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Why are the amateur cooks in this series always so insufferable?
Every time, without fail they put on this cringeworthy act where they try to force the notion they are amateurs
>"tee hee XD i have like no clue what im doing XDD haha ummmm i think this is right?? Haha am i funny yet???"

I really fucking hate normalfags

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The whole series is insufferable. I wish /ck/ would stop talking about it.

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I find that the "home cook" chef is typically the most insufferable.

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I'm glad i never opened that shit. I knew it would be cringeworthy like that

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>I really fucking hate normalfags
and yet you watch something designed for normalfags

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when you are on camera you either sperg out or act like a normie. it's involuntary. you cannot fight the urge to act like a normie in a socially pressurised situation. only 0.000001% of the population can actually be themselves on camera.

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The second level chefs are the worst because they're all tryhards and never shut up. I'm also fairly certain Lorenzo is coked up a couple of times. While some of the level 1 chefs seem to be playing it up, most of them come off as genuine amateurs at cooking.

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Normalfags probably hate you too.

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half a cheesecake steven is based

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Dude's gonna be diabetic by 30, but I can't help but be amused.

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Why do you hate happy people op? They aren't cynical incels like you are
Of course you are one of those pitiful retards who goes out of his way to watch something that will trigger him to complain and get validation from his 4chan e friends later on

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>tfw Emily eats French toast with ketchup

Who hurt her?

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I wonder how much of that is scripted and how much is genuine nervousness on their part.

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Probably because the people behind the camera told them to because they’re basically just actors???
Are you actually so fucking stupid you can’t differentiate reality from entertainment, because if so you might be underage b& as fuck and I wish I could prove it

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I tried to make a tier list, but it seems that only Frank, Lorenzo, Julie, Grandma, and Ruth seem to be the only good ones.

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Not Lorenzo

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>Probably because the people behind the camera told them
why? it's insufferable, nobody in their right mind thinks it's cute, it's just annoying

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>fish chili

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I'd try it but.... yeah

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Link pls

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Tacos fucking suck and burros are superior engineering.

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Because shitty YouTube channels for mindless children and faggot millennials don’t need to be “good”

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are there cucumbers in the amateur one? wtf?

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>grew up with Slav parents who give me 'eggy bread' with savory spices
>never knew that French toast was supposed to be sweet until I watched the video and the comments pointing out Level 1's tastebuds
>tried to make it the correct way
>tastes weird and funky

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Based. I was gonna say this.

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it's not entertaining

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i like that series!

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That picture is incredibly autistic. Tacos are the most pleb food on the planet no matter how you do them.

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this. they had to have a taco episode though because MUH TORTEEEYAS

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No really, there are a lot of different tacos in Mexico from beef/pork/chicken to iguana/ant eggs/Atrina maura

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Maybe not for you, but it is for its intended audience.

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>tfw always sperg out

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Yeah no, not eating ant eggs.

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Those taste good

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Every single one of those tacos look fucking bad as shit. The expert ones especially piss me off. Authentic mexican tacos are some of the shittiest food. If I had to eat one of those slops of shit I'd choose the home cook.

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Get the fuck right off of here forever.
This guy >>13234931 has you down to a T.

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it is annoying wanting to watch something with an interesting premise only for it to be made unwatchable with horrible and unnecessary acting

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Nice bait friend.

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what's the episode lozo's blown on?

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>without fail they put on this cringeworthy act
they're actors, that's the role they're playing.

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>tasty is cringy
It took you this long to figure that out? Wow. Though to be fair, I'm surprised there isn't a daily sperg-out on this board about the cooking tutorials where a white woman and her black child cook together.

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That's because without fail yeasted bread tastes shit in sweet dishes. It's a sweet dish invented by peasants who couldn't afford cake. The only way to make it taste reasonably well is to use brioche for it because brioche has shitloads of sugar and butter in it so it works better when turned into french "toast".

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dumb phoneposter

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Actually I hate the "Experts" more.

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Horrible taste, kys nigger.

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Based op btfo

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look at these people seething. /ck/ is pathetic.

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Amateur: Morons
Home Cook: Often better than the experts they show
Experts: Pretentious, obscure ingredients that people don't associate with the dish.

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alright today we're gonna make pasta alfredo
>oohh nice, finally something I can do at home
alright, first we need truffles and a whole wheel of cheese
>guess I'll just eat my ramen then

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>amateur porn
>no wacky camera angles and pans
>mostly just normal sex
>little to no dialogue

>amateur cooking

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Why does Level 4 never actually cook?

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I don't get why they separate the finished food into three categories and imply some are more advanced then others. All of those tacos look delicious.

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All of these are terrible tacos.

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All of these are good tacos.

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Don't trust raccoons. They'll eat any old trash.

