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Let's end the debate once and for all. Sauce me up bros, which hot sauce is the end-all best for adding flavor and variety to any meal?

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i mix them all together to make a super sauce

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Consume whore.
Sucking dick for hotsauce.

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There is only one.

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all vinegar based hot sauces are trash. mostly because they use the cheapest, shittiest vinegar they can lay hands on.

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I wouldn't expect you to understand. There's a big new world out there once you start varkin.

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>soy boy sauce
Yoinks, Reddit!

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>secret shart-vaark

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Nothing soy about vark. It helps me live life to the xtreme.

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hot sauce!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :O

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Sriracha is best boi fuck everything else

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For me, it's Crystal®, Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce™.

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For me, it's Valentina (Yellow Label)

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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There is no one end-all best. You have to match flavor profiles with the meal you intend to put it on.

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eggs, potatos

soup, sandwiches

mexican food, eggs

anal lube



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Are there other kinds? I tried a bunch in a hot ones-esque setting with friends and sadly all of them just tasted like vinegar, which was a massive disappointment.

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It depends on the meal which hot sauce you want to use.

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I don't get the meme. do real alpha, alt-right men dislike hotsauce because "soiboi" gaymers collect it??

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Oh look another shartsauce thread for ugly “””men””” in cargo shorts.

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Whatever I get drunk and make after growing season is over.

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It's not the most mind-blowing thing in the world, but for a mid-level heat sauce that can go on a wide range of dishes there's really no competition to Secret Aardvark, certainly not in the OP pic.

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I'm super fucking fat and gay btw if that matters

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green and xxx are my fav, but the smoke is alright for some things too.

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the senpai likes when i season ground beef w/ the xxx, the black smoke is kinda like having peppered hot sauce but mild, and the green is great in burritos or whatever.

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If I had a dollar for every time I've seen this post... I'd have many more dollars than I have now

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There is one answer to OP's question.


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>There is one answer to OP's question.


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louisiana and tapatio are my go-tos.

tabasco fucking blows

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unironically this

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What’s that?

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Valentina is only good for chips. Mexicans will laugh at you if you put it on actual food.

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We're not talking about collecting hot sauce though.

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you faggots can't enjoy anything without being concerned if soi bois like it
for fucks sake they puke tabasco in MREs
it's okay to like hot sauce faggots

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it's really not

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you can stop breathing air now too cause all the soi bois breathe you cum slurping faggot

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you’re the one defending shartsauce like your honor is at stake, homo.

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crystal for a vinegary taste
franks for non vinegary
yucateca for mexican food
sambal for asian food

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>you can stop breathing air now too cause all the soi bois breathe you cum slurping faggot

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>noooooo you can't use hot sauce only soy boy bugmen like that!!!!

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>>noooooo you can't use hot sauce only soy boy bugmen like that!!!!

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>nooooooooooooooooo you can't respond to me youre the soyboy not me!!!!!!

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>Why yes

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I like cholula a lot

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>I like cholula a lot

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Typically I'll go with Texas Pete or Louisiana for actual sauces, but I haven't used them near as much since I was introduced to sambal oelek chili paste.

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I like all those sauces, Tabasco the least probably.
>>13259931 had it pretty right with which sauces go best with things.

Also, I don't get the secret aardvark meme. Like is it THAT over hyped? Ive tried it and it's actually really good.

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I agree, but Sriracha is delicious on eggs with some sour creme.

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grace is fabulous

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Not bad, fairly versatile, but a bit too common and thus overused.
Meme sauce.
Not bad. Honestly, I like the packaging the best. The little wooden ball lid, I dunno, makes me smile when I open it. Issue is, it's a bit watery.
Not terrible but not that great. It goes well with cajun food I guess. Here's a question: why is "Louisiana" in quotes?
>Frank's Red Hot
I feel like this is what people buy when they think Tabasco is too "mainstream, man." It's alright.
Honestly, though, I think all these hot sauces, outside sriracha, are on par with packets of hot sauce you'd get from Taco Bell. Sriracha literally is worse than Taco Bell hot sauce, and by a bunch.

