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post your go-to hot sauce

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What are some good unfermented hot sauce brands?

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Not sure about manufactured hot sauce, but just make your own chief, it's not very hard :)

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I'm living on campus right now and don't have access to a food processor, will chopping by hand work?

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You could also use a blender. If you don't have one, then you can always chop them up before boiling, once they're nice and soft you can mash them and then strain out the bigger pieces.

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I'll give this a shot, thanks.

Thanks, I'll try that too.

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I used to be a pretty big spice nut, but I stopped eating spicy food for a while and I can't handle super spicy stuff anymore. Yet despite all that, I still love this stuff.

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this one's nice if you're used to spicy food

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ahhhh, finally a thread i can contribute to! *cracks fingers* *ahem* have you heard of our lord and saviour THE ARDVAARK?? yes, secret aardvark, the maker of many a "hot" night, a sauce so EPIC that when you get it out, the ladies just can't stay away from you! for those already in the know: brothers of the 'varknation, get your 'vark on and let's 'VARK IT OUT TOGHETER YO!!!!!!!

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recommend some non-vinegary hot sauces please

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It lacks in heat but makes up for it with flavor

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Cholula sweet habanero, especially on eggs and such.

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Careful man. Once you take the plunge, there's no coming back. It's not just a sauce. It's a lifestyle.

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I recently just got this ordered in, wanted to try it after watching a video on the absolutely sadist that makes the peppers that went into this and how he gets high off the pain of them.
Wasn't as spicy as I thought it was gonna be, but it was still pretty fucking hot. Taste's pretty good but I usually don't like my spicy stuff to be fruity and this does have a bit of fruitiness to it. Goes good on sandwhiches, probably goes good with wings but I'm far too lazy to make wings.
Any of you guys know of a hot sauce of equal spice (or greater) than I can buy more reliably in Canada? I'd like to get more into hot sauces but the shipping on this was too insane to do more than once.

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I got a bottle of this stuff. It's alright, but certainly not worth 500% cost compared to extra hot Valentina.

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I'm pretty hardcore

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Scotch bonnets are infinitely superior to the virgin cayenne

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cheap and tasty

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too ethnic

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Ya. Hot sauce. It’s good. Sorry if anything hotter than paprika is too spicy for you.

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newfag retard

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I like chalupa for the flavor and not the heat. It's pretty much ketchup

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I was really disappointed in this one.

My fave is Dirty Dick's. Even better than Aardvark.

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Last Tuesday I was invited to a get-together with some people I work with. The host is our team lead and told us he would be making home-made pizzas. I was excited to hear this because I have a large collection of hot sauces (around 130 different bottles, not including the big name brands). As you might guess it’s hard to rotate through so many hot sauces by myself and I always relish the opportunity to show them off and explain the stories behind them.

Prior to arriving at the party I stopped at my house and prepared the bottles for transport. I have a metal attaché case I picked up from goodwill that I’ve fitted with a foam liner that will accommodate about 30 bottles. I made my selection based on which ones go best with traditional pizza toppings and made my way to the host’s house.

When I arrived I was taken aback slightly as all of my co-workers brought their significant others, and while I expected the host’s wife to be there I was not made aware that we were allowed to bring our own guests, and being the only single male in attendance I felt a little out of place. The host asks me what’s in the briefcase and I explained that it was a hot sauce collection for us to sample and he snickered a bit, as if he didn’t believe me. I opened the case to show him and he rolled his eyes and laughed. He then rudely asked me to “just put it somewhere in the kitchen” and goes back to making small talk about sports and other uninteresting topics.

Dinner time rolls around, and the host sets out two large pizzas on stones that he claims to have “made himself” but I saw the pre-mixed dough bag in his trash earlier. They look decent enough, one is sausage and mushroom and the other is peppers, olive and onion. He also has pathetically set out a bottle of Cholula and a bottle of Tabasco. As the line starts to form I fetch my case and set it at the end of the counter. The host seemed to get annoyed and said there wasn’t enough room for my sauce collection.

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Luckily, his wife was a tad more gracious and cleared off some counter space for me. As the guests made their way to me they were in awe of the selection I had provided and I made individual recommendations based on their heat and flavor preferences (for the females of course I made sure to pack several mild sauces).

I grab my plate and a couple bottles and seat myself at the table. The host has switched to whiskey and coke at this point, and snubbed me as I try to offer him a bottle of Dante’s Retribution Ghost Jolokia Limited Release. He said he wanted “to actually taste his pizza” and dribbled out a few drops of Tabasco onto his slices. I made conversation with the couple next to me who I had provided with a bottle of Green Thunder Sweet and Spicy Anaheim Suicide Blend and talked about the trip I made to Scottsdale just to acquire this sauce. It may have been a tad overpowering because they and several other guests only took a bite or two of their pizza before asking for a glass of milk and did not finish their meal.

The host drank heavily for the remainder of the night and seemed to gradually get more irritated with me. He stormed off into another room and I could hear him yelling at his wife. My other co-workers said their goodbyes and as I packed my case up the host’s wife came out and thanked me for coming and apologized for the rudeness of her husband. I said I understood, and assured her his inability to handle high-scoville counts was not a reflection on his masculinity. I also gifted her a bottle of Demon’s Tears Yellow Habanero Batch 50 (which you cant even find online anymore) and thanked her for the lovely evening.

