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In what order do you eat your Banquet Salisbury steak meal (with mashed potatoes and apple) ?

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a bite of steaky
a bite of tato
a bite of corny
end with bites of apples

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>main course

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>throw away the corn, fuck corn

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It's a simple one-step process where I don't eat that nasty shit.

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>eating processed frozen dinners

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It’s a cheapo frozen dinner. Why are so many beggars choosers?

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>Why are so many beggars choosers?
Because our shit society allows it.

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Well, for the same price, you can do better. But yeah, I agree. If you're just going to pay a buck for a meal where all you do is nuke it, you should keep your expectations low.

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I cut up the steak into squares then mix everything together.

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>say the whiny ass manchildren on this board
yikes dot jaypeg

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>beggars should be choosers
yikes dot dumbfuck

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>heat it for 8 minutes and 30 seconds in microwave
>remove wrapper
>add in lots of salt and pepper on steak, potatoes and corn
>scrape corn inside of potatoes
>cut steaky wakey and drip inside of corn covered potatoes
>finish apples last separately

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This. Don't forget two slices of bread to soak up that gravy.

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I never ate one of these, but that looks disgusting and does not resemble the image in the box at all.

I live in a third world shithole and have seen better meals being served to homeless crack addicts than that.

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Do you have any idea how much of a faggoty non-sequitur your post is? Though I can't say I'm surprised that you couldn't grasp my point.

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>does not resemble the image in the box at all.
That’s how 95% of all food advertising is, though. Not saying it’s OK, but only a fool would expect the product to look like the advertising.

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Yep. It's also not really that far off judging by >>13243881

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strain corn with spoon and scoop into potato
scoop mixture into steak
shovel meat mixture until gone
dine on dessert

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>Steak (made with chicken, pork, and beef)

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>thread is shitting on these when I love them and eat these everyday

;_; I-I like the chicken nuggets the best

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I prefer the meatloaf, BBQ or turkey meals, as the mashed potatoes in the Salisbury steak meal are in the same compartment as the meat and gravy and turn into soup, plus I can do without the apple desert.

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>Well, for the same price, you can do better.

I can get them at Meijers on sale for $1.00 each.

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