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Texas Pete

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Komm susser tod

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Red Hot for making wings
Sriracha for cooking/spice
Tabasco for spice/taste

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tastelet sriracha is the tits and Frank's is less vinegar than tabasco, less ... bite? Idk how to describe, the taste the oak gives it

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pic kinda related

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Based. Cholula is fire for mexican and eggs Louisiana or tabasco for oysters

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my foreskin smegma when I am aroused
or vaginal secretions from a stimulated young woman around ovulation

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White guy here. Let me tell you about sriracha since I've had some experience with it before. It's a ridiculously spicy Chinese hot sauce made from an ancient secret recipe, very hard to find in the US. In fact, I had to specially request it from the wise old Chinese woman behind the counter at this little hole-in-the-wall Asian food store. Normally they probably wouldn't sell it to your average white person, but luckily she likes me enough since I'm very well versed with Asian food and culture. But be warned, it is VERY hot, over 9000 on the scoville scale if I had to guess. I tried of a spoonful of it straight once. Worst mistake of my friggin' life. I spent the next 10 hours crying like a baby while my ex wife and her son brought me glasses of ice water and wet towels to cool me down. We actually considered going to the emergency room my tongue was burning so mental. Never again with this shit. Never again.

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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Tapatio 100%

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cholula green is pretty based

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>tastelet sriracha is the tits
Ok reddit

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Tabasco original all day in that picture.

Laughably weak in the heat department. For babies with low spice tolerance.

Can you even call this stuff hot sauce

Texas Pete, Crystal and this stuff are all literally the exact same flavor. Not much heat, tastes like pure vinegar

>Franks Red Hot
Almost the same as Crystal, Louisana and Texas Pete but actually has some flavor. Still tastes mostly like vinegar

>Tabasco Original
Solid heat, too hot for most white people. POWERFUL flavor, tabasco peppers are fucking delicious. Amplifies dishes like chili 100x in the flavor department without over powering. Goes great on Pizza, Spaghetti, Eggs, practically any goddamn food.

I always keep a giant bottle of Tabasco Original cause its the GOAT. That being said Last Dab Reaper Edition gets used more but...No beating Tabasco Original.

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"Dank Sauce" is my favorite, though I don't know how common it is.

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>says Louisiana hot sauces are pure vinegar

>praises Tobasco

KEK, that shit is gasoline. Another retarded toasshole shill

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I think the one in the background looks best.
Consistency wise there is a tightrope between “salsa” hot sluice and the commercial “hot sauce”.
one thing I do is grind the chilies and other peppers and steep them for a few weeks, then I use cheese cloth to filter the peppers for the sauces I give to my estrogenic family members

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As soon as Lousiana or Texas Pete hits my tongue, the first thing I taste is equivalent to apple cider vinegar. THEN I might get heat but, not really any flavor.

Tabasco on my tongue is like BOOM. Tabasco peppers. BOOM HEAT. Vinegary-after taste. Crystal and Lousaina taste exactly the same. Like some vinegar sauce that someone put red food coloring in.

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>retarded shill
Nah, youre just an average clod with a weak palate equipped for judging things like fast food or soda. The average CK dweller. So you need that much vinegar in your sauce to be able to taste anything.


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BOOM im gay btw

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DAAWWW did I trigger the limp wristed pencil necked bitch who slathers everything in his shitty gas sauce? Even something as garbage as Yucateco has infinitely more flavor than that schlock while still being weak as fuck without the pretensions of some mantittied fags like to go with it

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I usually find the best hot sauce to be jalapenos.

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If I'm cooking a stirfry Is it Better to add the hot sauce in the pan And cook it with the rest of the stuff, Or should I just add it once it's done?

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This one is real fuckin good, not the best ever but I liked it. Could use more heat though

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>he thinks soy is filtered
Lurk moar, newfag.

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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We usually keep a bunch of different hot sauces on hand since they keep a long while.

Currently we have:

Original Tabasco
Valentina regular
Cholula regular and chipotle
El Yucateco Mayan
Matouks West Indian
Yucatan Sunshine
Sambal Oelek

Picture unrelated.

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Toco shall prevail!

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This guy gets it.

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Sambal is great.

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All of them make for good marinade, though Cholula is better with chips.

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