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do people even like those thick burgers? to me, a good burger is something like a smashburger, you bet your ass those burgers have so much more flavor than those thick meme burgers

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Why is he eatting the burger backwards?

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I don't understand how those thicc patties can even turn out well. To get the center done well you'd have to dry out the outsides.

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Because Europeans are retarded.

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He's a hypocritical shit cunt

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I know this is just the laziest bait post you can make and it's been reposted a million times but still. LOOK. Even in this shitty joint webm you can see the burger angrybrithishman is holding at the top has a fucking INCH OF MEAT IN EVERY DIRECTION DEPARTING FROM THE BUN. It's literally hanging out from every direction it doesn't fucking fit. You have to eat just solid bites of meat before even reaching the fucking bun.

It's a fucking abomination. Inevitably someone will post "Well the waitress said they ran out of extra large buns."

That's the dumbest fucking excuse on the planet. A restaurant running out of something is just a sign of poor management already. But JESUS CHRIST, what sort of chef outside of a fucking McDonalds wouldn't just re-portion it. It's GROUND BEEF. Why in God's name would you not make a burger appropriate for the bun you know you don't have any of ? It's insane.

I'm a fat fucking idiot who can't cook to save his life but seeing someone who owns a restaurant be so incompetent makes me question everything. Even as a moron I could do better.

God I hate everything.

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>t. Dumbass who cant savor the meat first, work his way towards the top of the bun, and take a bite of the meat/bottom of the bun to taste both together.

It's like people dont have cognitive problem solving skills while eating.

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It's not real. It's just entertainment. You're making this to be something much bigger than it is.

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And honestly. The more I watch the clip, and read your comment, the angrier I get for some reason. How daft do you have to be to assume you're trying to take a bite of the whole thing at once? He prepares himself several times and all I can think is "taste the meat first. Now taste the meat and the bun. Take a bite of the top bun with the tomato and onions as a pallet cleanser retard. WHY ARE YOU HOLDING IT UPSIDE DOWN YOU BRITISH AUTIST."

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He's shit at what he does. He's the Milli Vanilli of cooking.

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Smash burgers are a supreme reddit meme. I have never been more disappointed at a burger than a smashed one, all hyped for a barley average burger. Char grilled medium-thin thickness are the best burgers you can make

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It is real. Look with your fucking eyes. It's incomparable. Of course it's entertainment, but it's true. The burger does not fit. You fucking moron. You complete idiot. You dumbass you cretin you FUCKING:ALKSN:LSKDNG:SDLKNGSD:LKGNSDG


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This except he's actually good
The hate-boner people have for him here is legitimately mass coping over his success

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I'm so autistic I dont bite my sandwiches until I make sure the cheese is on the bottom. And again. The MEAT ITSELF is a manageable bite if you dont have a weak, feminine jaw. Hes a fucking television chef that's renowned world wide, but cant even figure out how to eat a fucking burger. And yes, I AM retarded enough to notice that if a bread rises a certain way, I can tell top from bottom, and it should be eaten in that manner. The TOP of the bun should be at the TOP/ROOF of your mouth, and the BOTTOM should be at the BOTTOM of your jaw.

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can i get a source on this clip? i've seen it reposted so many times i just want to know what the fuck the context is

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>I'm so autistic

I've found the exact moment your post should have ended.

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A shame about free speech

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Really sucks people cant even handle eating a burger

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Your picture highlights exactly what I'm talking about

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>He doesn't understand that holding sandviches upside down is the superior method.
I bet you think your upper jaw is the one that moves too.

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The upper is Ramsey making fun of an Austrailan guy's burger joint in America.
The bottom is almost any of Ramsey's cook along burger vids.
Here's a clip from top https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5Y-pJDgJT8
Bottom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5Y-pJDgJT8
skip to 9:11
Well, that was pretty easy.
Did he just flex that Stevie Wonder is his neighbor? ffs...

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Oops, second link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM_KMYulI_s

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When I'm saying it's not real I am saying it's scripted for the sake of entertainment and the restaurant intentionally served their burger that way for the sake of entertainment. Just like those reality shows you see on mtv are not reality and are heavily scripted and inauthentic.

