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>one ingredient per post
>state quantity and how to use

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>the biggest goddamn lotus root you can get your hands on
>put the whole thing in

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1 braised beef, lightly blanch the top

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1kg frumunda cheese, grated in

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6kg raw bell peppers.

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the entire contents of that guy who used to post his cum collection on /b/ every week. so like 10 liters of stale cum.

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What the hell does that taste like?

That said, 10 Kg of shiitake mushrooms, fresh ones.

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fridgebro's fridge

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Fifteen whole nutmegs, grated.

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500g Indian Brown Spice. Freshly excreted.

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Crunchy fries

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ADOLF HITLERS Cherry Tomatoes

Cut into 4 equal parts and HAIL HITLER!

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Salt to taste

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5 x Old English 800 42oz Malt Liquor (now with 2 extra ounces FREE!)

Bring to a rolling boil until liquid has reduced considerably then simmer for 12 hours.

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one can of WD40

microwave for 5 minutes and add to pot

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(with or without nuts)

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2 cups chopped SAGE

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Definitely do not add peepee. Never, ever add poopoo. Just sayin'. Stone soup is srs bzns on /ck/.

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Two cans of Campbell's clam chowder.
Bonapa teet

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1 kg Sugar used for glaze

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80L of bull cum reduced to a demi glacé

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5 large tubs of vegetable shortening

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2lb black pudding, chop up and throw in to stew at the beginning: makes the stock rich and nutritious.

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One block of Limburger cheese

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1 tablespooon of finely grained pink himalayan salt

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TWO bay leaves.

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no name brand iced tea powder

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Beef bones. How many?
All of the ones inside one (1) cow.

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Two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda. Just toss it in.

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One medium sized onion finely chopped. Sweat.
Ebin broot.

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One bottle of cheap Imodium tablets ground into a fine powder

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1 this post raw

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1 piece of my shattered heart knowing she's in bed next to someone else

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Just gonna dump some meat in the soup bro

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Salt to taste

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I am honoured to have contributed to such a recipe. Here's hoping that the 2lb black pudding takes the edge off the 10 litres of cum.

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Was it ever weekly? I only ever thought of it as an annual thing.

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Whole pepper kernals

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One bottle of Newcastle brown ale.

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hand-full of milk added at the end

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oh my bad, it was every christmas. idk why i said weekly.

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One water tower of water as a base

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Huh. thought the thread would be dead after posting this >>13253609 and going to sleep

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