The host hasn’t said anything to me at work for the past week except for communicating things vital to our job, and even then he’s been pretty short with me. I’m just wondering if I overstepped my bounds? If a person isn’t able to handle manly, spicy hot sauces, I don’t feel they should host a pizza party.

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I don't understand...

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spicy vinegar sauce is for numale tastelets

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>vinniegar is yucky ucky!!
>I want my 'roni 'za with RANCH! AND MAYO!

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Go seethe somewhere else, shitbeard

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what's your opinion about shaking dried chilli flakes onto food, anon?

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Hot sauce is for fat tasteless faggots.

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it's also a good way of preserving your peps if you garden.

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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>I guess you could say I have a sizable hot sauce collection

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Do hot sauce enthusiasts even cook

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And tapatio is good cheap sauces that stay good a long time because of the vinegar and salt
Tabasco is good too but a bit more expensive

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Why would he have hot sauce when he doesn’t eat food tho?

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>secret aardvark

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Nope. They grill sometimes so that’s something I guess.

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Looks like a gay porn star.

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Not that anon but I like to put crushed hot peppers on most of the italian foods I eat.

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You can't thread yourself newfriend

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I really wanted to try this one. But it has horrible reviews on their own website and it also costs $20 a bottle. I feel like it's a shitty gamble and I'll prob just get one of the Da Bomb variants for my super hot fix.

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What occurs at hot sauce contests?

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Unspeakable, unthinkable acts of pure depravity. things that would make even Marquis de Sade faint! Stay away from them!

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Crystal is indeed the best.

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Only correct answer, along with its poorfag cousin, pic related

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when i'm gettin' the tinglin's for a tinglin' on my tongue, like any sensible creature with a long tongue, i reach for the 'vark!

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fuck new orleans

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Based and aardvark pilled

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The Marie Sharp's "fiery hot" is my go to hot sauce for most things. I like the piquancy of the comatose sauce the best but it tastes kind of funky compared to the other ones and they're plenty potent themselves. For Cajun and Creole food though I usually just go with Tabasco or Crystal.

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I like putting this stuff in creamy soups. Gives it a nice smokiness.

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my mom brought a bunch of these back from her trip to belize, was pretty good stuff.

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I got their jalapeño sauce just the other day from the local Mexican store, just picked a random sauce among many and it's pretty good. Need to try their other products.

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>Hot sauce? I guess you could say I have a sizable collection. *chuckles*

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This meme needs to die.

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Stop trying to censor everything you don’t like.

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>This meme needs to die.

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>Hot sauce? I guess you could say I have a sizable collection. *chuckles*

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>Hot sauce? I guess you could say I have a sizable collection. *chuckles*

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This is the shit.
Their Xtra hot version has replaced Yucateco for me

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>Hot sauce? I guess you could say I have a sizable collection. *chuckles*

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>Blue eyes

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>tabasco is expensive

Do you live in Canada or San Francisco

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Shit taste, the lot of ya.

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I use left over packets from taco bell. Usually fire.

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>meme sauce

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*off-brands your off-brand*

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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Now this is epic

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Those sauces suck so much. Thoughtless gifts from white family members that don't know anything about you other than the fact that you actually like seasoning on your food.

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it expired two days ago

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What's the worst that could happen?

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Based time traveller

>> No.13167265


You'll shit blood for a few weeks.

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Ketchup, ooh it's hot - a wh*toid

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Pyromania hot sauce

>> No.13167283

One drop, down the tip of the penis

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i use that one more than i use the xxx el yuceteco, but i think they're both good.

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used to have a colombian coworker, who once from a home visit brought back a small plastic jar with an orange mojo or aji criollo, i can't remember which one, that essentially came down to the texture of sambal oelek. that shit was unbelievably delicious and i haven't been able to find that particular brand ever again, nowadays i don't even remember it's name anymore.

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>Why yes, I do have a large collection of hot sauces at home. How could you tell?

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He probably just didn't want you to overshadow him at his party.
That's an awesome contribution to the party bro. Makes it at least three times as good as without the sauces.

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For me, it's Valentina (Yellow Label)

>> No.13170638

>Do you live in Canada or San Francisco

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This one and Tapatio

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File: 2.03 MB, 3736x3736, f2e3508f-f07b-4d83-8ed3-4e62d2fbf7a0_2.8dfde2ef9385ab681fa065e6374db7b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Hot sauce is the NASCAR of cooking.

>> No.13171617

This shit should just be labled "salty vinegar". White-bread moms even know Frank's isn't the least bit spicy.

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youll cowards dont even chink sauce

>> No.13172869

yeah right. just a pointer, don't use that shit to fry on the stove top with. i about choked on death in my uni kitchen once.

>> No.13172885

I wish you HAD choked to death.

>> No.13172996

me too. this place is fucking trash and i'm starting to wish i was a different person
no friends, no sex, no money, hardly any family.

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It's too thick for a lot of applications but this shit is fantastic. A teaspoon of this on a boiled egg is the shit

>> No.13174258

They taste pretty different, I'm not sure why anon would replace one with the other.

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still mad they lost the original recipe in hurricane katrina

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>so what's keeping the whole city from being flooded?
>a bunch of levees
>...built by the US Army

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>> No.13174467

based, Franks, Crystal and Tapatio are the best cheap sauces that you can find anywhere. for me, its Bailey Farms Chocolate Habanero

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I unironically enjoy this

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Not the best in the world but it is my go-to

>> No.13175683

Based and winston-salempilled

>> No.13175868

Literal meme sauce

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