp
Give a reason. It's the same and easier then buying fresh shrimp
>Seed oil
Every oil has a use
This is a good vegan alternative to butter that tastes and acts the same as real butter. I'd say real butter is the boomer meme that needs to die
>Ketchup on steak
Never heard of it
>raw cookie dough
Germ theory, but do what you want
>no swimming after eating
Can cause minor cramps, if you want to avoid being uncomfortable then stay out of the water for a bit
>great value
Great Value is just the walmart generic brand, some of their canned stuff isn't awful
>aluminum foil
Good for keeping food warm
>bread knife
Lets also get rid of pairing knives, butcher knives, and tomato knives because they have less uses than bread knives do
>electric turkey carver
Give me a reason for this, it's convenient
agreed, it's like licking the bottom of the ocean
>applebees/raffertys/chilis/TGI Fridays
Having worked in one of these, most people that go here are millenials, so no.
>drip/instant coffee
Real cold brew is superior
>drinking milk at dinner time
Yea, I either have water or a beer. I agree for the same reason as margarine, almond milk works the same way and is healthier.

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Raw shrimp peels easier
>tomato knife
I'm gonna have to Google that. Yes, if it's real, trash it

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almond milk sucks shit for nutritional value and has the living hell fortified out of it, you're looking for "less fatty" and that's not necessarily a good thing

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i wrote out a massive song for this and the captcha ate it and im so fucking angry

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familiar feeling, my brother

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>gas stoves
Gas is better for cooking high heat foods like stir fry
>Ketchup on steak
Boomers cook the shit out of there steaks so yea
>aluminum foil
Dont get this one. I use aluminum foil everyday. Good for packing lunches without a lunch box. Also garlic bread.
Cheap decent fish for frying.

>> No.13284657

You can

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ok coomer

>> No.13284683

>"Drinking Milk at Dinner Time!" right before the chorus hits


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Gen X with some issues on this horseshit.

>gas stoves
Are superior

>great value
OK fag being frugal is a bad thing?

>tin foil/bread knife
Who argues with these. They're handy af to have.

>drip/instant coffee
Maybe this is personal but I have no patience for waiting on this.

>> No.13284732

>being frugal is a bad thing

>> No.13284776

i was going with
>applebees,rafferty's, TGI Fridees

>> No.13284779

>being so fucking poor that you have to "be frugal"

Have you tried not being poor??

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Cooking is a boomer food meme. We should let people who specialize in cooking do the cooking and us do whatever we do best, that's the most efficient way

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gas is king

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im drinking one for you bro

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one that's dead but needs to come back is creme savers.

>> No.13284998

>real butter is a boomer meme
nigga what

>> No.13285001

>creme savers
wow i forgot about these, i remember them being disgustingly sweet

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