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There are too many threads here about fast food and other poor people food. Let's talk about the most expensive foods you've had, and why they are so much better than what the average co/ck/ eats.

Poor people, we'll allow you to lurk but please refrain from posting.

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You sound like a massively insecure puddle of shit.

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where I come from this is top-tier.

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my gf's pussy. literally priceless

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Because no one would pay for it.

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One time, instead of ordering from the dollar menu, I got a Big Mac combo, large

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One time instead of ordering from the dollar menu I inserted $100 bills up my ass got a Franklin short of 5 g

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I went to my local Chinese buffet the other day had a little in the dry side, head on mystery fish, a cup of hot and sour soup, some of their green beans and a cup of rice too. I have very good taste and people who can’t afford the Chinese buffet are uncultured and don’t understand what real Chinese tastes like.

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I order from Uber Eats and never tip.

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how much spit and piss do you think youve ingested by now?

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>There are too many threads here about fast food and other poor people food
Because the average cu/ck/ seems to be a NEET 20 year old

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>$100/lb meat
>deep fry that shit
But why?

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It's a transitional board like /fit/, if you learn how to cook well you're too busy having a bunch of friends and getting laid constantly to post on 4chan.

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Chipotle is pretty good. usually runs me a bit over $10 a burrito. Olive garden is pretty expensive too.

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>"Here's why it's worth the price"
>Fails to show why it's worth the price

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>you learn how to cook well you also learn how to talk to people

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For me, it's Ruth Chris steakhouse's Filet Mignon. I always order one when I go there, it's like $46 and sides are extra.

I usually start off with a Caesar salad, martini, for appetizer they have these really good veal raviolis, then I get the filet medium with some scalloped potatoes or some other bullshit green side. Then for dessert is raspberry sorbet and a cappuccino

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>Ruth's Chris
Morton's called and said you're a faggot

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That's almost like a parody of this shit, it's just a fuckin ice cream with gold leaf

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They got a Mortons nearby but it's near a mall so it can't be all that impressive

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What city?

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I went one time to see what all the rage was and left disappointed; they put way too much butter on it and that's all I could taste. Plus the waitress was annoying and kept trying to talk to my group, when she brought my food she was all 'mmm looks good blah blah' I'm like, bitch, don't tell me what looks good! But only in my brain because I'm not gonna make a scene for someone behaving like 90% of the rest of the morons out there.

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A lot of time when I go out for some ultra luxury meal the flavors and ingredients are just too 'rich', like they just add a shit ton of truffles because they're expensive while completely disregarding balance. I eat a lot of Chipotle, they put together cheap fresh ingredients well which makes for a more enjoyable meal to me than whatever I'd get at Wulfgang Pucks restaurants

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>double digit steaks

oh no

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It sounds like your palate has a pH of about 11....it's pretty BASIC

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faggot, the richest and most powerful man on earth eats mcdonalds and well done steaks and there's nothing you can do about it

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Vladimir Putin eats McDonalds?

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im a neet


i get food stamps

been a neet for most of the last decade

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>thinking Trump or Putin is the most powerful man on Earth

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They're paying 100~ per lb. Add in cost of other ingredients, labor and it's a fair price.

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The first time my last gf came over I served crispbread topped with crème fraîche and caviar with chilled rosé champagne.

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>Non-Poor People Food

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Santa Ana, California

This mall is filled with wetbacks, and the mortons is probably just filled with rich wetbacks (yes they exist, and they're slightly more tolerable than their undomesticated brethren)

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>unleavened bread? That’s for poor people
>*buys 5 dollar bag of pita chips*

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>be rich
>spend it on fancy alcohol that still tastes like shit

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crispbread isn't unleavened, or at least needn't be

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>wasting your a5 wagyu on a sandwich when you could be having it in your ramen

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Didnt you read the OP? Please retain from posting further. And no I don't have any spare change

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Do they offer that with cooked steak?

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lol, some of the food in this thread is so very overpriced for how shitty it is

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>expensive food
>it's just a large piece of an expensive ingredient

Man I really like smoked river salmon with capers and baby potatoes in cast iron

Also up there are streamed Bay crabs with kampot pepper-usually an orderve

Farmed venison is great in winter, leek and potato mash and red wine gravy

Once I ate snow leopard, fucking Chinese. Tasted like shit.
Also blue python, elephant, those endangered armadillo things, tiger paw. All tasted bad, all China business events.

