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Because Greta cried

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Because it's the wood that doesn't float, like natalie wood

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That isnt a bug though

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It's a disgusting sea bug.

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because its good

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stop this insidious jewish sea bug meme
they are crustaceans and have delicious meat

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Crustaceans are bugs.

They have exoskeletons just like cockroaches.


Face it: you already it bugs.

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People are pigs.

They have fatty skin, red insides, and squeal when you gut them.


Face it: you already it people.

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Because OP is a fag and touches himself at night.

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I don't disagree that humans are basically pigs. although, I would argue they are closer to vermin. pork at least tastes good.

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not even remotely close or logical.

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The literal thousands of lobsters, crabs and various cephalopods I've killed in a kitchen serting were bugs. Bugs that gave me life. Squids gave me a problem, ink and beaks were unpleasant, read Soul Of An Octopus by Sy Montgomery recently, now I feel bad

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wow, just like liberals.

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it is a crustacean

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sorry pal but the dubs win. you're eating bugmeat.

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STOP this bug eating shit, no, crustaceans are not fucking bugs.

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>crustaceans are not fucking bugs.
keep telling that to yourself, maybe you believe one day

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those kinds of bugs have meaty flesh on the inside instead of liquid goop, & also is a lot more appealing; besides, u probably wouldn't eat the shell unless u deep fry it, which is too many calories for me, so id never eat it

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More reason not to eat those animals and start eating bugs, because bugs aren't people, but as you've pointed out, cows and pigs are.

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If my Grandma had antennae she would have been a bug it makes a no sense a what u say

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They want revenge!

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So why can't we start farming crabs and lobsters instead of worms? I'll shift to a primarily crustacean based diet if you want. Let's do it anon! Oh wait what's that? You specifically want me to eat maggots and cockroaches even though you just convinced me lobsters are bugs too? But why?

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i live inside your head, and it doesn't cost me a dime.

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Because we're not niggers and haven't devolved to eating insects or each other. If you want to do that then that's fine by be that your choice but it's not mine and no faggots from the UN are going to tell me what to eat. Go suckup to your stupid california commercial bullshit, see how far it gets you.
You might fit right into equitorial gunnea that dictator eats people balls to gain power.

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Why would I seethe over some nigger dictator? I don't live in africa.

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nyuh uh
no me
thats y u made dis thread

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Why do you post the same kind of thread every day, OP?

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Nice to see you missed my point.

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I think a lot of these are robo threads.
It's the same shit posted over and over again, they never respoond to queries either, I think the mods are paid off to allow it to get activity and commercials flowing.

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I don't care if you eat sea bugs. I'm just curious as to why. And also why do you wince at the thought of eating a cricket when you already eat its relatives. That's all.

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What point was that precisely? If you were trying to make one you failed miserably. Try again.

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What's next, these weirdos eating spiders?