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Any of you tried the new white monster? pretty sweet can design I gotta say, it was a pleasure to drink I must say...

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Havent given our my penis to anyone lately so I guess nobodys had it

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can you explain what you mean by this statement? interesting...

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Biggu whiteu penisu

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If i drink energy drinks i spen a buck on a small fruit punch rock star or a 1.50 on a bigger one.

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Those are some rather feminine hands, anon.

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>our penis

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If you can't understand he meant out, then I have bad news for yoh.

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pls dont bully my girlish hands

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wtf is on the top of it?

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That is because i am a girl, anon...

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My ex used to drink that stuff, I could feel my soul dying with each sip.

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ok boomer

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The Monster 'M' is the three nails that were used to crucify Christ. Also means 666 in Jew runes.

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Anyone notice it's tangerine / orange flavored

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I've been getting the fruit punch Monster from the Dollar Tree. Pretty fuckin good.

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They're the only good ones imo

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Prefer the absolute zero instead

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White flavor has been around forever.

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I know, I'm just talking about the new can design

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the tastiest sip

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trim your fucking claws troglodyte. disgusting.

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i did right after i took that picture. i made sure to do it after i took the picture too, to make you happy.

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I saw that reddit post too

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Can you post a pic of yourself in lingerie

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>No sugar, no calories
>Still taste good as original

What's the catch? Artificial sugars are bad?

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are you sure you're not just huffing paint out of that thing?

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white has had that can for 10 years...

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how much these cost

why is there absolutely zero and ultra zero

gimme flavor power ranking

are the java ones worth trying

I wanna take the monsterpill

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Everything else in it is bad anyway u dip

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the only monster drinks that don't taste like shit are the punch, mango loco, and the pink can

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>how much these cost
depends where u live
>why is there absolutely zero and ultra zero
marketing, but ultra tastes more diabetic
>gimme flavor power ranking
>are the java ones worth trying
try everything anon, thats how you find stuff you like
i tried probably 40 percent of the flavors (most of them arent available here) and so far the best tasting one is punch.
also please limit your intake of monster to 2 cans a month, and brush your teeth after, this shit is poison and will ruin your teeth, heart, liver and make you fat.

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>amino acids and vitamins are bad

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>2 cans a month
But I need caffeine daily

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Kill yourself

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thats a good sip. but my favorite is the ultra violte from the ultra line. You should check out rein or bang. very beast with more caffeine. more bang for u buck imo.

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I don't go on leddit
I only have pics of myself in things like maid uniforms and sailor outfits
I've never seen it before
Hm I'll check them out, are they zero sugar too?

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Drink coffee

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imagine being a dumb fuck goy who advertises jew juice for free

>> No.13205613

seek help

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I spend about a $75 a week on them. Kill me.

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should I drink straight from the can, or pour over ice?

what other brands of energy drink should I consider

I'm a little bored of coffee and gfuel desu

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The best sip is straight from the can my friend. White monster is all you need, don't consider anything else.

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Who's yoh? What do you have to tell hom?

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This. Also Monster is not kosher but Red Bull is.

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Ill leave you a bunch of money in my will if you kill me then you can afford them

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Lol, 0/10 troll
These have been available for YEARS

>> No.13209947

Then why have I never seen them before

>> No.13211088

No idea but I bet he knows hom.

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drink more water, sleep more and excercise
caffeine is temporary, but a healthy lifestyle is forever

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>jew juice
>theres almost none here in israel aka jewland
huh really makes ya think

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No need, you're already killing yourself if you spend 75$ a week on these cancer drinks

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They come with a different top here, like pic related.

It's okay, still prefer the normal sugar free taste.

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>here in Israel

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Glad to see you take care of your nails.

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Aren't they pretty?

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