I got some very good black sea caviar in Azerbaijan and Georgia, honestly what passes as caviar these days is a joke. I'm not trying to be an ass but not every goddamn fish egg qualifies.

I still import cognac from Armenia, prosecco from Italy, ergotou from cheng during and sec Mai from Manipur.
For that matter vinegar from France, good vinegar is so hard to get

Whale really isn't all that, but it's distinct so I imagine a matter of taste.

Peking duck really can be special if you get it from the right place, my chef buys one from a specialist and makes fried spring rolls and and confit- some Australian came up with it apparently

Tazmanian mountain pepper is fantastic, as are a range of ethnic mainland Australian peppers. Very important for your seafood sauces.

Most rich people have awful taste, Donna hay magazine but more organic and exotic garnishes.

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spare some shekels frens?

im but a poor neet

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Go door to door offering to rake leaves for a fiver then, faggot. It's that time of year.

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There's no need for homophobic slurs.

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Gilded Age 2: Gold Leaf Ice Cream Boogaloo

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Oh Jesus please don’t tell me you actually learn anything from this shitty board full of idiots who can’t cook

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i regularly eat at relatively expensive restaurants l/swanky hotel buffets paid for by sugar daddies

many of them married with kids, basically getting no action from their wives/no attraction anymore

t. twinkish homo

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don't worry
I don't cook

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jeez hard to imagine why a woman wouldnt want to fuck a literal faggot

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I exclusively drink from my Juicero.

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Imagine being so poor when you finally get spending money you think attending a restaurant more expensive than Burger King is something to feel pride over.

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That sucks dude. The original Morton's in Chicago was Frank Sinatra and the rat packs favorite hangout. If you're ever in the mood for a great steak give the one there a try, it might surprise you. Just do yourself the favor of calling and reserving a private booth.

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>Non-Poor People Food
You mean like McDonald's? Or are you wealthier than Warren Buffet?

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>5 cans of coke
A day? Eww. McDonalds and dairy queen once in a while is alright, but at his age he must really be trying to kill himself.

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^This. Billionaires love fast food. Expensive restaurants usually suck because they're trying too hard to make some pretentious exotic dish instead of just giving you what you really want which is nuggets and honey mustard dipping sauce.

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He drinks the good stuff too. Cherry Coke, REAL style (none of that diet / zero crap).

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But what does he think of cinnamon coke?

>> No.13181106

to be fair he owns stock in these companies and has a high profile so his enthusiasm is a bit of viral marketing

>> No.13181120

He owns stock in everything.
Also the amount he's spent on McDonald's wouldn't really be enough of his portfolio to base his daily eating habits around. People have done plenty of interviews and documentaries with him in it and I doubt he would be seen eating McDonald's food that many times if all he wanted was a publicity stunt.

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This, and he's also not the only rich person who likes fast food or Coke. It's a common thing to like among every income bracket.
>What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you know that the President drinks Coke, Liz Taylor drinks Coke, and just think, you can drink Coke, too. A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking. All the Cokes are the same and all the Cokes are good. Liz Taylor knows it, the President knows it, the bum knows it, and you know it.
-Andy Warhol

>> No.13181140

>A Coke is a Coke and no amount of money can get you a better Coke than the one the bum on the corner is drinking.
Unless you're getting it from a Freestyle machine, then it's piss.

>> No.13181165

Agreed, except I would extend that to any soda machines. I only get soda in sealed bottle or can form. In fact I always imagined by "a Coke" that Warhol was talking about a can of Coke and didn't even entertain the possibility of paper cup shit.

>> No.13181184

>i think the way celebrities in documentaries behave is how they act when cameras are off
Was there ever a more gullible generation than millennials? I think not.

>> No.13181187

>be black man
>strike gold as a rapper
>spend all your money on stupid shit like 2500 dollar cockails
>go bankrupt

A tale as old as time

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Warren buffet is autistic about brand promotion.

>> No.13181200

I didn't say that, dipshit. There are many pictures and videos of him eating McDonald's or of random McDonald wrappers in his trash or on his desk with half eaten sandwiches in it.
Why would he pretend to eat McDonald's a hundred fucking times when that's not even anywhere close to his primary investment?

>> No.13181207

He just likes the food. I hate how you schizos need to turn everything into a conspiracy.

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Typical night in with my friends.

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Other billionaires might not be, but warren buffet is autistic about brand promotion. He really deserves his money.