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Just watched the video I take it back guys this looks like a terrific and perfectly sized patty.

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Nice get you worthless faggot.

Do they intentionally go out of business after?

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Yes surely no one in the world could be legitimately bad at cooking!

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Any publicity is good publicity.

The example in OP isn't a result of bad cooking, it's a result of a disproportioned hamburger, nothing more give us the idea that it's in any way a result of bad cooking.

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he's a criminal

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Is that why they closed down later that year?

That was a 39 dollar burger by the way. In 2010.

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Criminally stupid. Also just a regular criminal.

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How is the orientation of the burger important in any way?
As long as it isn't sideways it's completely irrelevant.

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>Alan Saffron has worked in the entertainment industry for over forty years. He lives in Los Angeles, where is founder and president of the talent management commpany Polaris Entertainment. His interests include the Asian strategy board game 'Go', gourmet cooking, swimming and hiking.


Yup, it's all for entertainment purposes. Surely there's no coincidence that the owner of this restaurant is a person who is in himself in the entertainment industry. These people are desperate for attention and will go to great lengths to get it. Again, any publicity is good publicity to people like this.

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The guy who owns this "restaurant" is also an author, and is the founder and president of a talent management company. This screams intentional advertising on that episode of the show. It's fake.


He released a book in 2008. The more I look into it the more I realize how fake it all is.

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>no one working in LA in the entertainment business has opened a restaurant that they have no experience running and therefore is poorly run

I have some bad news for you. That's half of restaurant owners. It's someone who was successful in some other line of work and they decide they can be successful elsewhere. It's someone who has no business opening a restaurant making a bad investment. I can tell you have never worked in the food industry. Because you see this shit every day.

>"His interests include the Asian strategy board game 'Go', gourmet cooking, swimming and hiking. "
Why did you include this line even wtf are you on about?
His book didn't sell. He was no longer the president of a talent agency. His restaurant closed down. Everything isn't a conspiracy. There is no man in the sky pulling all the levers.

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He can do like two or three things competently. Not even impressively. Michelin stars are about playing the game, not excelling.

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I never claimed no one working in LA has ever tried to open a restaurant. This agreement to have this episode hosted at his restaurant is obviously his attempt at trying to get publicity for himself in a last attempt at trying to have his share of fame in the entertainment industry. People have to agree to have their restaurants featured in a t.v show, and when you look into this guys history, it's obvious why he would agree to it in the first place.

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people who cut burgers, or any sandwich for the matter, deserve to be shot.

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You are implying that everything is heavily scripted and your proof is that this guy who lives in LA has worked in LA.

Okay. What about the 100 other episodes that don't take place in LA? What you are arguing then if they just have it be scripted anywhere? You are literally just pulling something out of your own ass to hear yourself speak. If they just can just have it be scripted anywhere? Every bad restaurant in the world is just pretending? They legitimately couldn't find a single bad restaurant where people are completely incompetent.

He was FORCED to make as shitty burger. That guy has probably never made a bad burger in his life right?

What ARE you arguing? Did every owner have a Hollywood connection? You are literally just pulling something out of your own ass to hear yourself speak.

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thick burgers are a meme

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I'm not going to research every episode to please you. There is a lot going on in this specific episode, and there's too much coincidence to simply write it off as a conspiracy as how you tried to do earlier.

If you refuse to believe that reality shows are heavily scripted, I strongly invite you to do your research on the history of reality t.v. Clearly this guys connections in the entertainment industry landed him a very good chance to getting an episode for him.

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You can sous vide it

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The burger on the top image is a fucking disaster with the fatass patty way too big for the bun. I could eat the burger on the bottom and also have the same problem hes having on the top trying to get a decent bite out of it instead of just a mouthful of the patty.

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No. If you want a thick burger, you stack multiple reasonably sized pattys

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I would have to disagree with you on the sandwich part.

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It's more comfortable to grab it with your thubs pointing up and flip it towards you than to cock your wrists so that your thumbs can fit under the sandwich.

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>You are implying that everything is heavily scripted
Well I mean... Of course it is. It's made for television drivel anon.

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