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Why do the experts care more about the food's looks than its taste
Oh that's right! Before food porn on Instagram it was all about fancy looking dishes from food and cooking magazines

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literally the only level 2 chef that is actually worth listening to is the woman

you can excuse all the level 1 chefs for not knowing what they are doing, but god damn, every single time the level 2 chef makes some sort of secret recipe that looks like it tastes like ass
they legitimately don't know the science behind what they are doing--I could have sworn one of them put oil in their pasta water before boiling

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>3 minorities try to make tacos
seems racist

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The amateur food always looks alright. Expert is always overly complicated.

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hate that asian home cook, he is trying way too hard

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now we'e gonna make SEAFOOD CHILI




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Why does the level 3 chef in this video look like a walking corpse? She just looks dead behind the eyes.

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Least favorite level 1 and 2 is the pair in this video.

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I love Beth , she's the grandma I wish I had

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wtf steven and grandma are the best

the worst level 1 is that gay guy, and the worst level three is either the black guy or frank, fuck both of em

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>Level 3 brines his chicken in buttermilk
>Level 2 says that using buttermilk is a waste of buttermilk
>Food scientist then explains why buttermilk works.

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Dear god how is she so perfectly unappealing?

>> No.13245000

Because she's telling you all the science facts while looking like this is the first job she got after getting out of college.

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Nice trips and thanks for the accurate insight.

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Amateur tacos > street tacos

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>Amateur/Home cook/expert
Garbage content.
You should feel guilty if you watch this shit.

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That asian/latino mulatto ? He is pure reddit.

>> No.13246720

because they're clickbait videos designed around getting promoted by the youtube algorithm

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Agreed. Stop replying to marketing threads

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>Why do you hate happy people op?
>They aren't cynical incels like you are
There's your answer.

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She's cute tho, I could deal with her being a little bit of a retard.

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That's not Tasty.

>> No.13246765

Yeah, they are pretty much always they worst. That cake-sized "cookie" still gives me nightmares.

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I like that loli dom look she's got going on.

>> No.13246789

she looks nothing like a loli

>> No.13246791

I do. I always watch it in private mode. But I can't help myself.

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tfw you misclick on a shit video and youtube keeps recommending you shit content because of it

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You blind? She's like, 12 or something.

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am-put ingredients together

ho-put everything together and slather "flava" on it like fat normies when they indulge at home

exp-craft the dish so even the most extreme autists wouldnt be offended by it

this is cuisine in a nutshell

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>Level 1 - Absolute shit tier, no techniques, people are intentionally awkward
>Level 2 - Decent amateur home cooking tier but some odd choices, people are hammy overactors
>Level 4 - """""Food scientist""""" - Pizza is a savorydishofItalian origin, consisting of a usually round, flattened base ofleavened wheat-baseddoughtopped with tomatoes, cheese, and often various other ingredients (anchovies, olives, meat, etc.) baked at a high temperature, traditionally in a wood-fired oven.

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>He lives in a universe where lolis look like that
My condolences, anone

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Me too

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>Cheesecake in pancake batter

Whoever taught him that technique is probably missing a leg today.

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I have bad news for you, normie.

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go back

>> No.13247697

All youtube content is basically garbage.

>> No.13248433

If you didn't make the taco shell yourself, it doesn't count.

>> No.13248507

If you didn't mill your own flour, your home made tacos are a dumpster fire.

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I wanna fuck her so bad.

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Who's the best amateur cook?

Stephen or Emily?

Who's the best home cook?

Lorenzo or Gramma?

And who is the best professional chef?

Frank or Frank?

>> No.13249050

I hate the smug "food scientist". I'm pretty sure that's a total joke degree too, if it even is one. Might as well be a nutritionist, lmao

>> No.13249063

>willingly watch clickbait trash
>complain about it

>> No.13249104

>That asian/latino mulatto ?
The term is pinoy.

>> No.13249109

>consumes visual media
>complains about normalfags


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Ketchup Monster or Mister Cheesecake, /ck/, who do you wanna cook for you?

>> No.13250543

>tfw no emily gf to teach how to fucking cook properly

>> No.13251039

She knows how to cook.

She's just... not very good at it.

But she knows it, at least.

>> No.13251078

Didn't she make a pretty decent steak?

>> No.13251244

It was flank steak.

>> No.13251583

>Mac and Cheese
>Level 3 chef tops it off with graham cracker like he's making a dessert.

>> No.13251869

You eat a bunch of those in your sleep without realizing it. That or spider eggs I don't remember which.

>> No.13252044

There's nothing smug about someone explaining everyone else's choices and why they may be detrimental or beneficial to the preparation of the dish.

Sounds like you're threatened by facts.

>> No.13252845

As someone who worked on a couple small cooking channels, these people will foster more of an active viewer base to play things up a bit.
A channel can still get a decent amount of traffic just for the recipes themselves, but people are going to interact more if the person is giving some charisma and personality.
I prefer the basic instruction if I'm looking up a video recipe, but I enjoy the theatrics of a video like OP when I'm just killing time waiting for a dish to bake or a sauce to thicken over low heat etc. Entertainment with a side of know-how.

>> No.13253791

I mean, if all I want is a recipe, I'm not gonna watch a video.

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