>> No.13181527

He said "he's not afraid of dying" in reference to eating McDonalds. Sounds more like a guy who actually eats there than a guy trying to make it sound good for money. He also last invested a decent amount in McDonald's decades ago, which he sold off during the late 90s.
And if that's not enough for you, it's also known a whole slew of different rich people have received and frequently used McDonald's Gold Cards (some for annual free food, others for lifetime free food), including Larry Crandell, Rob Lowe, Mitt Romney's dad, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet.
The idea they're just pretending to like it is retarded. It's not an act. Don't know why it's so hard to understand the appeal of the exact kind of food likable enough to become the biggest restaurant chain in the world.

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I went to this restaurant. One of my friends got this because of the novelty factor. Its not worth.

Although overhyped and probably unworthy of its michelin star, the food isn't bad in general Standing in a long ass line that goes down the entire block and then sitting with the other table to your fucking back because the restaurant refuses to acquire a decent amount of seating or space is beyond me, however.

>> No.13182124

I bought $1 six piece cold chicken wings from the piggly wiggly deli after hours yesterday. I guess they sat under a heat lamp most of the day cause they were like chicken jerky, which tasted great but it broke my very front tooth crown. So they actually ended up being $800 chicken wings.

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I got the Spicy Tori Paitan, which was definitely worth it, since I'm not a shoyu ramen fan in general. I showed up 10 minutes before it opened, got in on the first seating, and sat at the 'bar' (i.e. the line of chairs looking into the kitchen) which seemed less uncomfortable and more interesting than the tables.
IIRC, it's the Tokyo location that has a Michelin star; the SF one only has the Bib Gourmand designation.

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Fast food is chemically engineered to taste good, most people who hate it have a problem with it mentally and see it as something for the poor and those beneath their status, and they can't wrap their heads around the idea of someone with a lot of money that doesn't care about this and enjoys something seen as a staple of the poor and/or unhealthy

>> No.13182556

Fast food isn't a poor people food, it's a people who are bad at handling money food.

>> No.13182580

Poor people are poor because they are bad at handling money.

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>> No.13182694

shut your pozhole, queer

>> No.13182702

First, because there dumb. Everything else comes after that.

>> No.13182742

Those are top-tier anywhere when fresh out of the fryer and salted properly

>> No.13182756

Upvoted and enjoy your Gold®

>> No.13182769

Speaking of overpriced steakhouses, what do you think about Peter Lugers getting blown the fuck out?

>> No.13182771

This but unironically. Warren lurks here and shares our love of tendies

>> No.13182773

Rich people also generally like fast food because an obligatory trait for getting rich is being cheap and stingy as fuck

>> No.13182775

I've learned a lot of interesting things about cooking on this board. If you only read fast food threads then you will not find much cooking related information. You will come across fast food shitposting.

>> No.13182798

It was by the New York Times. They have zero credibility and it makes you wonder what the owner did to piss them off

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It's not necessarily expensive, but GOOD liver.
Most liver is trash because it 1) decomposes fast and 2) usually has bile in it which makes it taste nasty

livers from younger animals are milder tasting and lighter colored. But regardless of the animal age, it has to be free of green/yellow hues. A calf liver should be bright pink, and a grown beef liver should be bright dark red.

Pic related, a good adult cow liver. Technically not expensive, just REALLY hard to find. I'd say maybe 20% of calf's liver qualifies, and 3% of beef liver.

>> No.13182834

Is that shit in the back tripe or part of the liver?
It looks vile so I’m thinking it’s tripe and you might be a nigger

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not necessarily expensive, but GOOD liver.
Most liver is trash because it 1) decomposes fast and 2) usually has bile in it which makes it taste nasty. If you're a non-europoid you can easily tell the difference.

livers from younger animals are milder tasting and lighter colored. But regardless of the animal age, it has to be free of green/yellow hues. A calf liver should be bright pink, and a grown beef liver should be bright dark red.

Pic related, a good adult cow liver. Technically not expensive, just REALLY hard to find. I'd say maybe 20% of calf's liver qualifies, and 3% of beef liver. You also wanna get the bits near the edge of the organ, as they have the least bile.

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Why did you do this you fucking faggot you barely changed anything

>> No.13182862

That's not a requirement to get rich, it's a requirement to stay rich.

