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>gives you stage 3 cancer
Tell me you don’t use a microwave anon

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I have a friend who can't be in a room when a microwave is running or else he says he'll start having seizures. Luckily I have microwaves in 3 rooms in my house so I can just heat something up in a different room.

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At my work I always have at least 2 microwaves by me at all times and I have to use them like 2x a day

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Dude just put a teaspoon in what ever you are reheating. It counteracts the radiation.

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I don't, but I will now. Cancer seems like a nice suicide if too many people care about you. Just wait until it's too late before you get it diagnosed. "Oh, gee, I was too busy." LOL. I'm going to get the most powerful microwave I can find.

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don't do this it makes mustard gas.

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You receive more radiation standing out in the sun without sunscreen than you do with your face right next to the microwave window.

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>not giving yourself a time limit on life
Nobody who dies of old age ever did anything significant. Give yourself cancer so that you'll work harder and unlock your full potential before time runs out.

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You should turn all of them on at the same time instead when your friend comes over.

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What if I make a crack in the microwave window that I plausibly didn't notice?

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I hope so

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If you unironically use the internet and believe microwaves give you cancer at the same time, you are undoubtedly fucking retarded.

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You would literally just burn yourself. The electromagnetic waves (NOT RADIATION) from microwaves isn’t small enough to penetrate your skin. Visible light penetrates your skin better than microwaves. UV gives you cancer but makes you less depressed and I think we’re supposed to die anyways.

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It's still radiation, just non ionizing.

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hot pocket jannies btfo

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>[something] gives you cancer
Oh gee tell me something I don't know.

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>Microwaves emit radiation and causes cancer
Guards, this poster is delusional. Escort him to the infirmary.

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Only at work and I tend to avoid it because microwaved food always tastes like shit, I don't give a damn about any health aspects even if there are any.

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Buying a microwave right now

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Please tell me you're mentally retarded.

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>splitting hairs
I’m talking to normies here, anon, not fellow physicists. You have to hold their hand.
Electromagnetic waves = radiation, but radiation sounds scary. Don’t be retarded.

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>stage 3 cancer
That's free food, tho.

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turn one on near him when he isnt aware and see if he still has a seizure and if he doesnt call him on his bullshit

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This desu.

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