>> No.13182881

>Poor people are poor because they are bad at handling money.
That's not true.
The amount of money poor people earn to begin with is still very, very little even before you factor in how they're wasting it.
Being bad at managing a $16,000 annual income (a little north of federal minimum hourly wage annualized) vs. being good at managing a $16,000 annual income would amount to an extremely negligible difference when you compare it to someone starting with an $80,000 salary, and the comparison only gets more ridiculous the higher you go on the second person's income e.g. comparing the $16K earner to six figure salaries, or to multi-million dollar salary CEOs, or to apex billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.
If roughly every hour you're making another $40 like with the $80,000 salary example (you wouldn't get paid by the hour on that salary, but you can still imagine earning that much per hour as a close enough estimate), think about how during any given hour you could throw away $8 (hourly rate for $16,000) and still have most of what you earned for that hour, let alone most of what you're earning overall which would be an even greater savings rate assuming you don't throw away $8 every single hour you work.
It's kind of like by analogy having a fight between a scrawny 130lb manlet who did the most he could do with the frame he was given vs. some lazy 6'8 guy 260lb guy. You'd be insane to put your money on the 130lb manlet no matter how hard he trained because he's literally half the size of the guy he's fighting. And if he *didn't* train the difference would be completely negligible. He's going to get wrecked hard either way because he's simply not even starting out anywhere close to the ballpark of the other guy.

>> No.13183182

My thoughts exactly. And who the fuck goes to fucking Peter Lugers and orders the fish?

>> No.13183216


>> No.13183227

I'm so poor I don't even get the expensive menu items at fast food restaurants. I can't relate to anyone.

>> No.13183258

Thank u

>> No.13183282

Insider is so fucking low quality

>> No.13183307

ITT: food for poor people that quickly ran into money

>> No.13183636

>he's this obsessed with trump
>he's baiting

4/10 i replied

>> No.13183649

that's just superstition

>> No.13183794

Jeff Bezos doesn't eat any of that shit though. That's why he's not a decrepit lardass.

>> No.13183811

He's not in his seventies either.

>> No.13183823

Hard to ruin fries when they are cooked in a clean fryer and you ask for them without salt so you can do it yourself.

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>and well done steaks
this kills me everytime

>> No.13183845

I have no interest in defending Trump's eating habits, but I think I read once that well done steaks is the standard for people like that simply because they can't take the even tiny risk of infection you get from rare meat.
I think they mentioned the Queen of England as another example of someone who never has meat that's even a little pink in the middle.

>> No.13183849

the queen of england eats cereal out of tupperware like a poorfag

>> No.13183852

Should I be impressed someone as obese as Trump made it to his 70s?

>can't risk any chance of infection
>can risk being a disgusting fatass
That's not how any of this works.

>> No.13183855

I love her all the more for that.

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File: 2.91 MB, 960x540, World’s Most Expensive Avocado Toast.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13184229

>avocado is cut in opening setup but still has to be cut it as first step
>one slice of toast disappears
>half of caviar disapears
>half of capers disappear and goes from white bowl to clear
>eggs go from brown to white and from 3 to 4
This autist obviously needed 20 takes to get avocado toast right

>> No.13184235

You wrote all this out to describe a simple concept. Do you think it's complex? The point still stands.

>> No.13184250

Can you give me a quick rundown?

>> No.13184265

What does the bottle holder do, other than let you read wine ads?

>> No.13184291

it's $179 and has a one way valve in the top and an unnecessary android device for them to sell you wine. "it keeps your wine fresh for 30 days". who the fuck drinks the same bottle of wine over an entire month? shouldn't it be gone the night you open it?

>> No.13184302

imagine being this bad at handling money

>> No.13184310

you know how people obsess over getting a good crust on steak, and cooking it F A S T so it doesn't get overdone in the middle?
deep frying literally does that, it makes steak crispy as fuck and in only a minute or two

>> No.13184944

Ruth's has the better Filet, Morton's has better Porterhouse.

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File: 2.88 MB, 720x302, SMALT.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Worth it.

>> No.13185934

doesn't that thing need a network connection in order to dispense salt?

>> No.13186141

I can't wait for those to be connected to an AI that dictates how much salt I'm allowed to have.

>> No.13186160

t. new money

>> No.13186161

Not an argument, try again.

>> No.13186674

All this needs is proprietary salt cartridges to refill it with

>> No.13187568
File: 2.96 MB, 500x280, Most Expensive Food2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13189090

fucking normies

>> No.13189099

Sorry Amy the wifis not working no wine today.

>> No.13189104

god i fucking hate this guy

>> No.13189105

>Wine with twist off tops and not natural corks
Not only are you a fag you're not even a decent fag

>> No.13189108

what a boring dystopia we live in

>> No.13189111

The worst is when they just add sheet gold to food to make it "fancy" / expensive.
You cannot even taste gold nor extract any sort of calories or nutrition of any other sort from it. It's on the same level as eating grass or dirt.

>> No.13189115

lol imagine spending a mill on coconut brandy hahha

>> No.13189275

but pretty colours

>> No.13189282

Gold actually comes out the other end and makes your poop twinkly though.

>> No.13189287

It doesn't matter how rich I get. I'd never do something like that. It's not about whether I can afford it so much as about feeling like an asshole for doing it.
I'm not some charitable saint, but I couldn't live with myself if I walked past a starving homeless guy on my way to drop a million bucks on some meme drink. That's just rubbing it in.

>> No.13189296

I wouldn't buy it either, but at the same time, fuck the homeless. Get a job!

>> No.13189305

Yeah, I'm not saying I'd give that mill to them instead. I'd just feel like a piece of shit for wasting it like that.
I hate wasting food too even though I have almost no sympathy for those starving kids in Africa.

>> No.13189690

I heard if you have a broken SMALT just tell the company and they'll send you a new one for free because they make their money off the cartridges not the unit.

>> No.13190778

are you really this goddamn stupid to think he's actually paying for this dumbass shit?
while he's being filmed for TV?
check yourself.

>> No.13190784

He probably is paying for it.

>> No.13190797

he is not. your racism is clouding your judgement.
another tale as old as time.

>> No.13190997

probably none as they dont realize you havent tipped until after they deliver

>> No.13191012

No I’m judging on the fact that I’ve never heard of him or the show so there likely isn’t a tremendous show budget being worked with as even the larger channels are extremely stingy with giving unproven shows funds. I do hate black people though.

>> No.13191209

Uncooked meat. Yeah, no thanks

>> No.13191214

they cant get a fucking job they have no home you moron

>> No.13191218

I had Jamon Iberido de Bellota which is $176/lb cured ham. It was good, but it sort of just melts in your mouth. I'd rather have something with a bit of texture like Jamon Serrano.

>> No.13191233

deep frying it tho

>> No.13191816

This is the most soy thing ive ever seen

>> No.13191830
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>Once I ate snow leopard, fucking Chinese.

fuck that makes me sad. why? why would someone eat a snow leopard?

>> No.13191842

My family used to be rich so I've had a lot of expensive food, but my family lost it all because of my grandpa's crippling gambling addiction after losing his wife to cancer and his son to a car accident.

So yknow, be happy you can afford it now cause you never know what life might do to you.

Jokes on you. Worked for a restaurant recently and got to speak to Door Dash, Grub Hub and Uber Eats drivers. They DO see the tip, it shows up for them after they hit that they've picked up the food for some apps, for others right away (so some just drop the order if the tip sucks) .

So yeah you've ingested a lot of boogers, cum, and spit by now. Tip your driver.

>> No.13191853

Holy shit. That formating is so cringey, you don't need to put so many fucking spaces.
You're definitely a faggot

>> No.13191868

I thought Trump took his steaks well done because he's a well known germaphobe?

>> No.13191920

you dumb nigger fucking poor retard.
Gold adds a decadent texture to the mouthfeel you fucking 4 dollar an hour cocksucker

>> No.13191937
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this thread is making me communist, especially that fuckin juice machine.

>> No.13191942
File: 125 KB, 1200x1461, 1546233885714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get out.

>> No.13191952

that's kinda what he said

get a job fag

>> No.13192057

whoa optical illusion from watching this

>> No.13192630

>durr r money hard me poor i like coke-a-cola
kys slave goy

>> No.13193434

that shit still raw.
Fuck that.

>> No.13193447

No, it's more like a lack of saving money is a stupid thing to focus on as the problem for people with very low income.
If you're poor you'd be much better off focusing on increasing your income than on trying desperately to save pennies. The expression penny wise and pound foolish was made for people who think like you do.

>> No.13193456

>why they are so much better than what the average co/ck/ eats.

I had Foie Gras at a michelin restaurant in France when I was 15 years old (back in the late nineties) and I didn't really like it and I've been going for years thinking maybe I just showed when the chef had a bad day or something.

Then recently, a restaurant near me picked up a star - I visited shortly after with some friends and had the foie gras and, oh lord, it's just as bad as I remembered it.

Rich Person Food isn't better, it's just more expensive and harder to prepare.

>> No.13193583

Isn't that fucking Snoop Dogg? I can't imagine anyone in NA who hasn't at least heard of him as "that shitty stoner rapper who's everywhere".

>> No.13193617

All the smart devices of Battle Network, none of the sentient AI bros or waifus.

>> No.13193622

Not always. Sometimes they're poor because their parents were bad at handling money.

>> No.13193627

Or you can’t work, or you just fucked up your job history and can’t move up?

>> No.13193629

>michelin restaurant
No u didnt

>> No.13193636

Why are you doubting someone went to a really good restaurant? It's not that impressive of a thing to have done with your spare time and money. If he were claiming he were the chef at that restaurant I would doubt it.

>> No.13193642

>Isn't that fucking Snoop Dogg?
No? Just another flashy rapper hack nobody will remember in less than 5 years.

>> No.13194277
File: 11 KB, 308x306, 2A0D1D00-F8A7-42C5-84E7-3B22627FF4BC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ruth Chris is high class

>> No.13194288
File: 41 KB, 396x382, 5FF59260-B21C-475A-B298-7F819A7ED826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no le my piece of meat!
>no me xD

>> No.13194450

It's 2chainz, one of the best selling and most influential rappers of the past 5 years

>> No.13194630

thats the target demographic for sure.

>> No.13194664

Uber eats ask for ratings and tips about 30mins after you get your food here

>> No.13194736
File: 12 KB, 225x225, 1489702322021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13194801

>I still import cognac from Armenia
You're importing brandy then. Cognac is literally named for one French town where it's made according to certain specifics. To be cognac it needs to be made a certain way and be from that one region in France. What you're getting is Armenian brandy made like cognac, which can definitely be good, but it's not cognac.

>> No.13194826

>expecting a tip before the customer has even received the food
More disgusting than the spitting IMO

>> No.13194872

How can the queen of england not afford to get an infection? Royalty is bred to be easily replaceable when they die.

>> No.13194903

>Everybody on 4chan is a neet like me
Please go back to >>>/r9k>

>> No.13195226

In Armenia and most (all?) of the former Soviet countries, it's known as cognac. Their languages don't have another commonly used word for brandy. And even in colloquial English, words like "cognac " and "champagne " are arguably used more often to refer to any liquor prepared in a manner popularized by said regions than actually originating there. There's nothing intrinsically wrong about that, anymore than it would be wrong to talk about Black Forest cake or frankfurters prepared outside of Germany. You could appeal to EU standards, but it's pretty obvious that your local laws are irrelevant to the conversation. So not only are you being pedantic, you're also wrong.

>> No.13195256

I would get this once

>> No.13195651

macarons. when i was a teen and i had a job and no bills to pay, i would buy a half dozen every friday from this bakery near my house. to this day still my favorite food but i’m broke so i only have them on my birthday or special occasions.

>> No.13195731

most expensive was Momofuku Ko I think. $255pp + wine pairing puts you out about $1,000 at the end of the night. It was good.

>> No.13195774

I understand that poverty and low IQ are tightly correlated but surely even a destitute troglodyte such as yourself can comprehend the OP's kind request for you to refrain from posting in this thread.

>> No.13195781

>thread about rich people food
>brags about importing cheap af ergotou
o i am laffin

>> No.13195783

>generic soft-serve with gold leaf
>advertised by appealing to new age pseudo-nutrition

>> No.13195807

That's a bad analogy because fighting is very heavily skewed towards people with actual skill in it.

>> No.13195815


Ok, nigger.

>> No.13195937

Even more than them using $1.50 worth of gold leaf to justify an exorbitant price, it's the fucking TCBY looking soft serve that bothers the shit out of me.

>> No.13195951

No fighting is heavily skewed to the bigger person. You can’t train to kick a grizzly bears ass, you will lose.

>> No.13195973

>accelerates metabolism and balances the pH level in the body
Surely anyone who can afford to blow $13 on ice cream would know that gold is chemically inert.

>> No.13196027

I bet you think a professional female MMA fighter could beat up an untrained man twice her size.

>> No.13196041

I mean it's happened. https://youtu.be/lOtEzwWX9yg

>> No.13196048

>original claim is that a highly trained 130lb guy will get his shit rocked by a 6'8, 260lb lazy fatass
>gets called out that training and skill is a major factor in winning a fight
>"Nah bro, you can't train to fight a grizzly bear."
Size is a force multiplier, so is training. Training is a better one.

>> No.13196192

Yeah, because 130lb guy vs 260lb guy is comparable to trying to fight a 500+lb monster that can reach the next postcode with it's claws.

>> No.13196263

It's not just a mall, it's fucking South Coast Plaza, like the Rodeo Drive of malls

>> No.13196269
File: 78 KB, 1100x793, fogo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heading to Fogo de Chão in a bit, what should I get?

>> No.13196308

>all these poorfags ITT
Poverty should be a criminal offense.

>> No.13196341

Pls, tell me what to get

>> No.13196347

Did you watch your own video?:
>This is not, like, for self-defense purposes because there's a lot of variables that would go into that if this were a real situation, like, if this was a real situation then this wouldn't be a controlled atmosphere. We have mats, we rules, we have gloves, I have a mouthpiece. You're not gonna get that if you walk into a dark parking lot, like, if somebody goes to attack you, like "hey wait! let me put my mouth guard in!" Yeah, it doesn't quite work that way.
She didn't beat him up and he wasn't allowed to just beat the shit out of her. They were mostly just grappling with protective gear on a mat. Also he isn't twice her size. That guy weighs 160 lb.

>> No.13196397

>take normal food or drink
>add stupidly overvalued ingredients (muh old liquor)
>add stupid ingredients that exist only to inflate the price (gold)
>sell to second-generation rich idiots who have mommy and daddy's money

Truly these foods are the revenge of the poor.

>> No.13196417

Get the sopa de macaco

>> No.13197072


Nobody worth that much "deserves" even a fraction of their wealth.

>> No.13197207
File: 317 KB, 768x1024, 6066139126_69410a6aae_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have some time to kill before the opera
>decide to go to a restaurant/bar nearby
>sit down, bartender points at a absolutely gigantic bottle of wine behind him
>it's literally over 4 feet tall (smaller than pic related though)
>'it's a 2014 burgundy, we open a bottle every night. it's very good. forty dollars a glass'
>d-did you say forty dollars?
>'yes sir, but it's very good'
>say fuck it, i want to know what forty dollar a glass wine tastes like
>it's pretty much exactly like the $12 a bottle red I drink at home
>still not sure if I got grifted or I'm a palatelet

>> No.13197234


>> No.13197394

You definitely got grifted. Why would you assume that a supersize of anything would be better quality?

>> No.13197400

No one "deserves" anything

>> No.13197688
File: 38 KB, 599x449, 1463328709580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds like something a neet would say, m8

>> No.13197726

>restaurant wine prices
you got grifted.
shelf price for a normal sized bottle of whatever that was would probly be ~20 bucks

>> No.13197730

Pizza cooked with truffle oil. Was good and also not too greasy, which a lot of pizzas have problems with.

>> No.13197738

I managed to crash a company bar tab for over fifty people by exposing recent college graduates to ten year old Laphroaig whiskey.

>> No.13197759

Why do upper middle class people think rich food is random expensive ingredients like caviar and gold? The only food worth spending lots of money on is high quality ingredients prepared by talented chefs. The rest is jerking yourself off

>> No.13197784

Underrated banter

>> No.13197810

Best food I've had was at Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant in Hawaii. The sashimi there literally melted in your mouth. It was ridiculous. I always assumed all sushi/sashimi was the same because it's just raw fish. I was completely fucking wrong.

>> No.13197813

sounds nice anon

>> No.13197817

it's rothschild not rothchild
translates to red shield.

>> No.13197850
File: 631 KB, 818x1000, unchainedBK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't fuck with girls like that

>> No.13197881

It's about being fashionable. If they had something that you can have, then you could potentially ruin there experience of getting to think they are the special ones who are the only ones toget nice things because of ludicrous amounts of money.

Who cares about the quality of smell and taste, you cant stunt on people with those.

>> No.13198711
File: 2.87 MB, 720x404, drunk saber.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I open all of my expensive champagne by saber only.

>> No.13200472

glass particles... truly the superior rich cuisine... yummy!

>> No.13200948

The champagne is at a positive pressure in the bottle. This makes sure no glass gets in

>> No.13200964

>he doesn’t understand sabarage

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